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10 Rain Photography Ideas to Get You Inspired

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people walking down the street while raining

Many photographers will attest to the importance of good lighting when capturing beautiful moments. However, natural light is even more preferred and must be well-timed to harness the sun’s full glory. The “golden hour” is heralded as the most optimal time for taking pictures as the sun exudes diffused light, but rainy days can be perfect for photography too.

Below are some outstanding examples of beautiful photographs captured in the rain.

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The 10 Rain Photography Ideas

1. Vehicle with Luggage on the Carrier Hold


The image captures a man shielding from the rainstorm with an umbrella, walking toward a stalled vehicle. Interesting how the green scenery in the backdrop appears so clear and part of the image. The photographer could have been in another car facing the subject or positioned nearby by a window in a building.

2. Rain Pouring Down a Window


This image must be a photographer’s dream, capturing the rain from an indoor area. The picture is blurry, and one can barely see the vehicles on the street. A rainstorm is underway, but this doesn’t stop traffic, perhaps because the image depicts a busy city street. The photographer is not concerned about lighting, and it appears they captured the image towards nightfall.

3. Green Leaf with Droplets


A novice photographer who still feels shy about taking pictures will love this. For example, a green leaf dotted with water droplets during rainfall or after a storm subsides. Capturing nature shots is much easier than focusing your lens on human subjects, which may be irked by a photographer’s enthusiasm.

4. Kid’s Park After the Rain


If you don’t fancy rainy weather, how about waiting for the downpour to relent? The image below shows a children’s play area with a seesaw and other play things. The pavement is wet, which denotes rainfall a few minutes prior, and dark clouds are present. There will be more downpours later in the day or during evening hours. Therefore, a photographer must take advantage of whatever natural light is still available and take a shot.

5. Rainy and Cloudy Day in the City


Once again, this is a picture where the photographer doesn’t have to grapple with the rain. They can merely watch the events from a window and capture an interesting shot. This image shows rain clouds and mist on the horizon, just above the skyscrapers. There is a blur on the bottom right side where it appears street lights are causing refraction. These lights give away the time of day – probably around 7 pm or slightly earlier, depending on the solstice.

6. Umbrella in the Rain


This image features a lone umbrella abandoned in the rain. Perhaps the owner found it too cumbersome to carry around, so they opted to grab a taxi or take cover elsewhere. The image shows the reflection of the same umbrella in the pool of water beneath. If you are experimenting with light to explore different elements of photography, capturing this image is a great exercise.

7. Model Dancing in the Rain


This shot doesn’t necessarily have to be captured in the rain. It could be a simulation of a rainy day inside a studio. The photographer works with a set director, perhaps a dance instructor, and the wardrobe department to prepare the set and model. The subject exudes energy, and it shows through the image.

8. Joy in the Rain


This image features a woman ecstatic about getting drenched in the rain. She doesn’t seem to care about her hair or clothes getting wet as she playfully tries to collect water in her palm. The model is the image’s focal point, and her fuchsia blouse adds a pop of color. The backdrop is unclear; it appears to be a stream or a flooded street.

9. Duck in a Pond or Lake


Budding photographers can never go wrong with nature photography. This image shows a lone duck wading around in a pond or other body of water as it rains. You can see the mild waves forming on the surface due to rainfall. The photographer probably edited the image using apps like Lightroom, so it’s hard to tell the time of day. However, if this image is unfiltered, it depicts late afternoon.

10. Couple in the Rain


This couple just got married and chose rain photography for their wedding album. Delivering this theme takes practice and perhaps a few untimely shots. The pair is dancing in the rain facing opposite directions, holding tiny umbrellas as props. The female seems to be landing in a pool of water as the street is flooded.

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If you are venturing into photography, there are plenty of opportunities to capture great shots in natural light. Rainfall should not deter you from honing your craft; it is an opportunity for creativity. If you don’t wish to get your equipment wet, consider taking shots from inside a car or taking shelter on a balcony.

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Featured Image Credit: Egor Myznik, Unsplash

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