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2 DIY Hummingbird House Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

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green and black hummingbird pollinating a flower

According to some people, whenever a hummingbird visits you, it usually means that good news is just moments away. These birds often bring unpredictable joys, so having them around is a perfect way to experience much-needed happiness in your life.

However, like any other creature, hummingbirds also require shelter, and giving these birds one is your responsibility if you want them near your home. One of the best things you can do is build a hummingbird house yourself. This DIY project is not only fun but is pretty rewarding as well.

Below, we have shared four DIY hummingbird house plans that you can work on with your kids or partner. You don’t have to follow each plan as mentioned. You can improvise them according to the materials and tools available.

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The 2 DIY Hummingbird House Plans Are:

1. Choose Simplicity Over a Complex Design

DIY hummingbird house
Image Credit: Instructables
Material: Logwood or Cedar, wood glue, and a small stick
Tools: Chop saw, clamp, drill, 1½ Forstner bit and ¾ Forstner bit
Difficulty level: Moderate

This simple hummingbird house plan may look basic, but it works well for people who lack advanced DIY skills or are not too good with complicated tools. The project starts with cutting the wood into blocks and then drilling a hole before gluing the pieces using high-quality wood glue.

After the glue properly dries, you can hang the house in an ideal spot. You can also choose to paint the structure if you like. But we recommend keeping it this way, so it offers excellent camouflage.

2. Use Natural Materials

DIY hummingbird house
Image Credit: Ruralsprout


Material: Hibiscus grass, fiber, and rope
Tools: Chop saw, clamp, knitting tools
Difficulty level: Moderate

If you want your hummingbirds to stay close to nature, you can try the above house using high-quality hibiscus grass or vines. These are the materials birds use to make their nests. Thus, the entire structure makes the house more inviting.

All the fibers are woven tightly so that the house retains its shape for a long time. The grass ensures the birds get comfort and ventilation in this uniquely shaped house. Also, the house has a rough surface that increases friction, making this product a great idea to work during rainy weather.

Where Should You Hang Your DIY Hummingbird House?

Once you have created your hummingbird house, it’s time to find an appropriate location to hang it. One of the best options is to hang it under the eaves of your house. This way, the birds using the house will quickly get protection from their predators and a warm shelter to nest.

You can also hang the house under a branch if you have many trees around your house. Make sure you hang it tightly to prevent the wind or harsh weather from ruining its placement.

There is another location that you might want to consider, and that is under your porch. Again, make sure that your patio isn’t too hot for the birds and is safe from pets that might hunt down the birds.

Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds
Image Credit By: Veronika_Andrews, Pixabay

Ways to Attract Hummingbirds

If you have built the house with a lot of effort, you might be eager to welcome the hummingbirds immediately. Here are some ways in which you can do that.

  • Hummingbirds love areas with fewer insects, especially the praying mantises, that are often famous for attacking these birds. Make sure to practice proper pest control, so the birds don’t feel scared to enter your DIY house.
  • Unfortunately, these birds have a lot of predators, and the enemies are one of the things that keep the hummingbirds away. If you have cats or dogs as pets, hummingbirds may prefer flying away as they feel threatened. So, if you want to welcome them into your space, ensure to create a predator-free zone.
  • Avoid spraying your garden with any pesticide. This is because hummingbirds often consume them, and the end isn’t quite good. Make sure to keep your garden space as natural as possible so the birds can enjoy their stay there.
two hummingbirds feeding
Image Credit By: DavesDigitalService, Pixabay

Are Hummingbirds Dangerous?

Most of you may have come across instances when a hummingbird tried to fly up to your face, making you scared for life. If that factor hinders you from creating a house for the poor bird, let us share a fact here.

Hummingbirds are curious birds. They always like to enforce caution and keep their territory safe. If they have ever tried to fly over you, they didn’t mean to hurt you, and you shouldn’t be afraid to give them a home in your backyard, garden, or porch.

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Final Thoughts

In this article, we shared four amazing DIY ideas for hummingbird houses that you can incorporate according to your skill levels. Some ideas are basic and only require you to use the items already available in your house.

There are also a few complicated ideas, so you may need an expert hand or some practice to try them. In either case, building a DIY hummingbird house is fun, and you should also try it with your children.

Featured Image Credit By: Djalma Paiva Armelin, Pexels

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