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How to Reset a Ring Spotlight Camera

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If you’re having trouble with your Ring product and continue to have technical problems with the system, it might be best to factory reset it. If that’s the case, then refreshing your Ring security device to its original condition shouldn’t be a headache.

These sorts of issues are common with technology. That’s why we’ve put together a three-step guide to show you how to get it back to normal. We’ll also go over a few concerns you may have, so you don’t need to scour the internet for every last detail. Of course, if you’re having troubles with your Ring cameras, then you can always call their customer service line for help if you can’t figure it out on your own. 

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Before You Start

Resetting a Ring product will delete any saved settings. We suggest that you jot down the current settings for your camera if applicable. In doing so, you’ll be able to adjust these parameters after the fact, so you don’t forget anything important. Additionally, this may be a good time to clean your camera from any debris or dirt that may be lingering on the outside of the lens. This ensures the best clarity for video surveillance footage.

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1. Keep the Camera On

First, make sure that your device has enough juice. You’ll want to keep the camera plugged into an outlet or use a fully charged battery to keep it going. This is a crucial step. If it turns off during the reset, it could malfunction the system and create more problems than you started with. Besides, a low battery could be causing other issues that you may be having.

2. Hold the Top Button

For the wired version, the second step is to hold the button in the middle of the camera’s top portion for at least 30 seconds. The battery-powered model will only need 10 seconds for this. This is essential for resetting the cameras.

3. Let Go After Holding the Reset Button

Once you take your hand off, you should see the bottom light flicker. After it stops flashing, this indicates that the reset was successful. You’ve now finished the steps needed and can set up the camera however you need to.

Why Is My Ring Spotlight Camera Not Working?

There are various reasons why your Ring camera might be having technical difficulties. Here’s a list of things that may be causing the disruption:

  • Its software needs to be updated
  • The wired connection is loose
  • Extreme heat or cold
  • There is a glitch or bug caused by software or hardware issues

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If all else fails, it’s safe to say that the camera may need to be sent back to the manufacturer for repairs or replacement. Since Ring is an Amazon-based product line, you should have no problems with a return. We hope that you learned the steps needed to reset a ring spotlight camera, as it solves most of the issues people have with their devices.

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