Do American Robins Migrate? What You Need to Know

Robin taking off

American robins are a beloved and well-known songbird in North and Central America. They are found in every US state, except for Hawaii and in all the southern parts of Canadian provinces. These incredible birds are not very picky about where they live and can be found in the wild or developed areas with humans. […]

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Do Ducks Eat Fish? The Surprising Answer!

Black-headed duck in the water

Ducks are omnivores, and they eat a wide variety of food, including fish and fish eggs. Diving ducks and Mergansers especially eat a lot of fish since they have evolved to dive deep in the water for fish and crustaceans. To learn more about the duck’s diet and eating habits, keep reading. This article takes […]

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4 DIY Hummingbird House Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

green and black hummingbird pollinating a flower

According to some people, whenever a hummingbird visits you, it usually means that good news is just moments away. These birds often bring unpredictable joys, so having them around is a perfect way to experience much-needed happiness in your life. However, like any other creature, hummingbirds also require shelter, and giving these birds one is […]

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How Did Venus Get Its Name? The Answer, Fun Facts & More!

partial view of Planet Venus

Venus is sometimes called Earth’s twin because of the similarities in size, mass, and composition. It is the brightest planet we can see at night without special equipment like telescopes. The planet rotates backward and does not support life because it is scorching, and the air there is nearly 100 times thicker than Earth’s atmosphere. […]

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28 Pet Photography Ideas to Get You Inspired

Dog pet photography

Undoubtedly, pet photography is one of the most popular photography genres. Their adorable faces make the image pretty amazing as it is, but it takes some skill to capture the best shot of these energetic animals. You may think, “What could be so hard about taking some pictures of a dog?” But when your model […]

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What Is Metering & Metering Modes: Photography Basics Explained

man setting up camera

When shooting with different aperture priorities, using the perfect metering mode will settle the exposure settings for the perfect shot. Since all the latest DSLRs feature metering modes, it’s crucial to learn how to use them. Essentially, they help you control your shot from every minimal aspect. The right metering mode can help you take […]

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12 Types of SLR Lenses Explained (With Pictures)

Nikon DSLR with fisheye lens

Knowing which lenses to buy for your photography kit can sometimes be challenging, and it’s best to learn about each lens type. There are countless lenses available, but for SLR cameras, you may have more problems than finding lenses for modern digital bodies. Below we’ll cover 12 types of SLR lenses and everything you need […]

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What Can You Hunt in Florida? 5 Common Game Species

hunter on the field

Florida’s 38 million acres of public land make it an attractive spot for hunters. The state is home to many big and small game animals, estimated at about 250 wildlife and game species. The state authority, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has some strict rules and regulations regarding bag limits and weapons possessions. […]

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25 Self Portrait Photography Ideas to Get You Inspired

female photographer in the studio

Something beautiful happens when the photographer and subject become the same person. Self-portraiture is a great opportunity for any artist to showcase their talent in a way that has no boundaries and allows space for experimentation and creative expression. You can reinvent yourself or express your multi-faceted persona through the process of self-portraiture. As a […]

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21 Ring Light Photography Ideas to Get You Inspired

taking photos through ring light

Ring Lights have become a popular tool in the photography industry, especially when creating social media content. They can easily make any subject look amazing by distributing a soft, illuminating light and emphasizing details in photographs. They are great tools for capturing detail in macro and close-up photography, providing even light for portraits,  and capturing […]

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