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9 Types of Men’s Sunglasses Styles (With Pictures)

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Sunglasses are one of the easiest ways to elevate your outfit and look stylish. At the same time, they protect your eyes from the sun and debris. Knowing the different types of men’s sunglasses styles available can help you achieve the look you’re hoping for.

Below, learn about nine popular types of men’s sunglasses styles. These sunglass styles are the most popular for men’s fashion, and you can use them to look stylish yourself.

The 9 Types of Men’s Sunglasses Styles (With Pictures)

1. Aviator

aviator sunglasses
Image Credit: Sandeep Handa, Pixabay

Aviator sunglasses are some of the most popular today. They were originally designed for pilots in the 1930s, which explains the name. Aviator glasses have tear-shaped lenses with a double bridge in between the two. Traditionally, aviator glasses have a metal frame, but there are many frame styles available today.

Many people select aviator sunglasses because they look cool, but they also offer clear peripheral vision with a lot of sun coverage. That way, you can protect your eyes while still being able to see almost everything around you.

2. Round

colorful round sunglasses
Image Credit: Lensabl, Unsplash

Round sunglasses became popular because of the counterculture style. They became especially popular in the 70s among rock stars and in the 90s in crime movies. Lately, these glasses have come back in style, but they are still part of the counterculture movement.

One of the more modern takes on round sunglasses is oval sunglasses. Oval sunglasses are very popular among models, but those who like a Matrix look also like these uniquely round sunglasses.

3. Keyhole

keyhole sunglasses
Image Credit: Piqsels

Keyhole sunglasses are named after a keyhole detail that is created by the double bridge. Aside from the keyhole detail, these sunglasses can have many other styles, though round and aviator style lenses are the most popular.

Because keyhole glasses come in so many styles, they are generally very flattering. Although one pair of keyhole glasses might not look great on you, another pair likely will. Just find a different style!

4. Browbar

man wearing browbar sunglasses
Image Credit: Piqsels

Browbar glasses are named after the bar that connects the two lenses over the top. Because of this bar, browbar glasses are almost always made from metal. In fact, it’s rare to find these glasses made from any other material.

Aside from the metal bar that runs underneath your brows, browbars have a rounded appearance and resemble aviators in most respects.

5. Wayfarer

wayferer sunglasses on wooden table
Image Credit: Maderla, Shutterstock

Wayfarer glasses are synonymous with Ray-Ban. The glasses themselves are attractive and versatile. Wayfarer glasses normally have trapezoid-like lenses with rounded edges and a mix of angles. Practically everyone looks good in wayfarer glasses.

Over the last few years, there have been more unique shapes and takes on the wayfarer glasses. For example, some wayfarer glasses come in thick plastic frames for durability and affordability.

6. Clubmaster

clubmaster sunglasses on wooden background
Image Credit: PingPong56, Shutterstock

Clubmaster glasses are technically a type of wayfarer style, but we wanted to point out the clubmaster style specifically. The clubmaster design looks very similar to the wayfarer design, but it has a half-rim frame and a horn shape on the top.

Just like the wayfarer glasses, the clubmaster was originally designed by Ray-Ban, but there are plenty of clubmaster styles sold by other brands today due to their popularity.

7. Wraparound

wraparound sunglasses
Image Credit: Jay Crihfield, Shutterstock

Wraparound sunglasses are almost exclusively used for sports or active purposes. These sunglasses were mainly influenced by different ski and racing styles. Depending on where you live, wraparound glasses are most likely to be seen by the lake, ocean, or mountains.

The idea behind wraparound glasses is that they hug your head and have an elliptical shape. This provides more coverage and allows the glasses to sit closer to your face, protecting against any debris.

8. Unique Frames

wooden frame sunglasses
Image Credit: Vladimir Trynkalo, Shutterstock

So far, we have looked at sunglass styles based on the frame and lens shape. Because sunglasses are so popular, you can define men’s sunglass styles by more than just the shape. For example, you can look at the unique features of the frames.

Something that’s really in style today for men’s sunglasses is clear frames. Clear frames are always made from a plastic or resin material. If you don’t like clear frames, you don’t have to look too hard to find rainbow or bold-colored glasses.

9. Unique Lenses

mirrored sunglasses
Image By: Kanchana P, Shutterstock

Just as you can find unique frames for your sunglasses, you can find unique lenses as well. One of the biggest trends in men’s sunglass lenses is mirrored glasses. With mirrored glasses, people cannot see where you are looking, but you will still be able to see out.

Tips for Picking Out the Right Men’s Sunglasses for You

Because there are so many sunglasses out there, it can be next to impossible to find sunglasses that are right for you. To make the process a bit easier, here are three factors you need to consider:


Even though sunglasses are mainly viewed as an accessory today, they are essential for protecting your eyes. You always want to look for sunglasses that offer extensive protection, including UV protection and blue light protection.

man driving with polarized sunglasses
Image By: laradsv, Pixabay


Why you want a pair of sunglasses will impact which sunglasses you should get. For example, those who want sunglasses for active purposes will likely need wraparound glasses. If you just want some glasses to look cool, you will want to select a style based on your face shape.

Face Shape

You should select a style of sunglasses based on your face shape. Faces are typically classified as oblong, oval, triangle, diamond, square, heart, or round. There are tons of articles that can help you learn what your face shape is and how to pair it with the proper pair of shades.

If you can’t decide what your face shape is, wayfarers tend to match every face shape imaginable.


Sunglasses come in many styles. Knowing what style options are available can help you to pick out the best pair of shades based on your personal style and face shape.

Although it may be tempting just to pick out the coolest pair of shades, don’t forget to think about the protection and purpose of the glasses to ensure your sunglasses are a hit from all perspectives.

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