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Are Ring Cameras Waterproof? Do They Get Wet?

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Ring is the industry leader in providing efficient and smart security devices. Whether it’s a Spotlight Camera or a Floodlight Camera, Ring knows how to secure your home with interactive devices that withstand the harshest weather conditions. But are these gadgets waterproof? 

Ring cameras are weather-resistant and not waterproof. Still, these devices can stand against downpours quite well.

Ring Spotlight Cameras have an IP55 water-resistant rating, making them high-performing outdoor security devices. In addition, they are well-protected, so the water can’t touch or submerge the camera lens.

If you’re trying to find information about Ring cameras on the internet, you may end up disappointed. Ring’s official website doesn’t have much information about its devices’ waterproof or weather-resistant capability. Thus, this guide will help you find the answers to your questions without much effort.

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Is the Ring Spotlight Camera Waterproof?

As stated earlier, Ring’s official website doesn’t provide many details about the weather-resistance or waterproof features of its Spotlight Camera. Only a few small details are mentioned in their operating conditions table, along with temperature variations. This creates a lot of confusion in determining whether this device is the ideal choice for your home.

The table says that their cameras work in the temperature range of -5°F–120°F and can resist extreme weather conditions. On Twitter, Ring stated that their devices are water-resistant, but it’s better not to submerge them in water. Although their devices can withstand heavy downpours and winds, they are not waterproof.


What Is the Difference Between Weather-Resistant and Waterproof?

Generally, terms like “waterproof,” “water-resistant,” and “weather-resistant” are used interchangeably. However, these terms are entirely different from one other.

Weather-resistant refers to the ability of a device to withstand extreme weather conditions, whether it is blazing hot or freezing cold outside. This term can also be used for appliances that bear heavy winds and rain. However, they aren’t safe to fully submerge the water. Therefore, any product that claims to be weather-resistant is the perfect choice for the outdoors.

On the other hand, waterproof means that the device comes with the weather-resistance feature by default. So, a waterproof product withstands water whether you’re jogging in heavy rain or swimming in the pool. You can even submerge the device in water for a specific time limit.

To better understand both phenomena, it is better to dig into the quality rating, more commonly known as an Ingress Protection (IP) rating.

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What Is an IP Rating?

The IP rating shows a device’s ability to stand against dust and water. The first digit refers to the protection against solid particles. The second digit of the IP rating refers to the protection against liquids. You can also view the IP rating chart to learn about different variations.

The Ring Spotlight Camera Rating

Ring Spotlight Cam has an IP55 rating for weather resistance. The IP55 rating protects the camera from dust particles entering the device. In addition, it will also provide your device protection against water jets or splashes with low pressures.

Many electronic brands provide extra protection against potential heavy rainfall damage if water gets inside the device. Before purchasing the Ring Spotlight Camera, know that the company provides a limited warranty that neither includes or excludes water damage. However, it does mention the exclusion of floods.

You probably know that “waterproof” refers to your device’s ability to fight off complete water submersion. Unfortunately, Ring doesn’t offer any such product with a completely waterproof environment.


Can Ring Spotlight Cameras Get Wet From the Inside?

This is a common concern of some people looking to create a smart home with outdoor security devices. Of course, Ring Cameras can get wet, but just from the outside.

The IP55 rating of the Ring Spotlight Cam only enables it to tolerate water pressure equal to a low-pressure water jet. However, remember that IP55 means that the device is weather-resistant, not waterproof. Thus, never immerse the camera fully into the water, or it will stop working.

Are All Ring Cameras Weather-Resistant?

Now, you may be wondering about the weather-resistant and waterproof ability of other Ring cameras, such as the Floodlight Cam and Stickup Cam.

Honestly, you can’t just install the Spotlight cams anywhere in your house. Here is a breakdown of the water-resistance capability of all the Ring cameras:

  • Spotlight Wired Camera. It has an IP55 rating, allowing the device to withstand low-pressure water splashes.
  • Stick Up Camera. It has an IPX5 rating, enabling the camera to fight against some water . Unfortunately, there is not much info about its ability to resist dust particles.
  • Floodlight Camera. It has an IP56 rating, allowing the device to tolerate lots of water. It may also provide complete dust protection.


How to Protect the Ring Spotlight Camera From Getting Wet

Considering that Ring devices are not waterproof, you may be worried about the most-suitable placement of Ring Cameras in your device. There is a higher probability that your camera may get damaged by heavy rains.

In fact, many people using outdoor smart devices complain about water damage to their cameras. In addition, continuous interaction with water can make your camera lose its functionality. So, how do you protect your Ring Cameras from water?

Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • If your house has an eave, you can mount your Spotlight camera below it to provide adequate protection against heavy rains.
  • A ceiling mount enables you to install the Ring Spotlight camera at the place where the device gets a wide-viewing area while being protected from rainfalls.
  • Alternatively, you can also purchase camera covers that protect the device from the top. The water falls onto the cover and runs off without touching the camera.


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Whether you have the Spotlight Cam, Floodlight Cam, or Stickup Cam, Ring’s outdoor security devices are ideal for protecting your home. These cameras are all highly functional and efficient. However, their major downside is that they are not waterproof.

The company claims that its devices are weather-proof. So, they can withstand extreme weather conditions, such as heavy storms, rainfalls, and cold and hot temperatures.

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