9 Types of Hummingbirds in Nevada (With Pictures)

male anna's hummingbird perching on a branch

Hummingbirds add eccentric, bright colors to Nevada’s environment. These small, fast-moving birds are one of the state’s most popular breeds, often swooping in dramatic patterns in the air. On your visit to Nevada’s nearest garden or roadside, you will see these pink, purple, green, red, and black birds flying here and there. Most hummingbird species […]

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14 Types of Hummingbirds in New Mexico (With Pictures)

rufuous hummingbird close up

Quick, small, and colorful, hummingbirds are one of the most loved bird species. These birds are often spotted flying at unmatchable speed in New Mexico’s sky. It’s estimated that these birds travel more than 4,000 miles yearly1 at 98 km/h. Also, they have a wingbeat of 58 beats a second on average! In New Mexico, […]

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How Much Weight Can a Hawk Carry? (Facts & FAQ)

Hawk Flying

Hawks are a bird of prey. There are more than 200 species of hawk, globally, and around 25 different species in the US. Different species of hawks are different sizes, but one can generally carry up to its own body weight. With most hawks weighing around 2 or 3 pounds, this means that a typical […]

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How Much Weight Can a Vulture Carry? The Interesting Answer!

Vultures are raptors and are considered birds of prey, even though they don’t really prey on any animals. They typically live on carrion, meaning the bodies of already dead animals, and while they prefer fresh meat, they can consume meat that has been standing for some time. In fact, they can eat meat that would […]

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How Much Weight Can a Drone Carry? The Fascinating Answer!

UAV drone delivering big package

Drones are becoming increasingly prevalent, and they can range from toys that cost little more than a few bucks to those used professionally as delivery drones or by the military. Some drones, including trick drones designed for use in the home and typically incapable of flying outdoors, may not be able to carry anything more […]

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How Much Weight Can an Eagle Carry? The Fascinating Answer!

Eagles are among the largest of all birds, although some condors and vultures are larger. Eagles are strong and prefer live prey to dead, but there are some instances of eagles being able to carry animals as heavy as monkeys or sloths. Generally, however, eagles will usually only carry a weight of up to 3 […]

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Do Magpies Like Stealing Shiny Things? The Surprising Answer!

western magpie

Magpies are associated with bringing bad luck and being bad omen. They also have a reputation for stealing shiny objects, with tales of magpies stealing jewelry, money, and other sparkly items. While it is true that magpies will steal items, there is nothing to actually suggest that they prefer shiny objects over dull ones or […]

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Why Do Some Birds Have Webbed Feet? The Surprising Answer!

webbed feet of a duck

Many of us have seen webbed feet on ducks, geese, and swans, but these are just a few examples of birds with webbing between their toes. Other webbed feet birds include gulls, penguins, and puffins. The webbing enables birds to swim faster and harder, either on or in water. It can also help water birds […]

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Why Do Some Birds Nest on The Ground? (4 Reasons for This Behavior)

bird's nest on the ground

When most of us think of a bird’s nest, we imagine a cup nest high up in the branches of a tree. And, while it is true that most birds make their nests up in trees, it isn’t true of all birds. Several types of birds nest on the ground. Ground nesters may build what […]

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6 Types of Hummingbirds in Michigan (With Pictures)

white-eared hummingbird perched

With over half of the state being covered in forests1, it is no wonder that Michigan has such beautiful wildlife that calls this state home. Some of the best birding sites are found in the Upper Peninsula, and hummingbirds are one of the few birds that call the Wolverine State home. Listed below are six […]

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