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Ring Indoor Camera Review of 2024: Pros, Cons, And Verdict

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Ring Indoor Camera

Our Final Verdict

We give Ring Indoor Camera a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Editor Rating: 4.7/5

Build Quality: 4.9/5

Power: 4.8/5

Features: 4.5/5
Price: 4.7/5

Ring is easily one of the most popular home surveillance systems. It is affordable, easy to use, and offers surveillance options for both the inside and outside of your home. The Ring indoor camera is especially popular for all of the same reasons.

If you are looking for a good indoor surveillance system, the Ring indoor camera may be right for you. It has a great image display with smart home integration. All the while, it has an affordable price tag and an easy-to-use app that makes the entire process seamless and easy.

In fact, there are very few drawbacks to the Ring indoor system. The main drawback is that there is no free storage included with the camera. You are basically forced to purchase a subscription if you want to record any of your videos. This increases the price on a monthly or yearly basis.

Despite this one drawback, the Ring indoor camera is overall a fantastic indoor surveillance system. Keep reading to learn why we recommend Ring indoor cameras to most users.

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Ring Indoor Camera — A Quick Look

Ring Indoor Camera

  • Great image display
  • Affordable price
  • Smart home integration
  • Fantastic app
  • No free storage
  • Not as secure as some would like


Brand: Ring
Connective Technology: Wireless
Connectivity: Google and Alexa
Image Resolution: 1080p HD video
Field of View: 140° diagonal, 115° horizontal, 60° vertical
Sound: 2-way talk
Notifications: Real-time notifications from app
Storage: Must upgrade

shutter camera divider 2 Image Resolution and Viewing

When selecting an indoor surveillance system, the most important feature to consider is image resolution and viewing. After all, the camera won’t be much help if you cannot make out who is in your home. Luckily, Ring offers great image resolution so that you can see what’s going on inside your house.

This camera is equipped with the most advanced camera of today. It has 1080-pixel, high-definition (HD) video, which gives you a clear image for viewing. It even features night vision so that you can see when it’s dark. Its night vision is infrared night vision, which means there it’s no blaring bright white light.

The only possible drawback of the image resolution is that it doesn’t have the greatest field of view. Its field of view is 115 degrees, which is not terrible, but it could be better. If you have a large room, you may need to invest in more than one camera to ensure the entire room is covered.

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The audio quality matches the video quality perfectly. It includes a two-way audio system so that you can speak with the person inside your room. It is very easy to understand what the person is saying and for them to understand you. We give the audio quality two thumbs up.


The Ring camera also has quite a few features that we love. Most importantly, it has smart platform integration. It can integrate seamlessly into Alexa or Google. You can even connect it to your Echo so that you can watch live or past footage on a bigger screen.

The Ring indoor Cam also has an activity zone or motion zone. These motion zones allow you to get notifications about specific areas in your camera’s field of view. This unique feature allows you to customize the camera experience and get as precise as possible with your notifications.

Of course, we can’t forget to talk about the app either. Ring has a convenient home app that is easy to use and up to date. You can receive notifications in time whenever you have the app. This makes it easy to monitor your home, no matter where you are.


One of the biggest reasons why Ring has become the most popular indoor security system is its price. The camera itself is super affordable, but it still offers great value and quality that you can get from more expensive options. You will have to purchase separate storage, though, which could sway some customers from buying it.


The main downside of this camera is that it does not offer any free storage coverage. You can get alerts in real time, watch live videos, and interact with visitors remotely, but you will not be able to record, share, or save any videos unless you purchase a subscription. This is a major drawback if your home is broken into and you want to show the video to the police.

In other words, you will have to upgrade to the Protect Basic Plan or the Protect Plus Plan if you want to record any of the videos. The monthly price for the Protect Basic Plan is right around $3 per month, whereas the Protect Plus Plan is around $10 per month. You can pay annually or monthly, but you save money with annual options. With both plans, you can cancel anytime.

Even though the price for the storage is not insane, it still increases the price some. We wish that the Ring indoor camera came with at least some free storage.

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Does the Ring Indoor camera require a subscription?

The camera itself does not require you to purchase a subscription. However, you will have to purchase a monthly or annual subscription if you want to record, save, and share your videos. Most Ring indoor users recommend getting a subscription.

Does the Ring Indoor camera come with a warranty?

All Ring products come with a limited warranty. For up to 1 year after the date of purchase, the product can be replaced for any defective or malfunctioning part that is due to the workmanship. Ring can choose to either repair the model or replace it entirely. The warranty does not cover any repair service due to misuse, negligence, or casualty.

Ring Indoor Cam Image Credit: CrabcakesCreator, Wikimedia Commons, CC by 4.0


Can the unit be hung upside down from the ceiling?

Yes. The Ring indoor camera comes with a customizable mount that can be placed in practically every location. You can place it sitting up on a counter, or you can install it upside down from the ceiling.

What Users Say

Ring has one of the best reputations for home surveillance systems, and with good reason. The Ring indoor camera is especially loved due to its affordability and ease of use. It allows you to monitor the inside of your home just as carefully as you do the outside. Users love its easy design, great image resolution, and affordability.

As you would probably imagine, most users are disappointed that no free storage is included. This is the number one drawback of the model. Most users wish that there was some form of storage that did not force them to pay.

shutter camera divider 2 Conclusion

At the end of the day, the Ring indoor camera is a great option for indoor surveillance. It offers great image quality, features, and capabilities to ensure the inside of your home is safe. Plus, the camera is super affordable, ensuring you don’t break the bank to keep your home safe.

The one thing you should know is that you will need to purchase a subscription if you want to record your videos, which we recommend. Although it certainly is a downside to this camera, the price is well worth it in the case of a break-in.

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