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14 Photography Trends in 2024 (With Amazing Examples)

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hand holding a camera taking photo of the street

Society has come a long way since the days of instant cameras and Polaroids. Photography has also evolved. It isn’t just about taking pictures on your vacation or at your best friend’s wedding. It’s become more sophisticated and has become a soapbox for social issues. Photography provides a means to express oneself as a powerful art form.

Of course, smartphones have had the most profound effects, making everyone an amateur Annie Leibovitz or Ansel Adams. The good news is that it has tapped into the creativity of millions of people, fueling new trends that will lead the way throughout the year.

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The 14 Photography Trends in 2024

1. Minimalist Images


It never ceases to amaze us how trends and fashions get recycled. Perhaps it’s a response to over-photoshopping images or ones that were poorly done. That’s part of what’s fueling the road back to minimalist photos. Gone are the busy backgrounds that scream fake and distract from the subject matter. Sometimes less is indeed more.

2. Candid Imagery

Candid Imagery
Image Credit: JumpStory

Taking candid shots is another trend we welcome with open arms. Posed pictures don’t cut it when you want to capture a precious memory. They say a lot more than any other type of photography. Real feelings and emotions shine through, making them even more heartwarming. This trend is giving our images more value, making them priceless.

3. Mobile Content

iphone with accessories used for mobile photography
Image Credit: Aaron Burden, Unsplash

It’s no secret that smartphones have improved on all fronts but even more so with their cameras. It used to be that you could only take high-quality photos with a DSLR. Now, smartphones routinely come with excellent optics. You can also get accessories, such as lenses, to take even more sophisticated images. Using cloud storage makes them available on all your devices.

4. Rustic Settings

rustic photo of a barista preparing coffee
Image Credit: Oleg Lekhnitsky, Unsplash

When looking at rustic settings, it’s easy to see the charm of a simpler life without stress, masks, or social distancing. People are finding comfort in these photos. These elements also add a unique quality that you can’t get with photo-editing software. They also tell stories in ways as nothing else can.

5. Vibrant Colors

vibrant fruit on a bowl and a yellow jar
Image Credit: Garreth Paul, Unsplash

Color is a fantastic tool if you use it correctly. Using contrasting hues can make images pop better than a jumble of patterns. It’s an excellent way to combine several trends and create a more powerful statement. Many people love seeing the use of the principles of design in action in new and dramatic ways.

6. Back to Nature


The pandemic brought us closer to the outdoors, especially during lockdowns when we couldn’t do much else. We see it more in photography, where nature plays a starring role. We’re also noticing more about the world around us and appreciating the many things we take for granted, like sunrises. Many people like the fact it makes us stop and observe our world more closely.

7. Playful Shots

playful food shot
Image Credit: Mae Mu, Unsplash

One of the more enjoyable trends is seeing people have fun. They’re taking playful pictures and putting the spotlight on the things we love. It’s easier than ever to shine the spotlight on anything that catches our fancy. Our imaginations set the boundaries. Photo-editing software makes it easier than ever to take the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary.

8. Dramatic Photography


Photography is about embracing your creativity. Dramatic pictures make an impact like nothing else. However, you don’t have to go overboard to come up with something that gets noticed. These pics often work well with the minimalist approach. It’s a breath of fresh air after all those silly filters you see on camera apps.

9. Embracing Soft Pop


The rise of contemporary artists, such as Stik and KAWS, opened up new avenues for art that have spilled over into the photography world. Using figures to broadcast your theme or message adds some fun to photography in innovative ways. We like this trend toward making photography more than just the image you see.

10. 360-Degree Views

360 degree shot of a scenery in Greece
Image Credit: Israel Ferrera, Unsplash

Photography took a giant leap forward with advances in 360-degree imagery. Instead of browsing through stills, you can get a virtual tour of your hotel room, the scenic vista you want to visit, or a house you’re interested in buying. It’s probably one of the best innovations we’ve seen in photography in a long time.

11. Going Aerial

aerial drone shot of a sea shore
Image Credit: Alejandro Cabrera, Unsplash

Ownership of drones has taken off dramatically. They’re more affordable with improved technology for taking amazing photos. These images can give you views of places that you never thought were possible just a few years ago. You can get entirely new perspectives on outdoor scenes that push the bounds of breathtaking.

12. People in Their Natural Form

people walking down the street while raining
Image Credit: Egor Myznik, Unsplash

The airbrushing of photographs has become so evident that it makes many people feel self-conscious. That’s what makes this trend toward untouched photos so refreshing. Sure, the glam shot has its place, but it’s nice when we can be ourselves. The freckles and blemishes don’t matter!

13. Taking Self Portraits to the Next Level

young woman taking self portrait in the mirror
Image Credit: Céline Druguet, Unsplash

Selfies ushered in an age of self-reflection—literally! However, you can only take so many pictures of yourself smiling for the camera. Thankfully, these pics have grown to be something more artsy and creative. They use settings and props in clever ways, and many people love these images of self-expression.

14. Better Camera Apps

person taking photo using iPhone
Image Credit: Josh Power, Unsplash

One of the best photography trends is a move toward better camera apps. Many allow you to adjust the settings you’d only see with a film camera. Even a beginner can take quality images with the right app. We’re also seeing better presets for taking specific types of photos, such as landscapes or night scenes.

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What Makes a Photo Great?

Some photos are more powerful than others simply because of the subject and the luck of capturing it at a precise moment. Many stir a range of emotions, like the disturbing pictures showing the cost of war. Others are influential because they’re simply unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

A good photograph begins with an interesting subject in a pleasing composition. Of course, timing and patience are everything. That’s where the photographer’s intuition comes into play. The best way to learn what makes a picture great is to observe other photographers and your surroundings.

Pay attention to the people, places, and things around you. Look for the story behind the image. Think about the message that you want to convey.

A beginning photography course or online tutorial will teach you the basics of composition and how to use your digital camera or smartphone. It’s up to you to use your imagination and capture the photo.

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You can think of photography as a visual diary. It captures our good and bad times, our laughter and our tears. These photography trends have shown us that images are art. It involves the creativity of the photographer with an eye for capturing something unique that will stand the test of time.

Featured Image Credit: Miha Jan Strehovec, Unsplash

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