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Maui Jim Sunglasses of 2024 Review: Our Picks, Pros, and Cons

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Maui Jim Sunglasses Review

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Our Final Verdict

We give Maui Jim Sunglasses Review a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The coconut-induced beaches of Lahaina, Hawaii was the start of Maui Jim, a premium sunglasses company that specializes in eyewear for the sunny, tropical weather of the Pacific. Established back in 1980, the brand is reaching for the beach-lover demographic that wants a high-quality pair of sunglasses, and they make their products in Italy or Japan for craftsmanship. All in all, they offer some unique designs that are remarkably elegant in their nature, without compromising on the must-have features. You’ll have to take a look below to see what they have in store—you won’t be disappointed!

At a Glance: The Best Maui Jim Sunglasses

Image Product Details
Maui Jim Ho’okipa Rectangular Sunglasses Maui Jim Ho’okipa Rectangular Sunglasses
  • Acetate
  • Imported
  • Nylon frame
  • Second place
    Maui Jim Lighthouse Rectangular Sunglasses Maui Jim Lighthouse Rectangular Sunglasses
  • Imported
  • Plastic frame
  • Plastic lens
  • Third place
    Maui Jim Baby Beach Aviator Sunglasses Maui Jim Baby Beach Aviator Sunglasses
  • Polarized
  • UV Protection Coating coating
  • Titanium frame
  • Maui Jim Red Sands Rectangular Sunglasses Maui Jim Red Sands Rectangular Sunglasses
  • Nylon
  • Polarized
  • Imported
  • Maui Jim Hema Rimless Sunglasses Maui Jim Hema Rimless Sunglasses
  • Polarized
  • Composite lens
  • Nylon frame
  • Maui Jim Sunglasses Reviewed

    Here’s what we think about Maui Jim and whether or not it’s right for you.

    Where Are Maui Jim Sunglasses Produced?

    As we mentioned previously, Maui Jim doesn’t skimp on their craft. They import their products from overseas, but not the cheap stuff from some countries. Japan and Italy are their locations of choice, which are both world-renowned for the best optical engineering and manufacturing solutions. This basically guarantees you a great product and you’re getting what you paid for.

    Maui Jim Sunglasses

    Who Should Own a Pair of Maui Jims?

    People who prioritize looks, quality, and the ultimate protection from the sun are best suited for the shades that Maui Jim produces. It wouldn’t hurt to be a fan of the Hawaiian style and culture since they have rather tropical designs. They make something for just about every activity, whether casual or sporty. However, if you’re thinking about getting a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses, you should be prepared to spend a bit of money, as the company targets the high-end market.

    Who Would Do Better With a Different Brand?

    Those that solely care for the basic features that sunglasses provide and not the fashion or background of the brand should go with a cheaper alternative that can be found at nearly every corner store, as they will provide everything needed.

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    Discussion of Maui Jim’s Product


    The selection of shapes and styles of glasses you can choose from is nothing short of amazing with Maui Jim, as they have something for every type of sunny-day fanatic. Many of their rimless or “frameless” appearances make them an eye-catching item, and Maui Jim’s ability to keep things sturdy with such a minimal design is remarkable.

    Just keep in mind that rimless kinds are prone to breaking easily if dropped. They also have classic rectangular-frame designs in addition to aviators or the like. Most of their items are made of materials that are durable and long-lasting, like acetate, nylon, or composites. 

    Polarization and UVB Protection

    Although they aren’t reinventing the wheel, Maui Jim has polarization coatings integrated into every single one of their lenses to prevent glare or reflections. That’s a non-negotiable for a day on the water, and a UVB protection layer isn’t left out either so you can enjoy the weather without worry. Also, they do add a layer that repels water and oils, which is definitely nice to have!


    Maui Jim doesn’t sell cheap products. They are the cream of the crop with excellent construction, materials, optical clarity, and color vibrance. You’re paying for the best glasses! Be prepared to spend at least $100 or more.

    A Quick Look at Maui Jim Sunglasses

    • A flurry of style options
    • Nylon, composite, and acetate build materials for durability
    • Protective coatings like polarization and UVB
    • Expensive

    Reviews of the 3 Best Maui Jim Products 

    Maui Jim Ho’okipa Rectangular Sunglasses – Most Popular

    The Ho’okipa Rectangular Sunglasses are a perfect complement to sunny weather, featuring essentials like UVB and polarization protection from glare and harsh sunlight, as well as a lens design that pops over the top frame area. Maui Jim’s patented PolarizedPlus2 lenses enhance colors so you can see the world with more vibrance and saturation. These are great for casual wearers, as there is an adjustable, no-slide nose pad for comfort and security. Ho’okipas keep the weight to a minimum and have a shatter-resistant design. You can’t really go wrong with picking these up unless you are into more rigorous activities.

    • Nylon frame
    • UVB protection and polarization
    • 4 different color vibrance options
    • Lightweight
    • Pricey
    • Limited ventilation

    Maui Jim Lighthouse Rectangular Sunglasses

    Maui Jim’s most minimalistic yet elegant design has to go to their Lighthouse Rectangular Sunglasses. They stand out with a rimless design, removing any visible top or bottom frame in its form. In fact, the wrap-around resting area is “pinching” the lens to keep a firm grip. Of course, you can expect polarization and UVB protection including coatings to prevent reflections and eye damage. However, they do use a plastic material for the outer frame, which isn’t the most durable, but it stays lightweight.

    Lighthouse Rectangular Sunglasses are a perfect casual lens for just about any occasion. They are also one of the least expensive glasses that Maui Jim sells. 

    • The rimless design looks incredible
    • Wide field of view
    • Excellent optical clarity
    • Still a bit pricey
    • The nose pad isn’t adjustable
    • Plastic frame material

    Maui Jim Baby Beach Aviator Sunglasses

    Maui Jim Baby Beach Aviator Sunglasses

    Compared to typical aviator glasses, the Maui Jim Baby Beach Aviators are a bit more contoured and curvier, giving them a sleek and modern look. The surrounding metal frame is made of titanium, which has to be one the strongest materials for any pair of shades and holds up much longer than aluminum, gold, or even stainless steel.

    Due to this, the price is the highest of our lineup, but titanium is no joke, so it’s worth the extra money. The lenses are a composite material, which has great scratch resistance but lacks a bit of shatter resistance. 

    • Titanium frame for durability and strength
    • Scratch-resistant lens for longevity
    • Excellent optical performance
    • Shatter-resistance
    • Very expensive due to the titanium build
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    What Other Users Are Saying

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    • Outdoor Gear Lab – “They do offer top-notch performance and a high level of comfort and style.”


    Maui Jim is a brand that spotlights its love for Hawaii’s warm coastline by making high-quality products. The fact is that you’ll have to pay the extra buck to get that, but you won’t compromise on what makes a great pair of sunglasses. They don’t stop at just their glasses though, as they also provide a repair service and accessories to match your eyewear needs. We think they are a worthwhile brand to consider for both casual and physically active users!

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