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DJI FPV Drone Review of 2024 – Pros, Cons, and Verdict

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Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give DJI FPV Drone a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Build Quality: 4.5/5
Connection Quality: 5/5
Camera Quality: 4/5
Price: 3/5

First-person view drones (FPV) were once the realm of hobbyists with enough time to create their own. DJI’s entry into the hobby makes it more accessible to everyone, which means making exhilarating fun and beautiful videos possible for everyone. It costs a fair bit, but the drone is well-built, and the camera captures great video footage. The photos are a bit less impressive, but the impressively stable connection smooths things over. This drone isn’t capable of extreme aerodynamic maneuvers like some others, but it’s primarily meant to showcase FPV flying for new audiences, which it does splendidly.

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DJI FPV Drone – A Quick Look

DJI FPV drone and controller

  • 12MP sensor that can capture 4K video and 1080p footage
  • User-friendly design makes it easy for newcomers to jump into the world of FPV drones
  • Comfortable controller with large buttons for flying by touch
  • One of the only commercially made and sold FPV drones
  • Motion controller is very intuitive
  • Capable of up to 87 miles per hour
  • Limited still and video functionality
  • Requires experience to pull off complex maneuvers
  • Outdoor use requires you to have an observer with line of sight to the drone


Powerful but Limited Photos and Video

The DJI FPV drone allows you to shoot stills and video at 1080p or 4K, but all photos are saved into jpeg files, with no options to store raw footage. The camera excels mainly at taking ready-made FPV stills and video, with more complex projects best left for other drones.

Intuitive Controls That Make Flying Fun

While the default controller has large, standard buttons that are easy to use, the motion controller is the best for this drone. However, we should point out that it’s very nice for the controller sticks to screw into the controller and store in the handle when not in use.

The motion controller, which is sold separately at a steep price, is the best way to fly this drone. Simply point the controller where you want the drone to fly, and you’re suddenly flying there.

man looking at DJI FPV drone shots

Accessible Yet Pricey

The base kit doesn’t include a lot, and you’ll find yourself shelling out even more for the motion controller and extra batteries. It’s great that DJI is making FPV drones more accessible for the masses, but the price tag is still high. If you have a fair chunk of change to splash around, though, this is a great way to check out what FPV drones are all about.

Great Build Quality, But You Can’t Fix It Yourself

Unlike homemade or custom drones, the DJI isn’t fixable by your average hobbyist. The drone is made of sturdy, high-quality material, but it can break. In serious crashes, you’ll have to send your drone to DJI to get it fixed.

Viewing and Changing Settings Can Be Tricky

Because the first-person view is so large, the flight information on your screen tends to cluster around the edges. This can make flying tricky, and it doesn’t help that changing camera and flight settings mid-flight is difficult with the goggle controls.

man and woman trying out the DJI FPV drone

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FAQ on the DJI FPV Drone

Can the goggles work with other FPV drones?

Yes, the DJI FPV’s goggles are compatible with custom-built drones. Other commercial drones are not compatible with the goggles, though.

What is the maximum distance and altitude the drone can fly?

According to the manufacturer, 2.4 miles is the drone’s effective range in an open area, and it can reach up to 400 meters or 1,312 feet high.

Do the goggles include a microphone for in-flight commentary?

No, the DJI FPV doesn’t include a microphone that you can record audio with video. The drone will record 4K footage, and the goggles can store 1080p photos and video.

DJI FPV drones

What the Users Say

  • Users say that the goggles have an extremely crisp, vivid picture that simulates flying like no other commercially sold drone. They also say that the feeling can trigger motion sickness in some people, so beware.
  • Reviews state that the drone has a great effective range for any drone in its price range.
  • Reviews state that customer support when having the drone repaired is abysmal. The company charges an initial fee to assess the damage and gives no estimates on costs.
  • Some users were confused about the DJI Play app not being compatible with the drone. Rather, you have to plug the drone directly into your phone to receive a special firmware update to use it.
  • Amazon is one of the best places to read more about your favorite products. Read what others have to say here.

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Despite a few minor gripes with photography customization and poor customer service, the DJI FPV drone delivers one of the most crisp, intuitive experiences in a user-friendly package. It’s not something extreme drone hobbyists would enjoy, but it’s great for relative newcomers.

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