LPVO vs. Red Dot Sights: Which Is Better?

LVPO vs Red dot sight

With so many scope options out there, it can be hard to determine which one is the best. While you might be looking for a clear winner across the board, the “best” really comes down to what you want to use it for. That’s why we took the time to break down both types of […]

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Simple vs. Compound Microscope: What’s the Difference?

simple vs compound microscope

When the microscope burst its way onto the scene, it revolutionized how humans looked at the world around them. While advances to microscopes continue to this day, it was the humble beginnings of the simple microscope that started it all. From there, the compound microscope took things to the next level, but that doesn’t mean […]

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How to Measure Scope Ring Height

scope ring_Jacopo Werther_Wikimedia

The one important thing that we’ve learned about life, is the fact that it always seems ruthless to those who pretend they don’t have time to unwind. You need time to relax. You could sign up for dancing classes, yoga, or maybe go hunting. But if you choose to hunt, make sure the equipment you’re […]

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What Do the Numbers On Rifle Scope Mean?

scopes close up_Shutterstock_Lutsenko_Oleksandr

You know, in the years that we’ve been active in this industry, we’ve learned so many things. One of those things is, never assume somebody knows something just because that something seems obvious to you. Take the numbers inscribed on a rifle scope, for example. We know what those numbers mean, but assuming that everybody […]

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Red Dot vs Magnified Scope for AR 15: What’s Best?

red dot scope 3_Ambrosia Studios_Shutterstock

You’re torn between the red dot and the magnified scope, aren’t you? What is best? Which one is going to be right for you? With all the information online, it can be like chopping through the jungle with a butter knife. It’s possible, but it will take you forever. Here we have proved an overview […]

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How to Use a Spotting Scope for Birding (4 Helpful Tips)

an angled spotting scope

That hobby of bird watching finally turned into something more. You’re ready to upgrade from your binoculars to a spotting scope. With an average range of 15x to 60x magnification, there are plenty of options to pick from. Once you have one, though, how do you even use it? Don’t worry, we have a step-by-step […]

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10 Species of Hawks in Colorado

Osprey hunting fish

Did you know we have 25 different hawk species in the United States? Of course, you might not get the opportunity to see every single one of them, but if you’re a Colorado resident, you could come across 10 of them. Would you like to know what they look like, feed on, and nesting behaviors? […]

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10 Proven Ways to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Yard & Feeders

White-tailed Hillstar, Urochroa bougueri, two hummingbirds in flight by the ping flower, green and yellow background, two feeding birds in the nature habitat, Montezuma, Colombia.

When you know what you’re doing, you’ve already completed half the battle. After reading this guide, you can bring in all the hummingbirds in the area. Here’s to hoping that your yard turns into a hummingbird paradise! The old saying is: Build it and they will come. While that’s true to a degree, if you’re […]

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10 Species of Cardinal Birds

Gubernatrix cristata - Yellow cardinal

Cardinals are part of the order Passeriformes, or perching birds. They make up most of the visitors to the average backyard feeder. The group includes a broad spectrum of different sized birds and specializations. The familiar red-crested avian is a member of the aptly named family, Cardinalidae, which includes other familiar songbirds, such as the […]

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5 Types of Falcon Species in the United States

Peregrine Falcon

When you think of a falcon, what comes to mind? Is it this majestic bird that can travel at high speeds? There are 5 species of falcons that reside in the United States. Each one has its own way of living that makes the bird watching experience worth it. Take a look at the 5 falcons […]

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