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15 Wedding Photography Ideas to Get You Inspired

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Whether you are a groom or bride-to-be, the biggest thing on your mind right now might be the wedding photography checklist. This is because wedding photography is essential as it helps capture the most important event of your life, and at the same time, the photos turn into cherished keepsakes to relive the great moments after many years. 

However, we all run out of imagination, which is nothing to be ashamed of. The good thing about photography is that it is constantly evolving, and there are tons of sources and ideas on the internet to get you inspired.

So, if you want to create unforgettable memories and be of some help to your photographer, the 15 wedding photography ideas below will help spark some inspiration in you. So, please dig into our wedding photo guide and make your big day the best and most memorable one of your lives.

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The 15 Wedding Photography Ideas to Get You Inspired

Imagine today is your big day, and everything looks great. From the dresses to the stage, everything seems perfect and just how you have always wanted it to be.

However, when the time comes to capture the moments, you aren’t prepared to execute your plans. Instead, you get overwhelmed by the photographer’s camera and run out of ideas to make your wedding photos stand out.

If that is something you don’t want to experience in reality, explore the ideas below for an excellent execution when the time arrives.

1. Capture the Getting Ready Moments

Start from the beginning, and this includes capturing all the moments when the bride and groom are getting ready to tie the knot. This may consist of many things. For instance, the bride getting her makeup done or the groom sorting out his hair.

These moments are precious and random, making them an excellent addition to the wedding album. Instruct your photographer to capture the makeup artist or hairstylist, too, so when you see these pictures later, you remember them for their efforts.

2. Putting On the Dress or Suit

If you have spent months selecting the dress or suit you may want to wear on your wedding day, don’t forget to capture the moment while putting it on. You can take this photo in many different ways.

For instance, ask the photographer to capture it while you put on the veil or adjust the sleeves. Alternatively, you can also get it taken while wearing your shoes or looking in the mirror for the first time after getting dressed.

3. Don’t Forget the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Your groomsmen or bridesmaids deserve attention as well. Since they have been a significant part of your life, have them captured, too. Your hired photographer can photograph them while they fix their hair or get their makeup done.

4. A Close-Up of All the Accessories

If you always want to remember the things you wore on your wedding day, request the photographer to capture a close-up of all the accessories. This can include shoes, ties, tuxedos, hair pins and jewelry.

5. Finished Looks

Make sure that your wedding album has the complete finished looks of you and your partner. This is the last thing you can capture before leaving the suite and heading toward the wedding venue. Ensure that the photographer takes a close-up so every detail of your accessories, makeup, and dress gets captured before starting an emotional journey.

Also, if you are a groom, request the photographer to highlight your entire look. Men often take such moments for granted, but these photos make great memories.

6. Dress Reveal

Whether you plan to wear an expensive wedding dress or something affordable, the attire holds a special place in your heart and is also very important for the people around you. Besides, everyone on the big day is excited to see your final look.

Make sure that the photographer captures that excitement in the best possible way. For example, you can request your family members and bridesmaids or groomsmen to gather in one spot while you enter the place from the opposite direction to surprise them with your look.

The execution of this wedding photo can be challenging. However, ask your photographer to capture every expression and then make a collage for you.

7. Ceremony Room or Stage Before the Event

Whether you have your wedding planned in a church or a town hall, make sure that the photographer clicks all the room details before the guests start arriving. Let everything be a part of your wedding photo album, from significant additions such as the floral setting or the decorated stage to small details like customized sitting or table decorations.

8. Guests Arriving

Do you want to remember the people who arrived at your wedding and experienced your happiness? If so, make sure that your photographer randomly clicks all the people who arrive at the wedding venue on the big day. Then, from children to seniors, request the photographer to take their pictures from a broad and close-up angle so your guests can use these photos later.

Also, instruct the photographer to take these images randomly rather than asking the guests to pose for the camera or look straight with their awkward smiles. This is a great way to get photos naturally and capture the day in the best possible way.

9. Groom at the Altar

Once the guests are perfectly seated, instruct your photographer to move the camera to the groom. A groom goes through a lot while waiting for the bride, and all the feelings convert into priceless expressions worth capturing. Even the anxiety on their face is worth a thousand bucks.

Discuss with your photographer how you want these photos to be taken. For instance, the best moments are captured randomly and without the groom knowing, so they don’t hide their feelings from the camera.

10. Entry of Bridesmaids and Flower Girls

As a bride or groom, you might be too endorsed in your feelings that you may not notice the bridesmaids and the flower girls walking down the aisle. However, this is an extraordinary moment and deserves to stay in your memories. So, make sure that your photographer doesn’t miss it and captures each bridesmaid and flower girl in detail.

11. Bride’s Entry

As someone walking down the aisle, your entry is full of joy, tears, and anticipation. It is a moment that every person in the wedding ceremony awaits.

Interestingly, the bride’s entry is considered more powerful than the groom’s. There is nothing more precious than when a beautiful man or woman walks down the aisle with their family to start a new life.

So, ensure that you communicate the importance of this moment to your photographer. The photographer should click every angle of your entrance while also capturing the guests’ expressions after seeing you.

The bride’s entry is also referred to as the first-look shot. So, ensure that it doesn’t get missed.

12. The Vows and the Ceremony

This photography idea is way more important than the rest. The ceremony and the vows are the main components of a wedding, so let them be a crucial part of your album. The good thing is that there is no limit on how your photographer can capture this moment.

The photographer can take photos from different angles while the wedding vows are shared. From capturing the bride’s face to the expressions of the parents, this moment has so much to offer.

Besides, the exchange of wedding rings is another great thing that deserves a shot. And also, don’t forget the first kiss.

13. The “Just Married” Shot

Once you have successfully tied the knot with your partner, it is about time you prepare yourself for the “just married” shot. The value of the shot depends on what you plan to do.

For instance, many couples are showered with flowers and confetti as they walk back up the aisle. Alternatively, most couples are welcomed by a happy dance from their friends and family members, which is also worth every capture.

Instruct your photographer to capture this moment from all angles so that everyone gets their photos captured.

14. A Family Shoot

Your wedding album should have your photos taken with your loved ones. Make sure that you and your partner pose with each other’s family after or before the wedding. These photos can be taken in groups or individually, but ensure they highlight the true bond.

Similarly, don’t forget your friends and other close relatives. Pose with them for the camera and let them have the privilege to get into a photo with the couple of the hour.

These shoots are usually taken outdoors because the excellent light and the natural ambiance increase their value manifold. However, if it’s raining or too sunny outside, you can get them captured within the church hall.

15. Couple Shoot

After the wedding is over and most of the guests have left, you and your partner can head out for a couples shoot. Again, there is no limit to the ideas that can be executed during this shoot.

For instance, you can take pictures while lying on the ground or looking at each other while sitting on a sofa. Besides, you can also get the moment captured as you run away from the camera or hold each other while kissing.

Couple shoots are a great way to show your bond and end the entire wedding ceremony with a bang. You and your partner can even change your attire to add more colors and variety to this final photography session.

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shutter camera dividerHow to Execute the Best Wedding Photography

Call yourself blessed if you have a professional photographer on board to capture your big day. This means that your wedding day is in good hands. However, don’t just rely on the photographer entirely.

If you are inspired by the above ideas and want them to get executed well, follow the tips below to create beautiful memories and make things easy for your photographer.

  • Familiarize yourself with the location, so you and your partner already know the spots that may be perfect to take a couple of shots.
  • Know your best angles, so you get all the pictures that show your good side.
  • Talk with your partner beforehand to help them overcome their fear of cameras. Your partner might not be as confident in front of the camera as you are, so to avoid awkward pictures, have a conversation with them.
  • Your photographs will not turn out great if you aren’t comfortable with what you wear. If your wedding dress is too tight or loose, consider having it altered so your pictures turn out well.

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Final Takeaway

If you feel uninspired while planning for your wedding photography, hopefully, the ideas above will help you make this task convenient. Remember that it is your big day, so make all your efforts to make it a great one. Sit with your photographer and brief them about all the moments you want to get captured, and then let them handle the rest.

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