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How to Stop Drones From Flying Over Your House? 7 Possible Ways

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Drones can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a considerable threat to your privacy. Depending on where you live, you might find that drones are frequently flying over your property. If that’s the case for your home, it’s important to know ways that you can stop drones from flying over your house.

Although no anti-drone protection is 100% foolproof, there are some ways that you can prevent drones from coming back. Here are the seven most popular options for stopping drones from flying over a home:

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The 7 Ways to Stop Drones From Flying Over Your House

1. Anti-Drone Jammers

Anti-drone jammers are some of the most subtle and popular ways to keep drones away from your home. They work by intercepting the drone’s signal and rendering it useless. It uses high-powered radio signals to get the job done.

There are quite a few anti-drone jammers on the market. The most popular are used by the government, but there are some portable options that you can use around your home. Some even have a range of over 1,300 feet.

The one issue with anti-drone jammers is that many of them are illegal in local communities. You’ll have to do some additional research to learn if anti-drone jammers are legal in your area. If so, they are some of the best ways to keep drones away from your home.

2. Anti-Drone Lasers

Anti-drone lasers are a lot like anti-drone jammers. The only difference is that they interfere with the drone’s camera, not the control signals. Anti-drone lasers essentially blind the drone.

Much like anti-drone jammers, anti-drone lasers can be difficult to use. As you might imagine, shooting a laser into the air can be dangerous because you might accidentally hit a pilot, airplane, or another aircraft device that is allowed to fly over your home.

As a result, we recommend expressing severe caution if you decide to use this method. In most cases, it’s better to go with a safer alternative that does not risk harming pilots and unsuspecting travelers.

3. Anti-Drone Drones


This may sound weird, but some companies have released anti-drone drones. The purpose of anti-drone drones is to be so large that they can capture and disable smaller drones. This method is incredibly effective, but it can be expensive.

Right now, there is still a lot of research being done on more realistic anti-drone drones. Keep an eye out for more efficient products in the future so that you can invest in an anti-drone drone for your home.

4. Drone Detection Systems

Drone detection systems are precisely what they sound like—they track down drones in the area. They work by sending out a signal. That signal is reflected back from the drone and allows the system to determine where the drone is located.

From there, drone protection systems use various methods for unmanning the drone. Many use anti-drone jammers, as mentioned above. This is the most popular option for stopping drones from flying over your house.

5. Drone Hijacks


If you are into tech and good at hijacking things, drones are capable of being hacked. Whenever you hack a drone, you can disable it and render it useless. This is just one way that you can keep drones from your property.

If you learn how to hijack drones, it’s important to use this wisely. Never hijack drones that are used for government or safety purposes. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know which drones are being used in this way.

6. Talk to Local Government

If you have serious issues with drones flying over your property, talk to your local government. Many bills and proposed laws have been popping up to help protect the privacy of citizens from drones.

At the very least, your inquiry could open up a discussion about the lack of privacy in your area due to drones. Hopefully, you will learn some effective methods for counteracting drones based on where you live.

7. Anti-Drone Birds


Finally, the last way to keep drones away from your property is the least practical, but it is worth noting. There have been birds specifically trained to attack drones from the sky. These birds are mostly eagles and are trained to catch the drone and bring it back to their trainers.

Obviously, anti-drone birds are not a very practical solution, but they sure are cool to think about!

shutter camera divider 2 Can I Shoot a Drone Out of the Sky?

If you have a gun and a drone flies over your home, you might think that it’s a good idea to shoot it out of the sky. Be warned—this is not a good idea. Shooting a drone from the sky is dangerous because you might miss it. Even if you do hit the drone, the drone will fall from the sky and can potentially harm someone. Not to mention, it is actually illegal to shoot a drone out of the sky.

Drones are classified as aircraft. It is a felony offense to disrupt an aircraft. You can get up to 20 years in prison if you do so. So, never shoot a drone out of the sky. Not only is it dangerous, but it is illegal. Instead, stick to legal and safe alternatives.shutter camera divider 2


If drones are constantly flying over your home, you can try one of the seven ideas above, but make sure to extensively research laws in your area. There are quite a few laws and stipulations about how you can interfere with aircraft.

At the very least, contact your local government officials to discuss the problem. They might be able to create legislation to protect your privacy. At the very least, they will offer some recommendations that are legal in the area.

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