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10 Types of Hidden Cameras (With Pictures)

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hidden camera in a plant pot

Do you often fear the safety of your kids and pets at home while you are working outside? Or are you unable to keep an eye on the contractors working for you? It isn’t always possible to be everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you should be unaware of things happening in your absence. 

If you agree, you might want to get a hold of a hidden camera and install it properly to monitor your house or any other space while you are away. In this article, we have curated a list of different types of hidden cameras so you have enough options to choose from and have a clear idea of the variety available in the market.

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The 10 Types of Hidden Cameras

1. Hardwired Spy Cameras

TPEKKA Mini Spy Hidden Camera

Resolution: High-definition and adjustable
Charging: Not required
Electrical Power Source: Hardwired cable

Hardwired hidden cameras are perfect for homes and are usually high definition with adjustable resolution. In addition, these cameras obtain electric power through a hardwired cable. This means that you don’t have to worry about charging them.

Moreover, these cameras often receive power from either a power outlet or a Power Over Ethernet (POE) cable. As a result, these cameras often release clear audio and video signals and are reliable as well. In addition, since they aren’t wireless, the chances of hacking these systems drop to a great level.

If you are looking for a good-quality hardwired hidden camera, the mini spy camera by TPEKKA may strike your fancy. It is not only small but offers many extensive features.


  • Releases reliable signals
  • High-definition performance
  • Facilitate with adjustable resolution
  • Doesn’t require charging
  • Safe from wireless hacking
  • Not portable
  • Wiring may look bad

2. Wireless Hidden Cameras

JLRKENG Spy Hidden Camera Power Bank

Signal range: Limited
Charging: Required
Source: Central hub

If you are looking for hidden cameras that are both flexible and portable, the wireless options may tick all the right boxes for you. That’s because they offer a wireless transmission and are also easy to install.

A hidden wireless camera sends its wireless signal to the central hub. However, the camera receives its power via wires. Since they get a constant power supply from your home, they constantly record everything without any glitches.

That said, wireless cameras usually have a limited range of signals, and these signals are often impeded by structures such as floors and walls. Besides, these cameras are vulnerable to digital snooping. If the cons don’t bother you, the JLRKENG spy hidden camera is a great option.


  • Easy installation
  • Flexible system
  • Can be scaled up easily
  • Limited range of signal
  • Digital snooping

3. Smoke Detector Spy Camera

WNAT Hidden Camera Smoke Detector

Type: Hardwired camera
Quality: High definition
Ideal for: Offices

If you suspect an unusual activity in your home, you can choose to install a smoke detector hidden camera. As the name suggests, this camera looks like a smoke detector but with all the features of a high-definition camera. It is a hardwired camera installed on the top of a ceiling, meaning that it is hard for anyone to detect its details.

Furthermore, most smoke detector cameras can detect motion. So, whenever it suspects something is moving, it won’t wait to send a signal or notification on your mobile app so that you can check your office.

That said, this camera doesn’t perform the functions of a smoke detector. So, you will have to install one separately. This camera only performs the task of shooting videos. If you are interested, the WANT smoke detector hidden camera is a great option. It offers night vision motion detection and has a high-quality video recorder.


  • High-definition camera
  • Perfect for offices
  • Installed way above for anyone to notice
  • Detects motion easily
  • Doesn’t work as a smoke detector

4. Wi-Fi AC Adapter Hidden Camera

HONBOO Spy Camera USB Charger

Connectivity: Wireless
Footage: Remote viewing
Detection: Motion detection with push notification

Have you ever thought of owning a hidden camera that looks like an AC adapter? If not, you can now consider this as an option. A Wi-Fi AC adapter spy camera looks like a mini brick that doesn’t let anyone have any idea of its reality.

What’s more, this camera works as a fully functional DVR system with polarity symbols. Right between the symbols is the camera lens that records all the things.

Some of these hidden cameras also have Wi-Fisystems, which allow you to explore the live footage on your mobile phone through an app. For example, the Honboo hidden spy camera is a wireless gadget that looks similar to an AC adapter. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors and is ideal for monitoring.

The only downside of this is that it doesn’t provide as excellent resolution as a wired camera. So, if you can’t compromise on this factor, an AC adapter hidden camera may not be for you.


  • Works as a DVR system
  • Connected with the mobile phone offering live footage
  • Great design, which is hard to detect
  • Resolution quality isn’t up to mark

5. USB Flash Drive Hidden Camera

ehomful Body Camera

Type: Storage cameras
Shape: USB flash drive
Others features: May have internal memory

A USB flash drive hidden from the camera is another unique invention that makes surveillance convenient. Again, this is a highly portable camera that is also safe at the same time. What’s more, the camera works as a USB storage device with an added feature camera that no one realizes.

This camera may not be the right option to install at your home to spy on people visiting your place. Instead, it is a great gadget to record someone outside your home without anyone knowing.

The camera’s lens is located on the drive’s outer end, and it just requires to be connected with a laptop to start performing its job. Interestingly, some flash drive cameras also have SD cards to store internal memory.

If this camera type interests you, the Ehomful hidden camera may be worth considering. This camera detects motion pretty efficiently and has a rechargeable battery that keeps it working.


  • Portable camera
  • May come with internal memory
  • Ideal to use in meetings
  • May not be ideal to use at home like other surveillance cameras

6. Clock Radio Hidden Camera

FORTHAUS Hidden Camera Spy Cam Wireless

Type: Storage camera
Shape: Clock
Storage: Internal memory

A clock radio camera combines a radio, a clock, and a camera in one product. While this camera has a busy interface, it shows you time and plays the regular radio while recording and detecting motion for surveillance.

The camera has sensors, knobs, and labels on its interface, and some high-quality cameras can also shoot videos in low light. What’s more, some clock radio hidden cameras also come with internal memory, and there are a few with an SD card.

There are many clock radio cameras available, and one of them is the Forthaus hidden camera. This gadget has a radio, camera, clock, and Bluetooth speaker, all in one. Besides, it comes with a phone app to receive relevant notifications.  

That said, some clock radio cameras start making ticking sounds when recording an activity. This may give the other person an idea of their existence.


  • Clock, radio, and camera all in one
  • High-quality camera with excellent shooting quality
  • Comes with internal memory
  • May produce ticking sounds

7. Electrical Outlet Hidden Cameras

Minigadgets BB4KWIFI Wall Outlet Hidden Camera

Type: Electrical outlet
Battery: Rechargeable or non-rechargeable
Use: Portable

Can you imagine a hidden camera that looks like an electrical outlet? Well, if not, know that there is one available in the market. An electrical outlet camera is a portable gadget with tiny cameras hidden in its sockets’ holes.

The rechargeable version of this camera type can easily cling to any wall through an adhesive back. Unfortunately, the non-rechargeable models have to be plugged in for them to work.

These cameras have good resolution and are also quite convenient to use. For instance, the Mini Gadgets wall outlet spy camera is battery-powered and provides constant motion and video detection.

However, like most electrical outlet cameras, this one provides 90-degree views only. If you don’t mind, this option may work for you.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes in both rechargeable and non-rechargeable models
  • Portable
  • Limited views

8. Men Shower Gel Hidden Cameras

Type: Wireless
Resistance: Water
Tools: Comes with a remote

A men’s shower gel spy camera may sound creepy, but such gadgets do exist. But how do these cameras work?

This camera resembles a face wash or shampoo bottle with its top compartment designed to keep the shower gen or shampoo. However, the lower compartment contains camera circuitry that records all the activity in an area.

What’s more, a men’s shower gel camera is usually water-resistant and comes with a remote and a motion detection feature. The only limitation of this camera is that it won’t record everything and may not be able to be placed in every location due to its type.

However, since it can be controlled externally, its use becomes convenient. The Black Adidas shower gel spy camera contains an HD camera and comes with a  DVR control system to make spying successful.


  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to control with a remote
  • Can’t be placed anywhere except for a bathroom to avoid its detection

9. Bathroom Tissue Box Hidden Camera


Power Source: AC/DC
Resolution: High
Use: Portable

Do you know that you can also buy a hidden camera resembling a bathroom tissue box? Thanks to innovation and creativity, a bathroom tissue box spy camera is free of pinholes, making them hard to detect. However, they perform their job quite conveniently.

Often controlled by remote control, such cameras are a little bulkier than most hidden cameras available, but they seamlessly adjust to the setting of your home without anyone having a clue. Moreover, a tissue box can be placed anywhere because it is portable, which allows this camera to reach locations that other gadgets might not be able to.

Simply place a bathroom tissue box hidden camera on a main or side table, and record anyone without them having any idea. If you are convinced about this camera’s performance, you can opt to get your hands on the Spysonic High resolution DVR tissue box hidden camera. This gadget has an MP4 video recording format and uses direct current to source its power.


  • Undetectable and portable spy camera
  • Can be controlled externally through a remote
  • Can be placed in different locations
  • Bulky

10.  Cell Phone Charger Hidden Camera

Igzyz-cam Hidden Camera

Type: Cell Phone charger
Operation: Plugged on a wall
Size: Mini camera

If you want to spy on someone at your home or office, a cell phone charger hidden camera might be an excellent gadget. This is because it is tough to suspect a charger to be a camera, and that too pretends to be a regular USB charger.

A USB charger camera is quite functional in many ways. For instance, most models come with a functional DVR and a mini camera with high resolution. Besides, it is very convenient to install them as they can be plugged into any wall to start performing.

Moreover, it isn’t easy to spot a camera hidden in a charger. The wall charger camera by Igzyz-cam is a well-designed tool for anyone who wants to record activity in a space. So, whether you want to keep an eye on your nanny or the contractors working in your home, install this charger and experience its 4K high-resolution results.

The only downside of a cell phone charger hidden camera is that most models are poorly made, so their performance may not last more than you might expect.


  • Can be installed easily by plugging it into a wall
  • Come with a fully functional DVR
  • Can be used in any room with a power supply
  • Most models are poorly constructed

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Can You Detect a Hidden Camera?

If you fear being recorded by a hidden camera, there are many different ways to detect it. Here are some things you can do:

  • Scan your surroundings inch by inch to spot places that might be successfully hiding a camera. Most people place spy cameras in air filter equipment, tissue boxes, indoor plants, books, and DVD cases. When searching outdoors, inspect the roof or any holes in the doors.
  • To find the night vision hidden cameras, turn off the lights to spot green or red LEDs. In certain low-light conditions, the LED will most likely
  • There are two ways to detect a hidden camera through a cell phone. First, make a call through your phone and wall around the space. Hidden cameras give off radio signals that might interfere with your phone’s signals.
  • Alternatively, there are many apps available that detect cameras around a room. If you can install one, you can locate a camera easily.
  • Some professional sensors and detectors can also prove fruitful in finding a hidden camera.
  • Use a flashlight to find a camera. If an object releases reflective lights, that might be a spy camera.

How to Hide a Camera in Your Room?

There are many factors to consider when hiding a camera successfully in a room. For instance, you should always pay attention to the location where it might be challenging to detect a camera. Places with books, toys, and plants are excellent spots.

Additionally, when hiding a wired camera, you will have to make sure that a power outlet is available close by. Similarly, if your camera operates using a Wi-Fi connection, you should place it in a location that offers robust connectivity.

A hidden camera plays an excellent role in spying on a child specialist who might be neglecting your baby or keeping an eye on a health care worker who might not be looking after your elderly parents in your absence. Hence, it is vital to place these cameras strategically so that no one can detect them.

How Long Do Hidden Cameras Record?

Most hidden cameras consume less power and can consistently record for 60 minutes or more without recharging. However, specific night-vision cameras consume more power, so their recording duration only lasts for a maximum of 40 minutes.

The quality and brand of your hidden camera also play a role here. A good-quality camera brand won’t consume much power and may perform for more than 90 minutes, even with motion detection. However, a poorly constructed camera might need a recharge session more often than required.

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Whether you live alone or with a huge family, placing hidden cameras in your home is essential to record any unforeseen circumstances. Similarly, if you work in an office and suspect someone’s presence in your room without your permission, a hidden camera may help you detect the person to avoid anything wrong happening later.

Lucky for you, there are many different types of hidden cameras available today. From cameras that look like clocks to gadgets that resemble your phone’s charger, there are many options available to get one that suits your circumstances.

Here’s hoping that the above list may help you find a good match. Finally, we recommend you install a camera and help keep yourself and your family safe.

Featured Image Credit: Sergey Privalov, Shutterstock

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