How to Choose a Telescope You’ll Love

a telescope out in the sun

Human beings have been stargazing since the beginning of time.  Our fascination with the cosmos is a connection to our origins.  And the more we learn about our universe, the more fascinated we become, and the more excitement astronomy holds.  But if you want to get a good look at the stars, you first need […]

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How To Clean your Telescope

Your telescope is a fixture, and like any fixture in your house, office, or lab, it’s going to collect dust.  This is doubly true if you bring your scope onto hilltops and fields to see the wide-open night skies.  But you love your telescope.  And keeping it in top shape means keeping it clean, so […]

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How Much Does A Good Telescope Cost?

using a telescope

This is a loaded question, but one that is worth exploring if you’re in the market for a good telescope. The short answer is, it depends on what you want to do with your telescope. Options abound when it comes to choosing magnification strength, lens types, mirrors versus lenses versus both, and telescope size. So, […]

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Porro Prism vs Roof Prism Binoculars: Which is Best?

porro prism vs roof prism binoculars

What is a Prism? A prism can be made from any transparent object, but in optics they are most commonly made of glass.  The simplest prisms are triangular and must have at least two smooth faces at acute angles.  These angles create a color spectrum by absorbing and dispersing light.  Prisms in optics lengthen the […]

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What Do the Numbers on Binoculars Mean?

what the numbers on binoculars mean

It’s a common scenario: you’re in the market for a new pair of binoculars, but you find yourself stuck because every pair comes with a set of inexplicable numbers, such as 10×50. But what does 10×50 mean? The short answer is, the first number is the magnification strength, and the second number is the lens […]

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How Far You Can See With 10×50 Binoculars?

10x50 binoculars

What is Binocular Strength? All binocular types are classified by their magnification strength, for example, “10×50.”  But what do those numbers represent?  The first part, 10x, means the lenses will allow you to see objects at ten times larger than your normal eyesight.  The second part, 50, represents the measurement of the objective lens in […]

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Reflector vs Refractor Telescope: Which To Choose?

reflector vs refractor telescope

A telescope can be a big purchase, and you want to be informed before you drop your money on something that may not meet your needs. Below is a guide to help you make the most informed purchasing decision based on usage, needs, and the quality you want. The Scoop on Refractors A refractor telescope […]

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How to Clean your Microscope: Tips & Tricks

how to clean your microscope

Microscopes attract a lot of traffic, especially in an educational setting.  The more hands and eyes that come in contact with your microscope, the more likely it is to suffer from smudges, dust, and residue, which will begin to impact your image quality over time.  But there’s a right and wrong way to clean a […]

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11 Different Types of Microscopes and Their Uses (with Pictures)

11 types of microscopes

Microscopy can change your perception of the world. We see everything in the limited spectrum of our eyes, and the micro world is more full of life than we often realize. Watching cells divide, seeing the structure of a hair follicle, or observing the intricate wings of an insect can both captivate and educate. But […]

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Light vs Electron Microscope: Which is Best for your Needs?

light vs. electron microscope

Not all microscopes are created equal, as any scientist will tell you.  But one of the biggest differences among microscopes is the mechanics between the light and electron types.  In fact, it’s probably a shorter answer to ask how the two microscopes are the same.  They’re both used for magnification, and they’re both used by […]

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