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QuadAir Drones Review of 2024 – Pros, Cons, FAQ, and Verdict

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Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give QuadAir Drones a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Editor Rating: 4.5/5
Build Quality: 4.3/5
Battery Life: 4.5/5
Features: 4.3/5
Price: 4.8/5

The QuadAir drone has become a popular choice among drone pilots, as they are targeted toward budget-minded buyers. Making this product affordable for everyone across the world is QuadAir’s goal, and they claim to have a high-quality device on their hands. Although it doesn’t have the same reputation as other leading brands, QuadAir is becoming exponentially more relevant in the drone space. As they sell a single product model, it’s clear that they focus all on its design and features. We’ll dive deeper into the details below. 

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  • Brand: QuadAir
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs
  • Top speed: 30 mph
  • Max video resolution: 1080p
  • Flight time: 30 minutes
  • Recharge in: 1.1 hours
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Affordable for most people
  • Obstacle-avoidance sensors
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Quiet in flight
  • Great battery life
  • Max 1080p video recording

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QuadAir Drone – The Details

Performance and Image Quality

At such a low price, it seems like a steal to get a drone that can fly at a top speed of 30 mph. The recording quality of the QuadAir drone isn’t bad at all, with high-definition 1080p video capability. It might not have the industry standard of 4k, but this is a great medium to give new pilots excellent imagery without spending loads on a professional drone. 2.4 GHz wireless transmission makes for a strong connection for close flights as well.

Battery Life

For its weight, the 30-minute flight time of the QuadAir is remarkable and will keep you in the air longer than many others in its class. Usually, most drones only allow for this flight time if they have a dual-battery setup. 

Sightmark battery_Amazon
Image Credit: Sightmark, Amazon

Lightweight and Compact Design

At 0.75 pounds (340 grams), this drone is easy to transport. However, it doesn’t quite hit below the 250-gram threshold, so you’ll most likely need to register it before you fly. The QuadAir isn’t too big either, as it fits nicely in the bag.

Obstacle Avoidance

What might be the best feature of the QuadAir drone is its “Gravity Sensor”, which dodges objects in its path. With most drones, you’ll be risking a crash if you’re maneuvering in tight spaces. This is an essential tool for new pilots because it’s always a relief to have peace of mind. 

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Is This Model Good for Beginners?

As we mentioned, the QuadAir drone is a perfect option for beginner pilots. With its Gravity Sensor, you won’t have to worry so much about crashes, which saves you the headache of repairing or buying a new drone. Plus, you’ll be able to spend more time learning about your mistakes. 

Long flight times also make this drone a good choice for starters, as you’ll have more time to practice and less time charging. 


Is This Model Good for Professionals?

Unfortunately, the QuadAir isn’t exactly the best drone for full-time filmmakers due to the 1080p recording limit. However, it’s still possible to get great footage and it may be enough for some pros to use on their social media uploads. 

What Is the Weight of a QuadAir Drone?

The weight of the QuadAir drone is 0.75 pounds or 340 grams.

What Is the Battery Life of a QuadAir Drone? 

QuadAir drones can fly for up to 30 minutes under ideal conditions. The recharge time takes 70 minutes for a single battery to get back to full status.

Image Credit: Diana Măceşanu, Unsplash

What the Users Say

According to the reviews and feedback we’ve seen so far, there have been more positive buyers than negative. Many people are saying that this model is easy to use and provides enough quality for their needs. 

There are a few users who have noted that they received a faulty unit. It’s also important to keep an eye out for scams, as some third-party sellers will not send the item. Make sure to purchase only through Amazon or their website, as this will ensure you get the item. 

magnifying glass 2 divider Conclusion

Based on user reviews and specs, the QuadAir drone is a decent piece of gear for amateurs and hobbyists who want to get into the air without breaking the bank. We hope you try out the QuadAir drone to see how well it does in the field. Just remember to fly according to local laws and register it for FAA approval. Happy flying!

Featured Image Credit: atsurkan, Shutterstock

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