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17 Couple Photoshoot Ideas to Get You Inspired

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Whether you’re soon going to get married or want to spice up your life, a couples photoshoot is always a great way to capture beautiful moments. After all, celebrations don’t have to be limited to only special occasions, right? 

Every photoshoot needs to be pre-planned for perfect execution. While some people stay calm from the start till the end, others usually get anxious and don’t get to enjoy the fun elements.

If you fall into the latter category, you need to sit down and take deep breaths. Then, go through the 17 couple photoshoot ideas mentioned in this article and start preparing yourself for the shoot. We will also guide you about your clothes and makeup for your ease, so let’s get started!

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Preparations for the Perfect Photoshoot

While you may have hired a professional photographer for the shoot, you need to take care of your and your partner’s dresses and makeup. If there is a special occasion, you can dress according to the theme. But if you’re doing a photoshoot out of boredom, here are a few tips:

What to Wear

Many people choose different outfits to achieve multiple themes in their photoshoots. On the other hand, some take a collection of varying outerwear and wear them over the same outfit for unique looks.

You can wear anything you want or feel comfortable in, but if you’re confused, choose outfits that:

  • Are suitable for the season.
  • Suit your body and flatter your shape.
  • Look elegant yet chic at the same time.
  • Have cool prints and few
  • You and your partner feel confident wearing.
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Image Credit: Jonathan Borba, Unsplash

How to Look

So, you have chosen the best outfits, but what about the hair and makeup? Let’s be honest, your hair and how you carry yourself significantly impact how you look in the pictures.

If you have sketched everything in your head, you don’t need to hire a professional makeup artist. Of course, that would be an additional cost.

To choose the best overall look, you also need to consider the time you’re getting the photoshoot done. For example, light, dewy makeup looks divine in the daytime, while glam makeup with a bit of shimmer looks gorgeous in the nighttime.

The most important thing is quality sleep. Unfortunately, many people don’t give much importance to sleeping the night before the photoshoot and end up looking tired or exhausted despite all the makeup.

So, sleep tight for the sake of the best couples photoshoots!

What Props to Choose

Props are not necessities. However, you should get some props if you like to amp up the shoot or frequently switch between different themes from cool and aesthetic to romantic and cute.

While choosing props, consider several factors like your personality and the meaning behind the prop. As a general rule of thumb, collect props from different themes and use them accordingly to add meaning to your pictures.

Remember not to overdo things with the props, or they may kill the entire vibe of your photoshoot.shutter camera divider 2

The 17 Couple Photoshoot Ideas to Get You Inspired

Once you’re satisfied with all the preparations, it’s time to step onto the venue. No matter how many years you and your partner have been together, it’s necessary to calm each other down to capture the best casual photos.

So, here are a few couple photoshoot ideas to capture beautiful memories:

1. The Classic Couple Pose


This classic couple pose is loved and accepted all over the world. You have to stand or sit close to your partner face to face, and then both of you turn your head toward the photographer, looking straight into the camera lens.

Then, you or your partner puts an arm around the other partner’s neck or on the chest. You can also hold each other’s hands.

This classic couple pose is perfect for all types of photoshoots that look gorgeous whether you get it shot in vertical or horizontal portraits.

2. Looking Into Each Other’s Eyes


This pose requires you and your partner to stand super close to each other. Keep in mind that the closer, the better. Then, both of you have to look straight into each other’s eyes. For a more intimate and romantic effect, you can also touch your forehead with your partner’s.

You can either use the sky as the background or get a tightly cropped picture that is perfectly zoomed in. Your photographer can also play with different variations and try numerous poses and angles.

3. Back Hug


This is a casual yet easy pose that suits different themes. For the back-hug pose, you or your partner has to stand behind the other and wrap your arms around the front partner as if you both are hugging from behind.

You can either look straight into each other’s eyes in the camera or give a casual look like the picture above. You can also kiss your partner’s cheek or give a fun look for extra points.

4. Holding From Behind: The Classic Version


If you’re into classic, retro poses, this pose might be your favorite. One partner has to sit on the ground for this pose, while the other partner has to hold their head or shoulder from the back.

To make this pose more iconic, you don’t have to hold each other tightly. Instead, stay loose, put one hand in your front partner’s hair, leave the other hand free around their shoulder, rest your face on their head, and look straight at the camera.

The front partner needs to hold their free hand and look away from the camera. The resulting shot must look like this:

5. Holding From Behind: Casual Version


If you were looking for an adorable and fun pose, this pose is what you’ve been looking for. It requires one partner to stand behind the other and hold onto the front partner by their shoulders.

Since this pose is casual and fun, both of you must look natural. If you’re the front partner, you can also hold your partner from above their hands. For a more intimate effect, your partner can also put their chin on your head or shoulder.

Remember that both of you don’t have to look straight into the camera. Instead, you can pose randomly, like talking to each other, flirting, or simply laughing. Just make sure to have fun!

6. Holding From Behind: The Looking Away Version


This is another pose that’s universally loved for couple photoshoots. It is the best pose for outdoor sessions, especially when you’re out in a field, cliff, or area full of flowers.

For this pose, you have to hug your partner from the back, take a few steps back, and move to the side. The resulting photo captures the couple looking away in the field or garden while laughing or talking.

7. Holding Hands


This pose can be formal and casual. You and your partner have to hold hands and pose however you both like. For example, you can lean your head against your partner’s head, turn away from the camera, stand far away while looking into each other’s eyes, or kiss while holding hands.

This pose works well out in the open with an aesthetic background. It all depends on your preference. You can get this shot done at sunset, sunrise, or night. Stand above the horizon for some exceptionally mesmerizing photos if you’re getting it done at sunset.

8. The Piggyback Pose


If you’re in for some fun, how can you miss the piggyback pose? Well, you may have been thinking of it all along, right? This classic pose is the perfect wedding, engagement, or casual couple pose that leaves everyone in fits of laughter.

For this pose, you have to jump on your partner’s back, particularly the female over the male partner. However, you can exchange the roles to make the pictures even more fun.

The photographers capture this pose from different angles and framings, such as full-height shots and close-ups, to show each partner’s emotions more clearly.

While this pose is especially for young couples, don’t think that older couples can’t ace it. It really is suitable for anyone willing to lift their partner.

9. The Classic Kissing Pose


Every couple photoshoot is incomplete without the classic kissing pose. You and your partner simply stand close to each other, look into the eyes, and kiss. Then, both of you can either direct your arms and hands toward the camera or hold each other’s faces.

This pose looks good anywhere whether you capture it in front of monuments, buildings, markets, or even subway stations.

10. Forehead Kiss


The most heartwarming and wholesome couple photoshoot pose is the classic forehead kiss. You can stand face to face or side by side with your partner, holding each other. It’s recommended that the male give a gentle kiss on the female’s forehead, or you can switch your positions depending on the comfort level.

11. Jumping and Hugging


This pose is fun, aesthetic, and equally flattering for couples. You have to jump into your partner’s arms and look into each other’s eyes or kiss. This pose also gives fits of laughter to both partners, so make sure your photographer gets the moment captured in various angles and variations.

The essence of this pose lies in the positioning of the jumping partner’s legs. So, your legs should be positioned right on your standing partner and bent at the same or different angles.

12. Walking and Holding Each Other


Here is another walking pose for you, but this time it’s a bit more intimate than the previous one. You simply have to walk super close to your partner and hold onto each other while moving.

You can also kiss your partner’s forehead. Since you’re in continuous motion, your photographer might capture multiple photos of you to get the best leg positions. So, stay patient and keep walking slowly.

13. Running Away From the Camera


This pose is fun yet challenging. Both of you simply have to run slowly away from the camera, and the photographer has to capture photos in burst mode to get the best positioning. One crucial factor in this pose is the background.

You can choose a field, garden, or simply a famous monument as the background. It’s a simple pose, yet it can be pretty challenging to capture due to continuous leg motion and public entry.

14. Walking Away and Looking Back


This is relatively simpler than the previous running pose. Both of you have to walk away from the camera while holding hands, and one of you should turn back and look straight into the camera.

This pose is a classic, and we love everything about it!

15. Lying on the Ground: The Casual Pose

If you’re tired of sitting and standing for hours, now is to try some unconventional lying poses. The one is the classic and casual lying pose where both of you have to lie on the ground, and you wrap your hands around your partner’s neck. Then, both of you look straight into the camera.

Use your arms for support and uplift your body a little for the perfect pose. Unfortunately, capturing this pose can be quite hard for the photographer as they’d have to get down very low on the ground or grass. Regardless,

don’t forget to give the widest smiles!

16. Lying on the Ground With Closed Eyes


This one is an absolute delight for everyone. As a couple, you’ll love how beautiful and aesthetic the final results would be. While as the photographer, it will be pretty fun for you to capture this one perfectly.

Both of you have to lie in different directions for this pose but face each other. You can put your hand around your partner’s neck for the perfect intimate pose.

This pose welcomes different experiments, such as varying head turns, one partner looking toward the camera, and both of you looking into each other’s eyes or toward the camera.

17. Sitting on a Sofa


To get some formal images, choose the classic shot of you and your significant other relaxing on the sofa. For this pose, both of you lean back against a sofa and remain close to each other. Then, one of you can rest your head on the other’s chest or simply touch your foreheads from the side.

You can also include your pet for a complete family photo.

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Couple photoshoots don’t have to be tedious at all. Instead, they should be fun, so you can enjoy every moment to the fullest. The preparation tips and 17 couple photoshoot ideas mentioned in this article will surely help you calm down before the big day, capture some wholesome pictures, and cherish the entire experience for the rest of your lives.

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