30 Water Bird Species in Florida (With Pictures)

american white pelica

More than 500 species of water bird have been identified in Florida, making it one of the most diverse states in the US. Of these hundreds of species, some are only visitors to the state, but nearly 200 are breeders, which means that they breed in Florida. Below, we have listed 30 of these species, […]

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5 Birds with the Largest Wingspans in the World (With Pictures)

great white pelicans

Even flightless birds have wings, though they’ve evolved for different purposes. Some birds’ wings are bigger than others; the size and shape of a bird’s wings are determined by where and how long they fly. Larger wings usually are for soaring, which is when a bird will keep its wings spread while gliding over the […]

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25 Most Beautiful Birds of Prey in the World (With Pictures)

wedge tailed eagle

Birds of prey, or raptors, are species of bird that hunt live prey that is considered large compared to the size of the bird itself. Eagles, owls, hawks, and vultures are some of the types of birds that fall under the category of bird of prey. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, […]

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Bald Eagle Wingspan: How Big It Is & How It Compares to Other Birds

american bald eagle

The Bald Eagle is a well-known North American bird of prey. It is America’s national bird, and its image has become near synonymous with the tenets of the American Dream. A six-foot wingspan sounds monstrously huge on its own, but how does it compare to other birds? The Bald Eagle is endemic to North America, […]

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Do Squirrels Eat Birds? Everything You Need to Know!

Squirrel and bird perched on tree branch

Short answer, yes, they do. Why squirrels eat birds is a bit of a longer answer, but yes, squirrels eat birds. Mother Nature blessed them with teeth, and they’re going to use them! If you’re here for a happy story, this is your chance to turn around. If you’re here for the harsh truth, here’s […]

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California Condor Wingspan: How Big It Is & How It Compares to Other Birds

california condor

The California Condor is the largest flying bird species in the US with a wingspan of nearly 10 feet across. The species has been saved from extinction but remains endangered. A member of the vulture family, the California Condor is a record-breaker. Its wingspan is the largest of any US land bird while its size […]

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8 Bird of Prey Species in Florida (With Pictures)

female great horned owl

We wouldn’t go bird watching with our pets if we knew the kind of birds that we were interested in seeing were birds of prey. These species are called raptors for a reason. The word “raptor” is a derivative of the Latin word “rapio”, which loosely translates to “taking by force.” The one thing that […]

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How Far Apart Should Hummingbird Feeders Be?

Feeding the birds has been a human tradition for quite some time, but different birds have different nutritional and physical needs. Hummingbird feeders are unique in that they dispense other food from a traditional bird feeder. But can you have too many hummingbird feeders? Can that be detrimental to the birds? Here’s what some experienced […]

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What Birds Lay Blue Eggs and Why Does It Happen?

blackbird's eggs in the nest

A nest full of eggs is one of the hallmark images of spring. The color of the eggs may change from person to person, and some see a nest filled with beautiful, bright blue eggs. Some birds, including robins, blue jays, and snowy egrets, lay blue eggs, but why do they? Does it serve an […]

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Wandering Albatross Wingspan: How Big it Is & How it Compares to Other Birds

Wandering Albatross

The massive Wandering Albatross is one of the largest birds in the world — the largest when measured by some metrics — and one of the two largest members of the Diomedea family of birds. But how large is “largest,” and how does that compare with other birds in the world? Wandering Albatross   The […]

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