10 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You’re a Bird Lover

Before you go and visit the 8 best national parks for birding, follow these Instagram accounts first! They are a feast for the eyes!

  • @heather_thorning – Traveling all around Australia, Heather Thorning takes shots of the most beautiful and rarest birds on Earth. She posts pictures that tell stories. You’ll be amazed at how well she demonstrates the lives of her bird models. Go on, visit her account and click follow!
  • @melissagroo – Melissa Groo is an expert photographer who loves sharing her ideally composed pictures of birds as well as other wildlife. Her photos will take you from coast to coast! Each photo has a story behind, so make sure you read her informative captions as well.
    <img src="Ibis.png" alt="White Ibis in Florida">

    Source: @melissagroo

  • @matthewstudebaker – Based in Ohio, Matthew Studebaker is one of the best bird photographers out there. His artistic ways of capturing birds will make you fall in love with them instantly! He also takes photos of stunning landscapes from across North America. His diverse Instagram feed is worth your follow. Seriously.
  • @gourmetbiologist – This account is owned by a Connecticut-based wildlife photographer named Sean Graesser. Graesser is a conservationist whose bird photos are focused on close-ups of hummingbirds and other colorful birds. This guy has a thing for eyes, so don’t be surprised.
  • @JC_Wings – At this point, you’ll need an Instagram feed that’ll take you to places you’ve never been. And John Crawley’s feed is the perfect one! His portraits of birds are taken from different continents, making his feed look like an avian atlas. He even includes facts about each bird, the locations where they can be found, and the descriptions of the species. Talk about dedication!
<img src="pacificloon.png" alt="A Pacific Loon in Alaska">

Source: @jc_wings

  • @leeannephotography – Lee Anne Russell is from Brownsville, Tennessee whose photos of birds always have the jolliest, most unpredictable captions. Check out her feed for Blue Jays, Long-billed Thrashers, and a lot more!
  • @jeffreypkarnesphoto – Jeffrey P. Karnes is a wildlife photographer whose portraits of herons, spoonbills, and egrets will make you feel relaxed. The elegance he presents in his bird photos is incomparable! He even shares how he managed to take every image, so read his captions too.
  • @bkushner2 – Brian Kushner is a nature photographer who creates photos of animals in motion. Look for a Red-winged Blackbird battling Bald Eagles in his account!
<img src=osprey.png" alt="Osprey bird feeding its chick">

Source: @bkushner2

  • @Audundahl – Thanks to Audun Lie Dahl, you can gaze upon White-tailed Eagles, penguins, and even the Aurora Borealis. This wildlife photographer’s feed isn’t just about birds. You’ll probably be amazed by his bird photos but you’ll be at a loss for words when you see the other shots.
<img src=penguins.png" alt="King Penguins in South Georgia">

Source: @audundahl

  • @gerritvyn – Gerrit Vyn, the author of the renowned book “The Living Bird”, is a bird photographer from Portland, Oregon. His posts are not just prepossessing, they’re also full of information. Don’t think twice, check out his feed!
<img src="godwit.png" alt="A Black-tailed Godwit">

Source: @gerritvyn

Excited to go birdwatching now? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here are the tips you should follow. And in case you want to take exquisite photos of birds like our top 10 photographers, don’t forget to read this article to guide you with what you should bring and this post to help you take great photos!