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Xfinity Doorbell Camera Review of 2024 – Pros, Cons, and Verdict

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Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Xfinity Doorbell Camera a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Editor Rating: 4.4/5
Build Quality: 4.8/5
Video Quality: 4.5/5
Features: 4.4/5
Price: 4.1/5

If you already have Xfinity internet service with a xFi Gateway router/modem, the Xfinity doorbell camera is an outstanding choice. But if you have another internet provider, you’ll probably want to keep shopping.

While the Xfinity doorbell camera comes with many features, almost all of them are dependent on having an existing Xfinity plan. So, if you already have the plan, there are no monthly fees, and you get a top-notch product with two-way audio, HD video, and even night vision.

It’s also more affordable than most doorbell cameras that don’t charge a monthly subscription fee. It’s easy to install, and you get access to a troubleshooting team if you’re having any issues.

But it all comes down to whether you already have an Xfinity internet service with an xFi Gateway.

shutter camera divider 2 Xfinity Doorbell Camera — A Quick Look

  • No monthly payment
  • HD video quality
  • Both night and day vision
  • Motion-detection notifications
  • Two-way audio
  • Easy to install
  • You need an Xfinity internet plan
  • Maximum of six cameras on one plan
  • Brand name: Xfinity
  • Size: 4.6” x 1.6” x 1.3”
  • Field of View: 155 degrees (diagonal), 132 degrees (horizontal), 98 degrees (vertical)
  • Night Vision Range: 16 feet
  • Video Quality: 1080p HD
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • FPS: 30

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Xfinity Doorbell Camera — A Detailed Guide

Flexible Payment Options

One of the great things about getting an Xfinity doorbell is that there are two ways to pay. You can buy the doorbell outright, or you can split the payment into 24-monthly payments without any interest. The latter enables you to get the doorbell now and make payments on it for the next 2 years, and Xfinity won’t charge you any more for paying this way.

That’s a big perk if you don’t have the money up front, especially since it won’t tack on any additional fees for paying monthly instead of all at once.

HD Video and Night Vision

When you’re investing in a high-end doorbell camera, you want good-quality images. The Xfinity doorbell camera doesn’t disappoint. It records in 1080p HD at 30 frames per second, giving you a high-quality image.

It also has night-vision capabilities that can see up to 16 feet away. Whether it’s day or night, when someone comes up to your door, the Xfinity doorbell camera enables you to see what’s happening.

Package thief caught on doorbell camera
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Motion Detection and Two-Way Audio

Even if the person coming up to your door doesn’t ring the doorbell, with the motion-detection service on the Xfinity doorbell, you’ll know who’s there and when they get there.

You’ll be able to talk to them and ask what they want without needing to open the door. It’s everything you want from a doorbell camera, and it integrates right with your existing Xfinity service.

You Need an Xfinity Internet Plan

If you don’t already have an Xfinity internet plan and an xFi Gateway, you won’t be able to access the Self Protection plan portions of the Xfinity doorbell. This means you’ll lose out on most of the great features. So, if you don’t have an Xfinity internet plan, the Xfinity doorbell simply isn’t worth it.

shutter camera divider FAQ on the Xfinity Doorbell Camera

If you’re considering an Xfinity doorbell camera, it’s only natural to have a few questions. That’s why we decided to answer a few of the most frequently asked ones for you here.

Is There a Monthly Charge for Xfinity Doorbells?

No. However, since you need an Xfinity internet subscription with an xFi router, there will be a monthly charge. That’s why it’s only best to go with the Xfinity doorbell camera if you already have an Xfinity internet subscription with the Xfi router. If that’s the case, you won’t need to spend anything else monthly.

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Image Credit: Forgem, Shutterstock

How Many Cameras Can You Have With Xfinity Home?

With Xfinity Home, you can connect six different devices to your Xfinity account and access them all through the mobile app. However, you can’t connect more than those six camera devices to your plan.

How Much Does Xfinity Charge for Installation?

While it’s easy to install your own Xfinity device, if you’re opting for professional installation, it currently costs $89.95. That’s not a cheap install, considering how easy it is to put these devices up.

How Does Xfinity Inform You That Someone Is at Your Door?

When someone activates the motion-detection feature of your Xfinity doorbell camera, it notifies you in two different ways. First, it chimes via the device inside your home. Second, it sends a notification straight to your Xfinity mobile app.

That means that whether you’re home or on the go, you’re notified when someone gets to your door, and you can talk to them.

Ring Video Doorbell 4 installation
Image Credit: Ring, Amazon

What the Users Say

While users love the Xfinity doorbell camera, there are a few complaints that the rest of the Xfinity home security system feels a little outdated. It works fine, but it doesn’t have the premium feel that other home security systems have.

However, users love the ability to turn on 24/7 recording with their Xfinity home protection plan. This feature records everything over that period, meaning you won’t miss anything just because the motion-detection system didn’t pick it up in time.

It also records and stores everything for you for 7 days in the cloud. If you have an issue, you can find the video and store it longer, but otherwise, there won’t be troves of videos that you have to sift through to find what you want.

shutter camera divider 2 Conclusion

If you’re considering an Xfinity doorbell camera, it all comes down to one question: Do you have an Xfinity internet plan with a xFi router? If so, it’s hard to find a better choice than its doorbell camera.

However, if you don’t, you’re not going to get the features that you want and you’re better off going with a doorbell camera from a different brand.

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