What Is a Monocular Used For? 8 Common Functions

Close up Monocular mounted on a tripod

If you’re looking for a powerful telescopic device that fits in your pocket and brings the world closer to you, look no further than the monocular. Although they’re technically modified refracting telescopes, monoculars are modified refracting telescopes that are more compact and easier to take with you.  Monoculars are perfect for adventurers, hikers, birders, and […]

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What Does 20X50 Mean on Binoculars? Our Helpful Guide


Binoculars come in all shapes and sizes to suit a broad spectrum of viewing situations. Checking specs is essential in getting the best fit for your unique uses. Though not ideal for every scenario, a 20X50 set of binoculars magnifies objects 20 times and draws light through a 50 mm objective lens, which is an […]

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How to Clean a Telescope Mirror: 8 Expert Tips

a refractor telescope

The mirror is the primary optical element of your telescope. If it collects dust or debris, you will experience an obstruction in light entering the telescope, resulting in reduced clarity and image quality. Over time, the debris accumulates on the mirror and causes unwanted reflections. It may also lead to optical aberrations, due to which […]

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Brightfield vs Phase Contrast Microscopy: The Differences Explained

Brightfield vs Phase Contrast Microscopy (featured)

While the concept of magnification is not new, its development and diversification are modern innovations. The Ancient Romans and Greeks observed its effects in nature. You can see them yourself by looking at something through a drop or glass of water, as the Roman philosopher Seneca observed about 2,000 years ago.1 The difference between brightfield […]

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SkyCamHD Drone Review: Pros, Cons, FAQ, & Verdict

SkyCamHD Drone Review FT

Review Summary If you are a massive fan of drones, you may have tried many unmanned aerial vehicles. Luckily, there are different types of models available; some are cheap, while others come with a hefty price tag. Certain drones are designed for professionals only, but a few models are perfect for recreational use. SkyCamHD drone […]

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10 Types of Hummingbirds in Arkansas (With Pictures)

male ruby-throated hummingbird feeding on a flower nectar

According to the American Bird Conservancy, there are a total of 365 hummingbird species in the Americas. 15 of them are considered native in the United States (and pretty common), and 9 of the remaining 350 occasionally visit for various reasons. The hummingbird species is a special type of breed. Their shoulder joints are usually […]

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8 Types of Hummingbirds in Nebraska (With Pictures)

male ruby-throated hummingbird perching on a tiny branch

Hummingbirds belong to the family Trochilidae, which contains 366 species in 112 genera worldwide.1 The Cornhusker State provides habitat for eight of these species. Some are regular visitors, whereas others are less common or accidental. Many are some of the most striking birds you’ll see. That’s particularly true for a place dominated by plains with […]

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5 Types of Hummingbirds in Idaho (With Pictures)

Male broad tailed hummingbird

If you’re looking to spot a hummingbird in Idaho, there are five extremely common species and one you might spot if you’re lucky. Still, when you’re trying to identify hummingbirds in Idaho, it all comes down to when and where you are in the state, so you’ll want to read a bit more about each […]

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3 Types of Hummingbirds in Mississippi (With Pictures)

rufous hummingbird close up

While some guides will tell you that you can spot all sorts of hummingbird species in Mississippi, that’s usually not the case. The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird and the Buff-Bellied Hummingbird are by far the two most likely types of hummingbirds you’ll find there, although you can catch the occasional Rufous Hummingbird flying around. If you want […]

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8 Types of Hummingbirds in Kansas (With Pictures)

black chinned hummingbird

Did you know the hummingbird is the only species that can fly backwards? And even though most of them love feeding on nectar, they don’t really have any sense of smell. Instead of sniffing out feeders, they rely on their incredible vision, plus natural instincts. This post will focus on the different hummingbird species found […]

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