20 Common Types of Sparrows in Alabama (With Pictures)

White Crowned Sparrow

Did you know that Alabama ranks 4th in terms of biodiversity among all 50 states in the US? It’s also 1st among states east of the Mississippi River. There are 420 bird species that call Alabama home during at least part of the year. That includes around 20 species of sparrows. Sparrows are energetic little […]

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What Is Atomic Force Microscopy Used For? The Fascinating Answer!

atomic force microscope in a microscopic laboratory

If you’re diving into scientific articles, one term that you might see is atomic force microscopy. But what exactly is this type of microscope, who uses it, and what is it even for? Well, scientists use atomic force microscopy for probing the mechanical properties of cells and extracellular matrices. We will answer this question and […]

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What Do Cancer Cells Look Like Under a Microscope? The Interesting Answer!

microscopic phase contrast image of human breast cancer cells

Have you ever wondered about the physical differences between healthy and cancerous cells? If you know what you are looking for, you can spot these differences with a microscope. So, what do cancer cells look like under a microscope, and how do they differ from healthy ones? Cancer cells will usually be abnormally shaped, and […]

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15 Crucial Facts About Ultraviolet Rays & the Sun

backpacker looking at bright sun through polarized sunglasses

Whether you realize it or not, there are ultraviolet (UV) rays all around us, and they can have quite an impact on our lives. The Sun is a full-spectrum UV emitter, which means there’s no escaping them. That’s why it’s so important to know all about UV rays — to know what they are, what […]

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How to Sight a Laser on a Pistol (8 Tips & Tricks)

pistol aimed at a round target

A laser sight can be a great addition that makes aiming and shooting a pistol much easier in the right environment. But while it can be a great tool, you must sight it in properly. While that might seem like a straightforward task, there are a few things that can derail the entire experience. We […]

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19 Common Types of Sparrows in Michigan (With Pictures)

song sparrow perching

There is no shortage of wildlife in Michigan, and when it comes to birds, sparrows are found all over the state. From the Upper Peninsula to the Lower Peninsula, there are dozens of sparrows that call Michigan home. If you’ve got a few of these birds on your birdwatching list, keep reading to learn more […]

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15 Types of Black Birds in Massachusetts (With Pictures)

red-winged blackbird

Massachusetts is a fantastic place for bird watching because you can find several varieties of colorful birds. It is also a great place to visit if you like black birds, since you can find 15 of the 25 blackbird species in the United States here, five of which are quite rare. Keep reading as we […]

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15 Common Types of Sparrows in Missouri (With Pictures)

dark-eyed junco bird perching on tree branch

Sparrows are classified as typical “backward” domestic birds belonging to the Passeridae bird family. These birds are small, chiefly-seeding eating birds that have short bills. Overall, they are short in stature and have small round bodies. However, these birds come in a variety of colors, and many are native to the United States. In this […]

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2 Common Types of Sparrows in Hawaii (With Pictures)

java sparrow on the ground

While there are only two types of sparrows found living in Hawaii, these birds are abundant, especially in populated areas. Therefore, it shouldn’t be tough to find one when you are actively looking for them. The 2 Types of Sparrows in Hawaii 1. Java Sparrow (Lonchura oryzivora) The Java Sparrow is native to Java and […]

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5 Types of Hummingbirds in Iowa (With Pictures)

rufous hummingbird close up

Hummingbirds are colorful, vocal birds flying all across the US. They’re pretty active, so you will mostly find them chasing prey, moving here and there, and scaring away intruders. Hummingbirds also show impressive acrobatics at feeders. There are approximately 27 hummingbird species in different parts of the US, with five commonly spotted in Iowa. Some […]

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