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8 DIY Large Bird House Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

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brown bird eating seeds on red bird house

So, if you’re looking to build a large bird house but don’t have an idea in mind to start with—you’ve come to the right place! If you have a ton of small birds or a few large ones in your backyard and want to bring them closer to your door, these designs won’t disappoint. We’ve collected eight DIY large bird house plans that you can start today with pictures and details about each one. Take a look below to see what’s in store! 

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The 8 DIY Large Bird House Plans You Can Make Today

1. License Plate House by Runner duck

License Plate House by Runner duck
Image Credit: Runner duck
Materials: Lumber, old license plate, drill bits, deck screws, nails
Tools: Miter saw, power drill
Difficulty: Moderate

What better way to use your old license plates than to DIY them into a birdhouse? They make a perfect roof to protect from rain and add the rustic, vintage look that we all know and love. Compared to your average birdhouse, the license plate’s metallic surface will produce more noise if pinecones or acorns fall onto it during the fall. Still, you could make an entire community with plates from separate states. You can even build your own collection!

2. Wine Cork House by felt magnet

Wine Cork House by felt magnet
Image Credit: felt magnet
Materials: Wine corks, glue gun glue
Tools: Glue gun, knife
Difficulty: Moderate

If you visit an avid champagne or wine drinker’s house, you’re likely to see the stash of corks they’ve amassed over the years. If you are a wine enthusiast, this could be the most creative yet low-cost option for making a large birdhouse. That is if you have enough! It’ll take some time to build since some of the corks will overlap.

The number of corks you have will dictate how large you can build your birdhouse, and we recommend that you count yours or make a mockup of the base, so you know the limit. If you have a hot-glue gun and some glue, this DIY design won’t cost you a penny.

3. Gazebo by sun catcher studio

Materials: Lumber, screws
Tools: Miter saw, power drill
Difficulty: Moderate

One of the popular designs that backyard birders love is the gazebo. Although it’s challenging to build due to the shape of the roof you’ll need to cut and fit, this birdhouse type is a beauty. It’s more advanced than a basic design but more aesthetically pleasing. There’s plenty of space inside for multiple birds as long as the base is large. You can, of course, adjust the height if you want a flat gazebo or a taller one.

4. The Classic by lowes

The Classic by lowes
Image Credit: lowes
Materials: Lumber, wood glue, painter’s tape, exterior paint and stain, dowel
Tools: Miter saw, hand saw, power sander, drill bits, clamps
Difficulty: Beginner

The best kind of birdhouse for beginners is the classic. Comprised of a base, four walls, a roof, and a perch, the classic is a basic build that’s easy to learn and can be constructed with minimal materials. 

You can change the house size if you’d like, but the one we’ve linked has been tested to fit and work well. However, the dowel diameter may vary if you have birds that differ in size. 

5. Multi-House by felt magnet

Multi-House by felt magnet
Image Credit: felt magnet
Materials: Lumber, gorilla glue, nails
Tools: Forstner bit, miter saw, table saw, nail gun
Difficulty: Advanced

Rather than having just one house hanging, why not have a few more while you’re at it? The multi-house birdhouse is the top choice for bird families to get settled in. The concept is fairly simple since it is made of just three classic houses molded into one. The great thing about this is that you can make each house a different color, level, or width.

6. Slanted Roof by birds and blooms

Slanted Roof
Image Credit: birds and blooms
Materials: Lumber, deck screws, finishing nails
Tools: Hand saw, power drill, spade bit
Difficulty: Beginner

One of the simpler styles of large birdhouses is the slanted roof. In this case, there are only six steps you need to take to complete the design. This style is relatively easy to make and only takes a single large board to complete the build. The plans do not mention dowels or paint, but you can add those for extra aesthetics and functionality. If you want to use a dowel as a perch for this plan, we recommend a ½-inch piece, so it fits with the rest of the house.

7. Box House by ana-white

Box House by ana-white
Image Credit: ana-white
Materials: Lumber, nails
Tools: Miter saw, nail gun
Difficulty: Beginner

The box-style house might be the easiest birdhouse on our list that you can make today. This design can be built in a short amount of time and possibly with only $1 in materials if you have nails on hand. According to this blueprint, you can also use a 1×6 to build this. Due to having flat sides, you’ll be able to mount this effortlessly to a tree or similar objects.

8. Penny Roof by dream a little bigger

Penny Roof by dream a little bigger
Image Credit: dream a little bigger
Materials: Pre-made birdhouse, pennies, dowel, adhesive glue, nails
Tools: None
Difficulty: Moderate

This inexpensive but unique birdhouse involves the loose change that we probably aren’t likely to use in the future. The coins are a great way to prevent the wood from getting soaked in the rain over time. Each penny is attached to the roof of the birdhouse by using an all-purpose adhesive glue that will last a lifetime. It might be a good idea to clean your pennies beforehand unless you want them to look more rustic. hummingbird divider

Questions You May Have

How Do You Make a Large Birdhouse?

Building a large birdhouse is very similar to making a normal-sized one. The difference is that it may weigh more and need extra support if hung outside. To make a large birdhouse, you need to follow the steps given in each of our plans to be strong and sturdy. Patience, steady hands, and basic carpentry skills will be sufficient to build one yourself.

Can A Birdhouse Be Too Big?

Your birdhouse can be too large, but it depends on which species of birds you want to make homes in your backyard. You should always look at the diameter of the hole in your house to see if it allows larger birds (such as crows) to invade and become a threat to the smaller framed species that live there. You can increase the size of the house but try to keep the hole the same size. hummingbird divider

Final Thoughts

Birdhouses are a great way to make your backyard more interactive and physically attractive, but it’s even better to know the various styles of DIY birdhouses you have at your disposal. Whether you’re a beginner or have years of DIY expertise, we think this list of birdhouses will help you convince birds to visit your property.

Featured Image Credit: Erin Minuskin, Unsplash

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