Hawk vs Eagle: What’s the Difference? (With Pictures)

hawk vs eagle

Hawks and eagles are two different birds of prey. The hawk is generally smaller and less powerful than the eagle, although there are hundreds of different species of hawks with varying colors and markings. Eagles have a larger wingspan, and although there are fewer varieties of eagles, there is still a range of shapes, sizes, […]

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Mirrorless vs. DSLR Cameras in 2021: What Are the Differences?

Mirrorless vs DSLR camera

While DSLR cameras used to be solely in the domain of professional photographers, the truth is that mirrorless cameras seem to be the up-and-coming trend. In fact, no major photography company released a new DSLR in 2020, instead focusing their energy on mirrorless models. So, if you’re looking to purchase a new camera in 2021, […]

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What Colors Are Stars? [Astronomer’s Guide With Color Chart]


There are few things more awe-inspiring than looking up at the night sky. But the longer you do, the more questions that you’ll probably have, like what colors are stars? What does it mean when stars are different colors? We break down everything that you need to know and give you a few tips on […]

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Red Dot vs ACOG Sights: Which Is Better?

red dot sight vs ACOG sight

Introduction You’ve seen the tactical side of the movies where the military is using different optics. What on earth are they, though? Well, that would be either a red dot or an advanced combat optical gunsight (ACOG). One is designed for the regular non-military person and the other was made with combat in mind. Both […]

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Red Dot vs Iron Sights: Which is Better?

red dot vs iron sights

You’ve seen both the red dot and the iron sight on tv with your favorite characters. It always seems the good guys are the one using the iron sights and they have no issue at all just getting a shot off. Or, you’ve seen the red dot in just about every first-person shooter game there […]

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Vortex Viper vs. Venom Red Dot Sights: Which Is Better?

VORTEX viper vs venom

Introduction Vortex is known for their quality optics across the spectrum of price points, and they have two flagship entries into the red dot space: the Viper and the Venom. There are countless red dot options out there, but for this comparison, we want to stick with just the Viper and the Venom. These two […]

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Green Dot vs. Red Dot Sight: What’s the Difference?

GReen dot vs red dot sight

Introduction The goal here is not to get too technical, but to provide some clear and concise answers to the questions that have come up more and more recently: what exactly is the difference between a green dot and a red dot? Which one is better? Many reflex and holographic sights come with both red […]

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How Far Is Uranus From the Sun?

Planet Uranus_Vadim Sadovski_Shutterstock

When it comes to the outer worlds, there’s little doubt that they’re extremely far away. Considering that Uranus is over three times the size of Earth, you might be wondering why it’s so hard to spot in a telescope. The answer is because it’s far away — really far. But exactly how far is Uranus […]

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How Far Is Neptune From the Sun?


Whether you’re trying to spot Neptune in the sky or are curious about how far the outer planets really are, you’ve come to the right place. We break down everything that you need to know and do our best to give you a few comparisons that will help you comprehend the vast distances of our […]

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How Far Is Neptune From the Earth?

Neptune_Vadim Sadovski_Shutterstock

While Neptune might be the eighth planet from the Sun, that hasn’t stopped determined backyard astronomers from trying to spot it in the sky. But if you’re trying to spot Neptune, you’re going to need excellent conditions and an even better telescope because it’s so far from Earth. But exactly how far away is Neptune […]

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