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Warby Parker Sunglasses Review of 2024: Pros, Cons, And Verdict

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Our Final Verdict

We give Warby Parker Sunglasses a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Build Quality: 4.0/5

Protection: 4.7/5

Features: 4.5/5

Price: 4.8/5

Warby Parker has quickly become a popular sunglasses brand. Although these glasses are popular, are these glasses of good quality? And are they worth your money?

Overall, Warby Parker is worth the money if you want good-quality glasses on a budget. It offers a wide range of styles and aesthetics, ensuring you find sunglasses you like for your own style. They also are highly affordable, come with a great warranty, and make getting prescription sunglasses a breeze.

That being said, Warby Parker is not necessarily a premium sunglasses brand. If you want premium quality and features, you’ll want to look for another brand, but you will have to pay a lot more money in exchange.

In other words, what you want out of sunglasses will determine if Warby Parker is right for you. If you want stylish, convenient, and overall good glasses for a low price, Warby Parker is great. However, Warby Parker will not deliver if you want premium glasses.

To learn more about Warby Parker sunglasses, keep reading. This article provides a comprehensive overview and review of their sunglasses.

Warby Parker Sunglasses – A Quick Look

warby parker sunglass
Image Credit: warbyparker.com
  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • Protective
  • Good warranty
  • Try on at home
  • Not premium quality


Brand: Warby Parker
Available At: Online and Warby Parker retailers
Marketed To: Men and women
Styles: All
Prescription Types: Non-prescription, prescription, single-vision, progressives, readers
Lens Materials: Polycarbonate, high index

Wide Range of Products

Even though sunglasses are meant to protect your eyes and face, they also make great accessories. A good pair of sunglasses truly can upgrade your entire wardrobe. That’s why you always want to select sunglasses that match your style and aesthetics.

The good news is that Warby Parker offers a wide range of services and products. No matter what your style is, you will likely be able to find Warby Parker sunglasses that match your aesthetic. Even if you consider your style quirky and difficult to match, you will likely be able to find sunglasses that look great with your wardrobe.

Image Credit: warbyparker.com

Try-On Experiences

Warby Parker Even offers different try-on experiences that allow you to put the frames over a picture or try them on at home. These experiences give you the opportunity to test out the sunglasses and see if they really match your aesthetics. This further ensures that you get sunglasses you love and will actually envision yourself wearing.

Easy Prescriptions

Because Warby Parker covers all things glasses, they can work with your doctor to fulfill your prescriptions. This also applies to sunglasses. The prescription process is super easy and ensures your eyes get the care they need all while looking stylish.

Affordable and Great Warranty

On top of having a wide range of products and convenient experiences, Warby Parker is very affordable. If you look at other brands that offer the same quality and features as Warby Parker, you will end up paying a lot more. A single pair of glasses cost $100, which is not too much when you compare it to the competition.

The warranty is pretty good as well. There is a 30-day return policy for all sunglasses. If your lenses get scratched within 6 months of the initial purchase, they will even replace the lens.

Not Premium Quality

The only downside of Warby Parker is that they are not premium quality. If you’re looking for top-tier sunglasses that are stylish, highly protective, durable, and lightweight, Warby Parker may not be for you. Even though their sunglasses are pretty good quality, they are far from being premium.

This drawback is not very shocking considering its price. If you want premium quality glasses, you will need to pay premium prices in exchange.


What is the Warby Parker return policy?

Warby Parker Offers a comprehensive return policy. You have 30 days to return or change any glasses, sunglasses, and unopened contact lenses. Additionally, they offer lens replacements if you scratch your lenses within 6 months of the initial purchase.

Are Warby Parker glasses good quality?

Warby Parker sunglasses are pretty good quality considering their price. They aren’t flimsy or cheap, but they aren’t premium either. The quality is very good considering what you pay.

How expensive are Warby Parkers?

Warby Parker is considered a medium-tier sunglass brand. You pay around $95 for basic sunglasses, but you can pay them off in installments. You also get the opportunity to try on the glasses for free. Any additional features, such as blue light coatings, will increase the price.

Image Credit: warbyparker.com

What the Users Say

Most users are very happy with their Warby Parker sunglasses. They offer great protection, but they also are super stylish and can match any aesthetic. All the while, they are affordable, come with a free try on, and have a fair warranty.

The only people who aren’t fully satisfied with Warby Parker sunglasses are those who want premium brands. Because the sunglasses are under $100, you are not paying for premium glasses. So, they will break if you are not gentle with them or maintain them properly.

With all that being said, Warby Parker sunglasses are a great purchase. They can help you protect your eyes and look stylish without breaking your budget. Just know in advance that this brand is not considered premium quality.


Our final verdict of Warby Parker sunglasses is that they are stylish, affordable, and fair. Anyone who is looking for good-quality sunglasses on a budget will more than likely love these glasses. We only do not recommend Warby Parker if you want high-quality, premium glasses.

Other than that, Warby Parker sunglasses are great! No matter what your style or budget is, you will likely be able to find glasses for you from Warby Parker.

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