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5 Best Endoscopes for Android of 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Finding the best endoscopes for Android requires hours spent researching, testing, and comparing products occupying a vast and competitive market. We know because we did that research and performed those tests, all with the purpose of assembling these endoscope reviews for you.

The goal was simple: find the best products, and report them to you, the deserving consumer. We’ve done that, and the result is this guide. Some products are good for budget buyers, and for people willing to spend whatever it takes to get the best product possible.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites (Updated in 2024)

Image Product Details
Best Overall
  • Wireless
  • High-resolution
  • Great battery life
  • Second place
    BlueFire Upgraded Super Long 1080P BlueFire Upgraded Super Long 1080P
  • Waterproof
  • 49-foot range
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Best Value
    Third place
    Fantronics USB Snake Fantronics USB Snake
  • Affordable
  • 360-degree view
  • Two megapixels
  • Dylviw Rigid Cable USB C Dylviw Rigid Cable USB C
  • LED lights
  • Semi-rigid cable
  • For USB C or Micro USB with OTG and UVC
  • Bamshoot USB Borescope Bamshoot USB Borescope
  • 16 feet cord length
  • Adjustable LED lights
  • IP67 waterproof camera
  • The 5 Best Endoscopes for Android

    1. DEPSTECH 1200P Endoscope – Best Overall

    DEPSTECH 1200P Wireless Endoscope

    Our top choice, the DEPSTECH 1200P Wireless Endoscope, is high-resolution, offering users the perfect combination of quality imaging and user-friendliness.

    It’s battery-powered, so you don’t need to hook it up to your phone to use as a power source. All it requires is a charge to get started. You can then use the camera as needed to take images at a resolution of 1600x1200P.

    The unit can work for up to five hours on a full charge and includes a waterproof design for use in a variety of circumstances. You also get LED lights at the end of the camera for ease of use in different settings.

    There are some app connectivity issues that inhibit the user experience somewhat. When it works, it works really well. However, the DEPSTECH does have a mediocre application that can be difficult to set up. It’s not a massive problem, but it can be inconvenient and needlessly time-consuming. With all that said, we think this is the best endoscope for Android this year.

    • Wireless
    • Great battery life
    • LED light
    • High-resolution
    • Mediocre app

    2. BlueFire 1080P Wireless Android Endoscope

    BlueFire Upgraded Super Long 1080P Wireless Endoscope

    The BlueFire 1080P is a massive, wireless scope that will fit the needs of people who need a large range. At 49 feet, the camera has access to locations that most units simply can’t get to.

    It also has a versatile compatibility range, with the ability to work with iOS and Android. Of course, you also get all the necessary features that make it fit for drain use: a waterproof build, LED lights, and a decent two-megapixel resolution for crystal-clear image quality.

    The BlueFire finds itself as our runner-up because it simply can’t compare to the value of our top choice. Despite being very similar in performance to the DEPSTECH, it costs significantly more. It’s a good camera, but many users will find it worthwhile to look for a better deal.

    • 49-foot range
    • Versatile compatibility
    • Waterproof
    • Pricey

    3. Fantronics USB Endoscope Camera – Best Value

    Fantronics USB Snake Inspection Camera

    The Fantronics USB Snake Inspection Camera is an affordable option that hooks directly to your phone via a USB port. It’s compatible with Samsung and Sony products, though the manufacturer recommends contacting the phone or tablet company to be sure that your specific device is compatible with the connection.

    It is a fairly basic camera, providing users just 16 feet of reach. However, it does have it where it counts—two megapixels for clear image quality, and 360 degrees of rotation to maximize your ability to survey the scene.

    You may think twice about this unit if you need something that stands up well to water. Though it is water-resistant enough to work in pipes, it’s likely to struggle or even break when completely submerged in water.

    • Affordable
    • 360-degree view
    • Two megapixels
    • Not completely waterproof
    • Short cord

    4. Dylviw USB C Android Endoscope

    Dylviw 3 Meter Rigid Cable USB C Endoscope

    The Dylviw 3 Meter Rigid Cable USB C Endoscope is another affordable wireless camera that’s compatible with most Android devices via a USB connection. It also features handy LED lights that will work well in poorly lit places. At a glance, it has much in common with our best for the money pick, including the same vulnerability to water.

    However, the cord is the shortest on the list, measuring only nine feet. This, coupled with the fact that it has to be used while connected to a device, sharply limits potential user application. That said, if you only need a camera for light use, this is an affordable option.

    • Affordable
    • Vulnerable to water
    • Short cord length

    5. Bamshoot USB Endoscope for Android

    Bamshoot USB Borescope Endoscope for Android

    The Bamshoot USB Borescope Endoscope includes a laundry list of impressive features that accommodate the needs of most buyers. It has a moderate cord length of 16 feet, LED lights that can be adjusted via six different settings, and an advertised waterproof build meant to give users safe access to submerged areas.

    The problem is that the features read better than they perform. The cord, though long, is limited in two ways. First, it only connects to a phone or tablet. Wired units are just naturally more inhibited than their wireless alternatives. There’s also an issue with the cord itself. It gets damaged easily, which means the camera may have a short life expectancy.

    The image quality also leaves much to be desired, taking blurry images that are often hard to decipher. The price tag makes these problems somewhat more palatable, but nevertheless the camera does have many problems.

    • Affordable
    • Fragile
    • Limited range
    • Blurry camera

    Buyer’s Guide

    Here we discuss some considerations that should help make your buying decision.

    Is It Waterproof?

    Endoscope cameras often get put through the wringer. Pipes are damp, rugged environments that will spell certain doom for unfortified equipment.

    To help ensure that your project doesn’t end in disaster, invest in a camera that is waterproof and shockproof. If you don’t, chances are pretty good that you won’t be enjoying your new camera for very long.


    As a general rule of thumb, the longer the cord, the better off you’ll be. After all, you don’t have to use all of the length, but if you find yourself in need of a few more feet, you’ll be out of luck.

    LED Lights Are Your Friend

    Endoscope cameras aren’t often used in well-staged areas. The circumstances of pipes and other tight spaces aren’t usually optimal for photography, which makes LED lights a must. Most cameras include this feature, but it’s always best to check before finalizing a buy.


    Unfortunately, most cameras can’t be used universally with any phone. Many have exclusive compatibility with either iOS or Android. If you mistakenly buy one that uses the interface of a phone you don’t have, it will be effectively useless, so pay attention.

    Corded or Cordless

    Cordless cameras can be used independently of the phone, transmitting information in real-time via a Bluetooth connection. Corded units hook into a phone, tablet, or computer and upload data via a USB.

    There are pros and cons to both options. Cordless units have much better mobility, but are also subject to an application. When the app crashes (which can happen often), the camera is effectively useless.

    Corded units have limited mobility, but often enjoy an uninterrupted stream of communication. They are also usually more affordable than cordless units.

    Battery Life

    With wireless cameras, battery life is another major factor. The range is pretty massive, with some cameras lasting only several minutes, and others running for hours on end. Naturally, the longer the battery life, the better.

    Image Quality

    The pictures don’t need to be studio quality to work, but you do want a high enough resolution to have a clear idea of what you’re looking at. Anything from two to five megapixels should be enough for a quality viewing experience that leaves little ambiguity.

    shutter camera divider 2


    Our endoscope reviews have hopefully already helped you decide on the best endoscope for your Android. However, if you’re still working things out, that’s also okay.

    Though it’s not our job to tell you what to buy, we can offer some suggestions to point you in the right direction. For optimal quality and convenience that won’t let you down, think about our top choice, the DEPSTECH 1200P Wireless Endoscope.

    However, if you want to save money on the purchase, you also have options. For budget buyers, the Fantronics USB Snake Inspection Camera is a tough option to beat.

    These things said you’re an expert now, so hopefully, you won’t have any trouble deciding for yourself.

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