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24 Levitation Photography Ideas to Get You Inspired

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photographer taking picture of ballons

After you learn the basics, the best part of photography is letting your creativity loose in the world. Beautiful images can move and inspire us. However, ones that challenge our preconceptions are equally as powerful, particularly if they carry a message. It is all about planning the shot and choosing the right setting. Of course, post-production brings it all together, but it’s fun to imagine some pics are real.

Many levitation photos consist of multiple shots you piece together after careful editing. That’s where the magic happens. While the concept is simple, creating the story is the real challenge.

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The 24 Levitation Photography Ideas to Get You Inspired

1. Look Out Below!


We have to admit that this shot made us cringe—put it down to our fear of heights. However, it’s an excellent start to our round-up of levitation photography ideas. Many artists like to push the envelope with their craft for that attention-getting startle factor. This one succeeds on a grand level.

2. Salad Days


This image gives a whole new meaning to tossed salad. That makes it as funny as it is appealing. The backdrop, utensils, and plates add to the theme and give it a nostalgic look that we loved. The choice of vegetables and their cuts make it even more appealing.

3. Climbing the Walls


This shot shows some of the best tips for levitation photography in action. The ambient light is subdued without shadows. The background is simple, which makes photo editing easier to do. The subject’s clothes provide contrast and make the image pop. It’s not fancy, but it has all the hallmarks of a professional image.

4. Slice It Up


The color contrasts make this image pop, let alone the fun subject matter. You can just smell and almost taste the sweetness of the pineapple as it explodes into fruity deliciousness. This photo works because it’s so unexpected, making it even more fun.

5. The Smallest Things


We love images that make us look at the world in different ways or from a new perspective. You can’t help but admire the beauty of this tiny seed. Even the spiral of the bristles makes it even more interesting. Kudos to the photographer for seeing the elegance of this seemingly ordinary object.

6. I Got You, Baby!


This shot combines forced perspective with levitation techniques in a funny, creative pic. That’s where the fun of planning your pictures and working with them in post-production comes into play. Learning more techniques is adding things to your photography toolbox. The enjoyment is bringing them together in imaginative ways like this image.

7. Let a Book Lift You


We love the message and the setup of this shot. The other books floating in the air make a statement, too, that complements the theme of this image. Everything works and seems so well-placed. We wouldn’t change a thing.

8. Watching the Cookies Crumble


Everything seems so well-chosen with this shot, from the type of cookies to their angles in the photo. The sprinkles cascading down from them add to the interest of the subject. You almost wish you could do it in real life before relying on the five-second rule if they hit the floor.

9. All in Pieces

Image Credit By: Pixabay

We admire the creativity of this shot, even if it is a bit disturbing. The setting works well here because it does not detract from the image. We think it adds to it and gives it a lonely, stark feeling. This one has a lot of emotion behind it and some interesting photo editing.

10. Reaching for the Sky

silhouette of a person in the night sky
Image Credit: Joshua Earle, Unsplash

This one is the kind of photo you’d expect to see on an inspirational poster. We love the message of letting go and taking to the sky. It says to us that nothing should hold you back. There’s no return to the old ways. The setting at the water’s edge makes it a powerful image.

11. Hands-Off Reading

stack of books on a person's hand
Image Credit: Thought Catalog, Unsplash

Books and reading get a lot of love with these shots. We think they show the power of the printed word in an imaginative way. Photos like this one always seem to surprise us, too. Whoever thought reading opened up new worlds was spot-on with that idea.

12. Touch the Water

woman underwater
Image Credit: jeniffermilburn, Pixabay

This shot makes excellent use of a shallower depth of field to put the spotlight on the subject as if she needed it. The image is both startling and arresting. We liked it because you seem to find something new in it every time you look at it, such as the reflection which adds to its beauty.

13. It’s Superman!


How fun is this shot? The guy’s serious expression makes it even more amusing. You’d almost think he believes he’s levitating on that bridge. A photograph like this one makes it easier to set up post-production, with the lines acting as guides to get everything right.

14. In the Moment

man holding glass of water
Image Credit: aslysun, Shutterstock

We’re sure that many artists can relate to this photograph and its message. When you’re in that deep phase of creativity, nothing else matters. It’s as if your ideas flow into your work, which this image illustrates so well. It’s a fun take on a flow state.

15. Don’t Move

person wearing ski goggles
Image Credit: Piqsels

This image is levitation photography at its best. It’s so interesting that you don’t want to turn away. The mischievous look on the model’s face is priceless. It feels like she’s daring you to help her down. It reminds us of when a cat looks down at us from on top of the bookcase.

16. In Mid Air


We love photos like this one. It is literally stopping time, giving us a glimpse into something we don’t get to see in this kind of detail. Of course, timing is everything for shots like this one. It makes us wonder how many times the photographer had to set this one up before they got it right.

17. Slow Down, Fido


We’re sure that many dog owners can relate to this photo. It certainly feels like that’s going to happen some days when your pup is anxious to get outside. The pooch’s position makes this image stand out because you can just imagine how excited it is. This shot oozes with emotion.

18. Fruit and Honey


This shot has a lot going for it. The figs are beautiful on their own with their appealing colors. The combination with honey is spot on, too. The bokeh effect works well and somehow conveys our sense of anticipation as we wait for the honey to drizzle on the fruit.

19. Enjoying a Cuppa


It probably isn’t the most difficult shot to set up, but we love it nevertheless. It shows excellent use of color, textures, and background. Everything fits and works well as a concise composition. The shadows in the back are especially well done. They deepen the contrast and make for a cleaner image.

20. The Princess Awakens

Baby just woke up
Image Credit: Pixabay

The background in this photo makes this shot. It gives a dreamlike quality that works so well with the subject. Every object fits this scene, too. Any other kind of table would detract from its atmosphere. It’s a gorgeous image that showcases the photographer’s creativity.

21. Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

flowering dogwood tr
Image Credit: Jana McLain, Pixabay

We liked the setting, which adds to the drama of the shot. The use of the frame with the man’s hands holding it is brilliant. The branches served the photographer well in lining up the elements. We almost didn’t notice the levitation. We enjoy photos like this one that makes a statement and shows off the talent of the artists.

22. A Day Floating Away

Strand of Hair
Image Credit: Pixabay

This photo made us smile. The model’s pose with her flowing hair is the perfect element for this image. The bokeh effect is on display here in a well-crafted shot. We even liked the close-up of the grass in the foreground. It gave it a textural quality that we loved.

23. Flying Away

photographer taking picture of ballons
Image Credit: RB_Media, Shutterstock

What an adorable shot! What kid hasn’t had this thought go through their mind when holding a bunch of balloons. We love the whimsical quality the subject matter brings to this image. It pops because of the well-chosen colors. The bright shades and the white stand out from the background even with the bokeh effect.

24. Crying Over Spilt Wine


We’ve seen many examples of levitation photography with foods and beverages. This one caught our eyes because it added an unexpected twist to the swirling wine. It appears to defy gravity and physics. We liked this extra bit of creativity that would make someone look twice at an image.

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Summing Up

Whatever you think about photoshopping images, you have to admit that levitation photography shots are fun. They make us laugh and sometimes make us think. We enjoy the creativity of many of these photographers who take their craft to the next level. The best thing about it is that you can create fascinating images with a handle on the fundamentals. Your imagination is the limit.

Featured Image Credit: RB_Media, Shutterstock

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