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10 Outdoor Wedding Photography Ideas to Get You Inspired (with Pictures)

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There is truly something magical about getting married surrounded by the natural beauty of the world around you. With nearly limitless beautiful options such as babbling brooks, lush meadows, vibrant orchards, sunny beaches, dark forests, and snow-capped mountains, it is no wonder that the popularity of outdoor weddings has soared. Outdoor weddings can be absolutely enchanting, and the photos you can capture are dreamy and one-of-a-kind. With so much natural light and interesting scenery spicing up your photos, outdoor weddings are truly a photographer’s dream. If you’re ready to say “I do” to an outdoor wedding, keep reading for great photography ideas to get your inspiration going. 

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The 10 Outdoor Wedding Photography Ideas to Get You Inspired

1. Fairytale Photos in the Forest

wedding couple in the forest
Image Credit: Redd, Unsplash

With towering trees, mossy rocks, open clearings, and bushels of wildflowers scattered about, a forest makes an intimate backdrop for wedding photos. Forests are beautiful no matter the season and can be styled with the appropriate props to enhance your photos. However, you don’t have to do too much, as the natural beauty of a forest provides all you need for stunning, ethereal wedding pictures.

2. Make Your Love Bloom in a Garden

garden wedding
Image Credit: Tim Gouw, Unsplash

The shady paths, hidden groves, and bright, vibrant blooms of a garden serve as a colorful and fairytale-like backdrop for wedding photos. If you want to feel like a princess on your special day, a garden full of colorful blooms is a fantastic spot to take your wedding photos. The fragility and beauty of flowers also highlight the intimacy and meaning behind your special day, so don’t be afraid to add a burst of floral colors to your photos.

3. Whimsical Photos on the Beach

newlyweds at the beach
Image Credit: Jen Theodore, Unsplash

The beach is a classic outdoor wedding location, which makes sense considering some of the best photos and memories are made on them. Some great ideas include writing in the sand and photographing your footsteps as you walk hand in hand with your partner. You can even jump in the water and splash around like children for an intimate shot and a treasured memory if you don’t mind getting wet.

4. Photos With an Equine Friend

newly wed couple and their horse
Image Credit: NIKITA SHIROKOV, Unsplash

Horses are beautiful, strong, elegant, and exude the feeling of luxury and refinement. As such, they make for great companions in your wedding photos. Whether you take pictures amongst a pasture of horses in a traditional carriage or ride them yourself, horses will elevate your photos to a new level. As a plus, horses are pretty photogenic, so you can be sure your pictures will turn out great.

5. Incorporate Rustic Elements for a Bohemian Vibe

boho rustic wedding theme
Image Credit: Jessica Rockowitz, Unsplash

Bohemian weddings are unique, unusual, magical, and make beautiful and timeless memories. For a free-spirited vibe, taking your wedding pictures outdoors is paramount. When taking your photos, consider incorporating props such as a gorgeous lace gown, a cozy bell tent, bouquets of wildflowers, beachy decor, and other rustic elements.

6. Photos in a Vineyard

newly wed couple at the vineyard
Image Credit: Carlo Buttinoni, Unsplash

Photos among the grape leaves in a vineyard are a great way to achieve a timeless and elegant effect. With endless rows upon rows of grapevines, vineyards also provide a pleasing geometric backdrop to your already refined and sophisticated photos.

7. Golden Hour Photos at Sunset

sunset wedding
Image Credit: Callie Morgan, Unsplash

Photographers love snapping pictures during the famous “golden hour,” which is a period of exceptional lighting conditions right before sunset. At this time, the daylight is softer, warmer, and the sky’s brightness matches those of streetlights, lit windows, and candles. This provides a pleasing effect to your photos and highlights your special day’s beauty and gentle intimacy.

8. Don’t Be Afraid To Play in the Rain

couple under the umbrella while raining
Image Credit: Joel Overbeck, Unsplash

Release your inner child and take your wedding photos in the rain to capture innocent expressions, genuine smiles, and remarkable memories. Although most people don’t wish for rain on their wedding day, photographers can still make the most of it and capture some of the most incredible moments. You can choose to let the rain soak you and your partner for a memory you’ll never forget, or you can incorporate umbrellas. Using a clear umbrella is a great idea since it won’t obscure the beauty of the landscape behind you or the priceless expressions on your faces.

9. Colorful Smoke Bombs

newlywed couple surrounded with colorful smoke
Image Credit: Sam Barber, Unsplash

A unique photography idea is to incorporate colorful smoke bombs into your photos. Vibrant smoke bombs get their color by vaporizing a dye using the heat of the smoke. This creates giant, misty clouds of the color of your choosing, adding an ethereal and mystical element to your photos. You can match the color of your smoke bomb to the scenery or even mix several colors together for a memorable and one-of-a-kind effect! Just be sure not to hold the smoke bomb too close to something like a white wedding dress, as it can stain.

10. Use Wind to Your Advantage

post wedding shoot in the mountaintop
Image Credit: Foto Pettine, Unsplash

Although we cannot physically see the wind, photography gives us an outlet to capture its effects. You can create whimsical photos reminiscent of a fairytale by taking the wind into account. Think about lining up your shots so that the wind dramatically blows through your hair, dress, or veil. Another great option is to take photos in tall grass that bends at the wind’s will and adds an element of movement to the scene.

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Outdoor weddings are versatile, intimate, elegant, and beautiful no matter what season it is. With options ranging from dense, shady forests to sunny island coastlines, the creative photography options are limitless. Unlike indoor venues, outdoor weddings are far more memorable and versatile, and you can save lots of time, effort, and money when it comes to coordinating the perfect decorations. Simply put, the great outdoors is abundant with natural beauty that will shine through in every photo of your special day.

Featured Image Credit: Chris Ainsworth, Unsplash

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