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8 DIY Flashlights You Can Make Today

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Flashlights are devices that the modern era takes for granted. However, people of the past did not have the same luxury we do.

One thing you can do to better appreciate the technology we have access to is to make your own DIY flashlight. Making your own flashlight is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Whether you have children or are an adult looking for a fun activity, there are DIY flashlight plans that you and the whole family can make today.

Below, you will find eight DIY flashlight plans you can make at home. We have organized these plans in order of difficulty. The first few plans are perfect for young children, whereas the latter plans are ideal for adults looking to have a fun yet functional project. With the help of these plans, you’ll have a DIY flashlight in no time. 

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The Top 8 DIY Flashlight Plans

1. Easy Foam Cup Nightlights by Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom 

Easy Foam Cup Nightlights by Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom 
Image Credit: Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom

Materials: Foam cups, paint, fresh Rayovac batteries, mini flashlights
Tools: Paintbrushes, toothpicks
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This Easy Foam Cup Nightlight isn’t exactly a flashlight, but it is a great project to make with your children who are afraid of the dark. It is also portable, which makes it a sort of flashlight. So, this is a great night light or flashlight plan to make with your children.

This plan is perfect to complete with young children. The tools are super easy to get access to, and they are safe enough for young children to use. The instructions are very thorough, but they are simple enough that you probably won’t need to read them all.

2. Dollar Store Flashlight by Happy Hour Projects

Dollar Store Flashlight by Happy Hour Projects
Image Credit: Happy Hour Projects
Materials: Craft vinyl
Tools: Flashlight, electric cutting machine, scissors
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This Dollar Store Flashlight is a great way to bust summer boredom with your children. Much like the above-mentioned night light, you are going to be using a premade flashlight, but you will customize it with your child for a more fun experience.

With this design, you will simply be placing stencils in front of the light on the flashlight. That way, your child can create shapes on the wall or ceiling using the flashlight. Once again, this project is completely safe for children and includes extensive instructions.

3. Popsicle Stick LED Flashlight by Fun Loving Families

Popsicle Stick LED Flashlight by Fun Loving Families
Image Credit: Fun Loving Families
Materials: Jumbo craft sticks, medium binder clips, coin cell batteries, LED lights
Tools: Copper tape or aluminum foil, transparent tape
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

As your kids are getting older, it’s still important to do fun and educational activities. If the nightlights above are too childish for your kids, try this Popsicle Stick LED Flashlight instead. This plan also involves making your own flashlight for real, allowing your kids to see how electricity works firsthand.

The instructions are incredibly thorough. They include clear pictures, lists, and instructions so you can make your own. Using these instructions, you will be able to create a mini science experiment at home.

4. Homemade Flashlight #1 by Wiki

Homemade Flashlight #1 by Wiki
Image Credit: Wiki
Materials: Toilet roll, D batteries, copper wire, light bulb
Tools: Electrical tape, scissors
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

There is a WikiHow article for practically everything, including making your own flashlight. WikiHow provides two different methods for creating your own flashlight. The first is a quick and easy method that uses basic house supplies.

Just like any WikiHow article, the instructions include graphics, lists, and written instructions. With all this help, the instructions are very easy to follow, even if you are a beginner.

5. Homemade Flashlight #2 by Wiki

Homemade Flashlight #2 by Wiki
Image Credit: Wiki
Materials: D batteries, copper bell wire, cardboard tube, flashlight bulb, brass fasteners, cardboard strip, paper clip, paper cup
Tools: Tape
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

The second method that Wikipedia recommends is very similar to the first, but it requires more resources. This method creates a more traditional-looking flashlight, but it takes more time and effort.

Just like with the above method, this WikiHow is incredibly thorough and easy to follow. Even though it is slightly more difficult than the first method, you should be able to figure it out without any problems.

6. Pocket Wooden Flashlight With USB by Maciej Nowak Projects

Materials: Block of wood, diodes, battery, resistors, charger socket, universal board piece, wires
Tools: Saws, sander, glue, clamps, drill
Difficulty Level: Experienced

If you want to make a cool flashlight on the go, try this Pocket Wooden Flashlight with USB. This plan is more difficult to make than the other plans we have looked at so far, but the final results are professional and highly functional.

This plan is definitely only for experts. It requires many tools and skills, and there are no written instructions for the task. Instead, there is a silent video that shows you what to do. For experienced workers, this is a great plan to try out.

7. DIY LED Flashlight by Instructables

DIY LED Flashlight by Instructables
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Mailing tube with end caps, LED light, watt resistor, LED reflector, flashlight lens, toggle switch, battery holder, battery
Tools: Solder, scissors, shrink tube
Difficulty Level: Experienced

Another more professional flashlight is this DIY LED Flashlight. It looks just like a commercial flashlight but you make it yourself. This flashlight requires quite a few professional skills and tools.

Although the instructions for this plan are on Instructables, the plan is actually very thorough and professional. It includes numerous pictures, instructions, and lists. For more experienced builders, this plan will be a breeze to make.

8. Portable Sun Rechargeable Work Lamp by Instructables

Materials: See plan
Tools: See plan
Difficulty Level: Experienced

Finally, the last plan to try out is this Portable Sun Rechargeable Work Lamp. This work lamp isn’t quite a flashlight. Instead, it is a major lamp you can use to light up a room whenever the power goes out or use at your workbench.

Much like the last two plans, this plan requires expert tools and skills. The plan is very thorough and thought out. It tells you everything you need to know in order to create a great work lamp, but it can be a bit overwhelming for beginners.

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Why Should I Make My Own Flashlight?

Because it is so easy to purchase flashlights in today’s day and age, you might not see any point in making your own. Although it’s true buying your own flashlight will be more convenient, there are many reasons why you should make your own flashlight.

If you have children, making a DIY flashlight can be a fun way to get excited about science. Plus, it kills some boredom. Even if you don’t have young children, making your own flashlight can still kill boredom and be an entertaining project.

In a worst-case scenario, knowing how to make your own flashlight can help you out. If the power goes out and your flashlight is broken, having your own homemade flashlight on hand is always a big help.

Are Homemade Flashlights Safe?

Yes. Homemade flashlights are safe. The flashlight plans designed with beginners and intermediate crafters in mind are entirely safe, even for children. The more experienced plans require some dangerous tools, but the flashlights themselves are safe in the hands of a professional.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you have eight great plans for DIY flashlights you can make today, what are you waiting for? Start building your own DIY flashlights so you can have fun and make a functional tool while you are at it!

Featured Image Credit: Engin_Akyurt, Pixabay

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