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10 Best Reflex Sights in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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close up Feyachi Adjustable Reticle Reflex Sight

If you love shooting at short-range distances, a reflex sight could be your best option. They are generally better performers than rifle scopes at close range since they can easily locate your targets.

Also, reflex sights tend to have almost infinite eye relief, something that would work to your advantage. Even better, you can easily gun down your target without having to lean forward to achieve precision. You don’t even have to close an eye—you can easily shoot with both eyes open and still be successful.

The challenge, however, is finding the right reflex sight for your rifle. There are several models out there. Before you find the right one, you will have to scour the internet for various reviews, which you will then have to compare. Sounds like a lot of work, right?

We did comprehensive reviews and identified a list of the top 10 best reflex sights in the market. Hopefully, it will be helpful.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
CVLIFE 1X22X33 Red Dot Gun Sight Scope CVLIFE 1X22X33 Red Dot Gun Sight Scope
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Great for quick shots
  • Has a laser sight
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Feyachi Adjustable Reticle Reflex Sight Feyachi Adjustable Reticle Reflex Sight
  • Waterproof
  • No parallax errors
  • 4 different reticle styles
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Pinty Red Green Reflex Rifle Scope Dot Sight Pinty Red Green Reflex Rifle Scope Dot Sight
  • Made from durable material
  • No parallax errors
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Ease of installation
  • It is lightweight
  • It is durable
  • Predator V2 Reflex Sight Predator V2 Reflex Sight
  • 4 different reticle settings
  • Parallax free
  • Waterproof
  • The 10 Best Reflex Sights – Reviews 2024

    1. CVLIFE 1X22X33 Red Dot Gun Sight Scope – Best Overall

    CVLIFE 1X22X33 Red Dot Gun Sight Scope

    This CVLIFE reflex scope has outstanding features. First, the sight scope is made from an alloy of quality aluminum which ensures that it is durable and strong.

    The aluminum material is lightweight, ensuring that the sight does not weigh down your rifle once it is mounted. This aluminum is also rust-resistant, which improves the longevity of the product.

    You will enjoy quick target acquisition while using this sight, provided that you are not standing at a distance exceeding 100 meters. Since it has infinite eye relief, you can shoot your target without necessarily adjusting your eyes to be in line with the dot.

    CVLIFE is designed with both a reflex sight and a laser, improving the level of target acquisition. With the red and green dots, you can always swap from one to the next depending on the lighting condition.

    The mounting base is versatile for it to be mounted on any standard rifle rail with ease. It is also easy to locate moving targets.


    • Flexible mounting options
    • Great for quick shots
    • Has a laser sight
    • Has a great field of view
    • Buttons are a tad small

    2. Feyachi Adjustable Reticle Reflex Sight – Best Value

    Feyachi Adjustable Reticle Reflex Sight

    Feyachi is made of strong stainless steel to stand the test of time. It is scratch-resistant and rust-resistant, so you do not have to worry about finding a replacement soon after buying one.

    In case you are looking for a sight to use on your hunt or to mount to your patrol rifle, this would be a great buy. Feyachi is waterproof and fog proof. This will help you hit that last shot regardless of the rain or that last heavy breathing.

    On the plus side, the rifle sight comes with four types of reticles to suit your preference. They include a dot or a circle/dot or a crosshair/circle/dot, and the last type is the crosshair/dot.

    It also has a large field of view and a 33 mm objective diameter to increase the target acquisition level.


    • Waterproof
    • No parallax errors
    • 4 different reticle styles
    • Wide objective diameter
    • Battery may shut off

    3. Pinty Red Green Reflex Rifle Scope Dot Sight – Premium Choice

    Pinty Red Green Reflex Rifle Scope Dot Sight

    The third option by Pinty has excellent features and would be a go-to option for those who aren’t working within a fixed budget.

    It is made from an alloy of aluminum material. This ensures the reflex sight does not wear out easily. The aluminum alloy also gives the sight light-weight components.

    You could mount this on your rifle and move with it the entire day without feeling the weight.

    It can endure any weather condition since it has waterproofing and fog proofing properties. Also, it is shock resistant for safety purposes.

    Pinty comes with an already corrected parallax error so that you do not have to struggle to reset the same. The unlimited eye relief makes shooting at short distances easy.

    It is designed with four different types of reticle patterns that can be changed depending on a shooter’s preference. The red and green dots can be interchanged depending on the lighting conditions.


    • Has 4 interchangeable reticle patterns
    • Made from durable material
    • No parallax errors
    • Unlimited eye relief
    • It is expensive

    4. DD DAGGER DEFENSE DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight

    DD DAGGER DEFENSE DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight

    This Dagger Defense DDHB is crafted out of top-notch aluminum material. This serves as a compartment that houses the internal components of the sight, keeping them safe.

    The aluminum is lightweight, making sure that it does not slow you down when you mount it to the rifle’s rails. It only weighs about 0.16 ounces. In fact, it is designed with a mounting base that can be used on both weaver and Picatinny rails.

    Like others we have already seen, it comes with four different reticle patterns to be adjusted depending on what you want. The additional red and green dots make this even easier since you can swap from one to another.

    You can adjust the brightness level or even reticle color by moving the adjustment knob by the side.

    You will be in a position to easily target moving objects thanks to the hex wrench, which you could use to adjust the windage and elevation.

    The sight’s installation process is easy, and the Dagger Defense DDHB is battery-powered.


    • Ease of installation
    • It is lightweight
    • It is durable
    • Reticle is clear during the day
    • Not the best for people with astigmatism

    5. Predator V2 Reflex Sight

    Predator V2 Reflex Sight

    Besides this Predator reflex sight having been made from high-quality aluminum material, its durability is assured. This is due to the lifetime warranty that you receive upon purchase, so you wouldn’t have to take extra cash from your pockets for repairs or get a new set.

    The body tube has also been filled with nitrogen gas, and an O-ring sealed to see that it remains both fog-proof and waterproof. Thus, the predator sight can be used in any weather condition.

    The sight was also designed with no parallax errors, improving your ability to spot targets that are at a close range without having to take time to eliminate the error. This partly accounts for the excellent target acquisition.

    With four different reticle settings and two color options of the dots (red and green), you are left with the autonomy to choose whichever works for you depending on the prevailing lighting conditions.


    • 4 different reticle settings
    • Parallax free
    • Waterproof
    • Fog proof
    • The battery can run out

    6. Ozark Armament Rhino Red Dot Reflex Sight

    Ozark Armament Rhino Red Dot Reflex Sight

    If you’re in pursuit of a hunting rifle, Ozark Armament Reflex Sight may be something you want to give a shot. The sight is engineered from a combo of both aluminum material and glass. Aluminum, as always, makes the sight lighter, meaning you can manage the weight as you move about.

    This reflex sight can be mounted to any shotgun or rifle. The mounting base has been designed to be compatible with the following mounting types: weaver, cantilever, and Picatinny.

    Sighting in is pretty easy when using this sight. Plus, it is designed to hold at zero regardless of the number of rounds you will make.

    Additionally, the sight comes with five brightness options that you can suit to match the time you are using your rifle. If it’s dark, you can always reduce the brightness and vice versa. This is made even interesting by the red and green dots from which you can choose.


    • Fog proof
    • Lifetime guarantee
    • 5 brightness options
    • Holds zero
    • Lenses have some glare

    7. Holosun HS510C 2 MOA Dot Ring Open Reflex Sight

    Holosun HS510C 2 MOA Dot Ring Open Reflex Sight

    In case you need a high-end product that will perfectly meet your shooting needs regardless of the time, this is the Holosun model that you ought to buy.

    At the core of this aspect is that the sight gets its primary energy source from solar. Meaning, for as long as there is sun, your Holosun sight will be on.

    It also has a power backup source – CR2032 batteries. This guarantees an impressive life span since they can be used for up to 50,000 hours before the energy is finally depleted.

    The material is made from a strong titanium alloy that makes the product sturdy and durable. This explains why the sight has an impressive ability to survive the numerous vibrations that will always result from bullets traveling at high speed.

    An outstanding feature in this sight is the on and off automated function that responds to motion. Also, it has a variety of reticle patterns and a wide field of view.


    • Uses both solar and battery energy
    • It is strong and durable
    • It has an impressive battery life
    • Has several reticle patterns
    • It is a tad expensive

    8. Pinty Tactical 1x40mm Reflex Red Green Dot Sight

    Pinty Tactical 1x40mm Reflex Red Green Dot Sight

    In the eighth position is yet another Pinty product. For an affordable but relatively great performance, the Pinty Tactical could be a good buy.

    It has been made from a strong aluminum alloy, meaning it’s lightweight. This is advantageous since your rifle is probably already heavy.

    As for the compatibility test, the reflex sight is compatible with handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Its mounting base can easily be attached to many rifles with the standard Picatinny and weaver mount rails.

    The sight has an adjustment knob that allows you to fine-tune the windage and elevation for precision while shooting. The multi-coated lens further improves this.

    Pinty Tactical is an all-weather reflex sight. It is nitrogen purged to ensure that it remains fog-proof, so your vision is always clear. Also, it’s waterproof to ensure that those light rains don’t destroy your hunting expedition. It has both red and green dots.


    • It is easy to install
    • Has brightness options
    • Waterproof and fog proof
    • Brightness can be dim for other people

    9. MidTen 2MOA Micro Red Dot Sight Reflex Sight

    MidTen 2MOA Micro Red Dot Sight Reflex Sight

    Our ninth pick is this MidTen Reflex Sight. For someone working on a budget, it may be a good option to try out. The sight has an infinite eye relief that will allow you to shoot with both your eyes open. You would have to align your eyes with the red dot for precise shots.

    Also, the sight has a lens with multiple coatings to improve the light transmission throughout the tube. This further ensures that you get crisp and clear-cut images of your target, improving the efficiency rate.

    The body is made out of a durable aluminum material that is shock-resistant and scratch-resistant. It is also sealed with O-rings and filled with nitrogen to ensure that it remains waterproof and fog proof. On the plus side, this allows the product to be used during any weather conditions.

    You might want a model with several brightness options that you can always play around with. With MidTen Reflex Sight, you get 11 such options.

    However, this sight will only be compatible with rifles that have riser mounting rails. Also, the objective lens has a 25 mm diameter.


    • 11 adjustable brightness options
    • Infinite eye relief
    • Multi-coated lens
    • Only compatible with riser mount
    • Small objective diameter

    10. HIRAM Green Red Dot Micro Rifle Scope 4 MOA Reflex Sight

    HIRAM Green Red Dot Micro Rifle Scope 4 MOA Reflex Sight

    For our last pick, we have a HIRAM product. This one is made from an aluminum alloy that makes the product strong and increases the ease of cleaning. Also, the sight is durable and can withstand any punishment it is subjected to.

    The sight is constructed to be parallax-free, so you don’t have to keep centering to have a clear image of the target. You can therefore make quick successive shots from a close range.

    The model can hold zero. It also has an adjustment knob that allows you to move the sight’s windage and elevation for quick sighting. All these factors contribute to the target acquisition of the HIRAM reflex sight.

    You will be thrilled by the freedom to shift between the red and green dot and to adjust brightness level thanks to the seven brightness options available.

    On the downside, the sight is only compatible with rifles and can only be mounted to those with Picatinny mounting rails, which is limiting.


    • Free from parallax errors
    • 7 brightness options
    • Waterproof and fog proof
    • Only compatible with rifles
    • Has a smaller field of view
    • Goes with Picatinny mounting rails
    • No variety of reticle patterns

    Buyer’s Guide – Purchasing the Best Reflex Sights

    One of the toughest decisions buyers face is choosing a product among the hundreds listed as excellent and high quality.

    The question then becomes, what criteria do you use to select one product over the other? It is extremely important to answer that since you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a model with features you probably don’t need.

    Above, we outlined some of the market’s top models according to our comprehensive reviews. Below, we will give you a free buying guide on some of the key features that can make one reflex sight stand out from others.

    1. Durability

    Of paramount importance is how durable a reflex sight is. Since you are dealing with gun parts, you don’t want to be the buyer who is always back in the store to get a better product after wasting money on a previous one.

    Still, on durability, you want to look at aspects such as the material used in the construction. It should be strong enough to last a lifetime. For instance, you want to look out for reflex sights made from aluminum alloys or even stainless steel.

    Also, consider sights with the waterproofing feature. A good reflex sight should be fog proof. Its tube should be purged with nitrogen or even sealed with an O-ring to eliminate fog formation.

    2. Warranty

    Buying a reflex sight can be a hit or a miss, especially if it’s your first time. Take a scenario where you are shipping the product from another country or buying online. You may not be able to tell apart the genuine from the counterfeit. Even if you did, you might not be able to vouch for their durability. That is why you must buy a product backed with some sort of warranty, preferably a lifetime warranty.

    In such a case, you can always get a replacement if you receive a faulty one.

    attached Pinty Red Green Reflex Rifle Scope Dot Sight

    3. Weight

    In their natural state, rifles, gunshots, and the likes are usually already heavy. You don’t want to buy a product that will weigh them down even further, especially since you have to mount the rifle’s reflex sight. You may end up not using the rifle as often as you intended.

    Go for lightweight reflex sights. Those made from aluminum materials will be better than their stainless-steel counterparts.

    4. Battery Life

    Most of the reflex sights are powered by batteries. If the battery is not working, the sight will also be ineffective, which explains why it is very important to consider the battery life of the battery being used for the reflex sight.

    You want to go for those that can last at least three days. If possible, find the ones that can use alternative power sources. Alternatively, buy more batteries to act as a backup, so that should some die, you can easily replace them and continue with your shooting.

    5. Price

    The price of the reflex sight says much about it. Good things usually come at a cost. Good reflex sights will always cost more to produce than substandard products. However, be careful not to be exploited in the process. It is not uncommon to buy things at twice their normal price.

    At the same time, do not overstretch your budget. If you had set a certain limit, go for sights falling within that bracket that still have an impressive performance. Believe it or not, they will always exist.

    6. Parallax Errors

    It is highly unlikely to make precise shots if the reflex sight you buy has parallax errors. This is especially common among rifle scopes since you have to adjust the magnification power and shoot from long distances.

    Unlike rifle scopes, reflex sights do not have magnification. Also, they can only be used for close-range shooting, so parallax error is not much of a problem. Regardless, you want to ensure that the one you are buying is designed to be parallax-free.

    Advantages Of Reflex Sights

    1. They Are Affordable

    Unlike rifle scopes, reflex sights will generally be cheaper. These would do the trick for someone who, for instance, wants a scope purely meant for hunting down game.

    2. Easy Target Acquisition

    Reflex sights are excellent at target acquisition. They will do wonders for short-range shooters and hunters.

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    We hope to have helped you narrow down the list of potential reflex sights that you should consider buying. Here is a summary of the key takeaway points that may be useful.

    CVLIFE 1X22X33 Red Dot Gun Sight Scope is the overall best reflex sight due to its numerous features. It is constructed out of a strong alloy of aluminum that ensures durability and is easy to clean. It also makes the model lightweight and rust-resistant.

    At a distance of 100 m, you can shoot a target using this reflex sight. It comes with unlimited eye relief and is free from parallax errors for improved performance. In addition, it has a wide field of view which makes it easy to spot a target. It has adjustable red and green dots and comes with a laser sight too.

    Feyachi Adjustable Reticle Reflex Sight takes the win for being the best reflex sight for the money.

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