Best Binoculars under $1000 – Reviews & Guide 2020

a rangefinder binocular

Binoculars are just two telescopes mounted side-by-side, and although there is agreement on when the telescope was invented – early 1600s – it’s unclear who put two together to create a 3-dimensional image. Presumably, it was not long after the first astronomer tired of squinting through one eyepiece all night. The technology behind binoculars and […]

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25 Best Gift Ideas for Astronomy & Space Lovers

25 Best Gift Ideas for Astronomy & Space Lovers

The astronomy or space fanatic in your life probably already has a telescope and the necessary accoutrements, but maybe you want to augment their passion for the stars with a special gift that says “Yeah, you’re not so bad.” So, what do you do when you want something unique that will bring the stars to […]

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Best Long-Range Spotting Scopes for 1000+ Yards – Top Picks & Reviews 2020

spotting scope on bird

It’s hard to underestimate what kind of accomplishment it is to shoot accurately beyond 1,000 yards. It requires a little bit of talent, but also a whole lot of patient, long hours of practice. It also requires access to top-notch equipment capable of making something more than half a mile away feel much, much closer. […]

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Best Monoculars for Bird-Watching 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

a lovely winter bird

Binoculars—a good old component of every birder’s kit. Because birds are mobile and tend to dislike having their safe space intruded on by the curious, binoculars played a vital role in helping amateur bird-watchers. Times have changed, and so has a birder’s standard kit. Binoculars are still a staple, but they’re now just one option […]

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Best Binoculars for Bird Watching 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

man using binocular on mountain

Bird watching (or birding) requires top-notch binoculars for best results. There’s no other way to see birds at long distances or spot them in dense forest foliage. Given these disparate conditions, you need binoculars designed for the task. The ability to better identify different types of birds means that birding binoculars are highly recommended. The […]

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Best Binoculars for Sporting Events 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

a sporting event viewed with binoculars

Low-priced tickets sometimes mean you can’t clearly make out the action on the field. However, a good pair of binoculars can transform those tickets into a great experience, without paying hundreds of dollars for a better seat. Our reviews of the best binoculars for sporting events cover each one from lens to eyepiece, so you […]

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Best Telescopes Under $500 – Reviews & Top Picks 2020

Many people use telescopes to watch birds or study the stars. Telescopes come in all shapes and sizes and can be extremely expensive. Shopping for one can be complex because of the price and the sheer number of them on the market. We have reviewed many different scopes that are under $500, so pretty much […]

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Best Spotting Scopes under $1000 of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

a spotting scope under $500

You could get a spotting scope that costs more than $2000, or you could go cheap and find one for less than $200. Either way, it can be hard to tell if you’re getting good value. After all, it’s sometimes unclear what separates a $2000 spotting scope from a $200 one. The good news is […]

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Best Spotting Scopes under $500 – Reviews & Top Picks 2020

how to choose a spotting scope you’ll love

There’s no way around it. Spotting scopes are expensive, and if you need one, you’re going to be shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars. Or, so they say. As it turns out, you can get a great spotting scope for less than $500, which will have many of the features that you’d expect on […]

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Best Binoculars under $300 – Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

amazing looking bird

The best binoculars can cost thousands of dollars, and that’s not a luxury that most people can afford. On the other hand, getting a cheap model can lead to a frustrating experience, especially if it falls apart after just a few uses. It can be hard to know if you’re getting a good deal if […]

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