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The 20 Best Birding Blogs of 2024 That You Should Follow

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The Internet is full of bloggers writing about their passions and interests, and the world of bird-watching is no exception.  From gear specs to informative articles to bird encyclopedias, wading through so much information can be exhausting.  And who wants to spend time combing through this wealth of material when you could be out watching birds?  We here at OpticsMag have scoured the web for the best blogs about birding on the net, so you can find what you need and get back to the birds.  Here are the top 20 birding blogs this year, each packed with the information you need to maximize your birding.


The 20 Best Birding Blogs in 2024

1. All About Birds

All About Birds

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology hosts a beautiful site for all things birding.  Featuring articles written from a scientific perspective, this is the place to go if you want to boost your birding knowledge.  The site also features live webcams from nesting areas around the world (check out the Panama Fruit Feeders or the Red-Tailed Hawks for a special treat).  They also offer online courses in the Bird Academy section, which includes a free course on basics.

2. Audubon


As a conservation organization, Audubon is dedicated to preservation and education.  Their blog is teeming with professional, well-written information and stunning photographs, as well as opportunities to donate to causes you care about.  Learn about bird species, viewing equipment, and ways to draw birds to your own backyard, or get tips to bring your hobby to the next level.  The site also includes DIY craft projects for building your own feeders and birdhouses.

3. Surfbirds


This international sanctuary for all things birding was started by a group of friends from America and Britain.  It is stuffed with informative articles, birding travel tips, educational materials, an art gallery, and plenty of spectacular photography.  As a bonus, you can also find information on wildflowers, insects, mammals, and reptiles.

4. Ornithology


A professional blog written by ornithologist Dr. Roger Lederer.  He has published several birding books, and his blog posts are full of science, passion, and practical information that any bird enthusiast will find useful.  This site also contains plenty of information on bird species, gear, feeders, rehabilitation, books, and much more.

5. Laura Erickson’s For the Birds

Laura Erickson’s For the Birds

Written by established ornithologist Laura Erickson, this blog is a cascade of beautifully written and accessible information on all things birding.  Laura has written 11 books on birds, is the Science Editor at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and produces a radio program and podcast called “For the Birds.”  Learn about bird behavior, get birding tips, and enjoy her incredible photographs.

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6. Bird Watching HQ

Bird Watching HQ

Lighthearted and informative articles that focus on backyard birding and attracting birds to your yard.  The blog’s owner, Scott, even has his own live webcams set up around his bird feeders.  This website covers all the basics on bird-watching, feeding, equipment, and even squirrels, as well as recommendations on great birding books and apps to augment your experience.

7. Birdchick


A site by the writer and photographer who calls herself Birdchick. Her blog entries are written like a memoir, her photographs are captured using a smartphone and a spotting scope, she hosts a great podcast, and she just happens to keep bees with bestselling author Neil Gaiman.

8. Birding Through Glass

Birding Through Glass

A blog focused on bird photography, featuring mesmerizing high-definition photographs and great information on the writer’s experience with various cameras, lenses, and equipment.  Check out his gallery for some incredible snapshots of birds and other wildlife.

9. Animal Perspectives

Animal Perspectives

A sharply-designed and clean website currently focusing on birds.  Find everything from birding tips, in-depth information on corvids, audio clips, and videos of birds.  Sign up for their newsletter, or spend some time scrolling through their blog to discover unique photographs and fascinating facts.

10. Ornithologist’s Blog

Ornithologist’s Blog

Written by the “curator of birds and professor of biology” at Auburn University, Ornithologist’s Blog features diary-style writing and gorgeous photographs.  It also features scientific articles on birds and features birding entries from his experiences around the U.S. and beyond.

11. BirdOculars


A satisfyingly informative blog that looks at birding from every angle.  The writer, Jeff Jones, has spent 15 years learning about backyard birding and how to attract certain birds.  He’s also got plenty of product reviews to help you choose the best equipment.

12. Birdfreak


Curator Eddie Callaway provides a great look at birds from a conservation perspective.  Birdfreak also includes information on birding with your dogs and your kids, both of which can be challenging if you don’t have the right tips.

13. The Bird Couple

The Birdcouple

A lovely couple takes you on their journey of eternal bird-love. They blog and take pictures of nature, the environment, conservation and of course BIRDS.

14. Bourbon, Bastards, and Birds

Bourbon, Bastards, and Birds

Written by lifelong birder “Seagull Steve,” this blog is refreshingly quirky and fun to read.  Be sure to check out the “Human Birdwatcher Project” page for information on his mission to give birders more public visibility.

15. Dan Tallman’s Bird Blog

Dan Tallman’s Bird Blog

Short snippets of writing accompany great photographs.  Though it’s centered around Minnesota, there’s something here for all birders. Dan Tallman also got a bonus link to a free ornithology course for beginner’s tips.

16. 10,000 Birds

10,000 Birds

Based in New York, this site is heavy on content, photos, travel tips, and much more.  Don’t miss their pages on birding destinations and the articles on conservation.  Then click over to the Inspiration section for ideas on how to boost your passion for your hobby.

17. The Zen Birdfeeder

The Zen Birdfeeder

Written by birder Nancy Castillo, the Zen Birdfeeder is written from the mindset of “Attention, Acceptance, and Responsibility.”  Her fresh perspective adds an extra layer of mindfulness and philosophy to the art of birdwatching.

18. The Accidental Birder

The Accidental Birder

This candid blog is written by a husband and wife birding team who have traveled the world in search of birds.  Their “Birding Trips” link contains a treasure trove of articles from their various international excursions, accompanied by excellent photographs and videos.

19. Out There with the Birds

Out There with the Birds

Bird Watcher’s Digest publishes this thorough and informative collection of blog entries and podcasts.  It features articles on every birding topic imaginable, along with a link to the free Bird Watcher’s Digest e-newsletter.

20. Because Birds

Because Birds

A popular site geared toward new birding enthusiasts.  It includes guides to keep you organized as you explore your new hobby, reviews on gear, apps, and movies, and even a page of gift ideas for the bird lover in your life.

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There you have it, the 20 best birding blogs on the web.  These great sites will give you a direct link to the enthusiastic community of worldwide birders.  Get surfing, keep learning, and most importantly, get outside and start watching.

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