Can Birds Eat Bread? What You Need to Know!

loaves up close

Feeding bread to ducks is a part of many people’s childhoods. If you visit a duck pond in your area, it’s likely that you can find soggy white bread littering the sidewalks, grass, and water. Despite how common it is for people to feed bread to birds, can birds eat bread? Unfortunately, birds should not […]

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10 Scavenger Birds That Eat Dead Animals (With Pictures)

turkey vultures eating a dead horse

Even though the thought of picking up and eating rotting carcasses seems unfathomable to us, scavenging is a critical part of the ecosystem. Without scavengers, dead carcasses would stay to rot on the ground to contaminate our food and water sources. Although you are likely familiar with vultures eating dead meat, many other birds often […]

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15 Best Plants to Attract Birds (Flowers, Bushes & Trees)

european goldfinch surrounded with marigold

You can easily attract birds to your garden by planting the right flowers, bushes, and trees. Especially during the fall and wintertime, having the right plants in your area will help to attract birds to your home, even during months that are seldom filled with birds. Just as planting the right plants will attract birds […]

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Do Birds Mate With Other Species (Crossbreeding)?

Eurasian hoopoe and European bee-eater

Crossbreeding is the formal term for mating two creatures of different species, breeds, or varieties. Crossbreeding is more common in certain animals than others. For example, crossbreeding is relatively common in birds since many species have much of the same DNA. In fact, it is estimated that as much as 10% of bird species have […]

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Are Birds Mammals? What You Need to Know!

swan and its chicks

Birds are members are the Aves family and are not mammals. Mammals are classified as species that have hair, give birth to live young, and that feed milk to their young. In contrast, birds have feathers rather than hair and they lay eggs rather than give birth to live young. There are a group of […]

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Do Birds Mate With Their Siblings? What You Need to Know

kingfisher birds mating

When birdsong reaches a crescendo, typically around early spring, it means that wild birds are preparing to mate. They will lay eggs a few days to a few weeks later, and these will hatch around ten days after that, although the exact times differ by species. Once the chicks mature and are old enough to […]

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How Many Species of Birds Are There in the World? (2021 Data)

group of birds perching

With just one glance outside, you can see dozens of birds. Wait a couple of minutes, and you can see hundreds of birds flying or foraging for food. Because of how many birds there are just in your backyard, it’s no shock that there are thousands of bird species around the world. How many species […]

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Osprey Wingspan: How Big Is It & How It Compares to Other Birds

osprey bird

Ospreys are beautiful birds that often hang out by the water. These birds are incredibly large, which makes them fantastic predators whenever they hover over the water, looking for fish. With a wingspan that can reach nearly 6 feet, it’s no shock that these birds are fast and agile when fishing. In comparison to other […]

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When Do Birds Breed and Why? Everything You Need to Know!

cockatiels perching on tree branch

There are more than 700 species of bird that breed and nest in North America and while there is some variance to the exact time, but all species are dictated by factors such as the number of daylight hours, the abundance and expected abundance of food, and even the temperature. Because some of these factors […]

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10 Best Red Dot Magnifiers in 2021 — Reviews & Top Picks

Feyachi M36 red dot magnifier_Amazon

Red dot sights are fantastic. They allow you to narrow in on your target quickly and can even increase your accuracy. But the limitation to red dot sights has always been their range. With a red dot magnifier, you eliminate that drawback and get the best of both worlds: a red dot sight that speeds […]

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