What Do Baby Robins Eat? 8 Typical Foods

baby robins in the nest

If you’ve found a nest of baby robins and the mother doesn’t seem to be returning—what next? Should you wait for the mother to come back? Should you leave the chicks? Or could you possibly foster them a new home until they grow up? Well, there’s a lot to discuss here, and the most important […]

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What Strength Reading Glasses Do I Need? How to Tell!

woman using reading eye glasses

As you age, you will likely need reading glasses to see items up close. The reason for this is that humans experience a condition called presbyopia with age. This condition makes it more difficult to focus on items up close due to light reflection issues. Reading glasses can correct this issue. In order for reading […]

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Why Do Meteors Burn Up in the Mesosphere? Everything to Know!

Comet Neowise as seen in Canada

Looking up into the night sky, you’ll often see a beautiful display of stars twinkling in the darkness. And if you’re lucky enough, you may get to see a shooting star. Interestingly enough, that shooting star is actually a meteor burning up in the mesosphere. Once a meteor passes through the two outside layers of […]

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What Is a Fast Shutter Speed? (And When to Use It)

photographer taking pictures

In photography, camera sensors or film are exposed to light in order to capture a subject. The image captured reaches the camera lens, going past it to the film to capture it in real time. This is where the shutter comes in. The shutter will close on the snap, which stops the flow of light […]

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What Is a Meteor? What Is a Meteorite?

falling meteorites

The planets, the stars, the Moon, and the sun usually captivate our attention, but we all share in the excitement when we see something bright shoot across a dark sky. You may have heard about the catastrophic cosmic rock that killed off the dinosaurs and wonder about the possibility of one colliding with Earth again. […]

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Where and When Do Robins Lay Their Eggs? What to Know!

American Robin Egg

Compared to other birds, robins are among the most intelligent species on the planet. They’ve always proven to us that they have an impressive capacity for learning and possess prodigious memories.  During the breeding season, we’re used to seeing birds wake up very early in the morning to lay eggs. Not the robin, though. She’ll […]

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Why Are Robin Eggs Blue? The Interesting Answer!

American Robin Egg

American robins are a common sight on lawns all over the world. These small birds can usually be identified by their brownish-orange bellies and dark gray back feathers–and by their quick, hopping movements. On any given day, you may see a robin hanging outside in your backyard looking for food. You may also hear them […]

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Do House Finches Migrate? Everything You Need to Know!

male house finch perching

The house finch is a small colorful bird that you can find almost anywhere in the United States. It’s a common visitor to the backyard feeder, and many people keep these birds as pets. If you have these birds visiting your feeder, you might be wondering if they will migrate south for the winter. The […]

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Are House Finches Aggressive? Do They Attack Humans?

pair of house finch bird perching

The house finch is an extremely common bird that you can find across the United States and many other parts of the world. You will frequently see these birds in bushes, and they’re common sights at bird feeders, which can cause many people to wonder if these birds attack humans. The short answer is no, […]

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How Big Was the Meteor That Killed the Dinosaurs?


It was sixty-six million years ago that a cataclysmic meteor collided with Earth, causing the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. The explosive energy of this calamitous meteor blew debris of dust and rock into the atmosphere, blinding sunlight for several weeks. It triggered tsunamis, firestorms, and acidified oceans. With results as catastrophic as the extinction […]

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