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Can I Wear Blue Light Glasses All the Time?

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Blue light glasses have become more popular now that screens are such a significant part of our lives. You might be considering whether or not to get a pair or already have blue light glasses. In either case, you may have wanted to know the eyewear’s short- and long-term effects. This begs the question; can you wear blue light glasses all the time? Is it harmful? Is it helpful? Well, if you want to know the real answer, blue light glasses can be worn as little or as much as you would like. Below we’ll explain why this is and how they affect our eyes.   

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What Are Blue Light Glasses? 

Most people who clicked on this page know what blue light glasses are, but for those who don’t know, blue light glasses don’t have a blue light, nor do they look blue. The primary purpose of this accessory is to remove any blue light emitting from the screens on our devices. 

Blue Light Eye Glasses
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You Can Wear Them Any time of Day

The reason why it isn’t a bad thing to wear your favorite pair of blue light glasses is because they don’t have any adverse effects. The best time to use them is when you’re using electronic devices, or before bed. Otherwise, they aren’t a huge help. In the end, it’s all up to what your preference is and there isn’t really a limit to how long you can use them.

glasses divider 2 Why Are Blue Light Glasses Necessary?

Phones, computers, TVs, and many more household favorites all produce blue light, which can be harmful to us in certain ways. They make it harder for us to maintain a healthy sleep cycle because they signal to our brain that it’s still daytime. Not only that, but the large amounts of this light lead to retina damage. However, it depends on the type of lenses you buy, as some aren’t able to filter the light as well. Unfortunately, they don’t exactly prevent eye strain, which is best dealt with if you reduce screen times altogether.

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How Do I Know My Glasses Work?

What good is a pair of blue light glasses if they aren’t doing their job? If you want to avoid buying and wearing a set of unreliable shades, it’s essential that you test them out properly. This can be done by holding your glasses in the air so that the blue color of the sky can be seen through both pieces of glass. A small amount of yellow should appear on the surface, which is part of what filters out the blue light. Make sure to check that the manufacturer of your lenses has a 30% blue light reduction specification since that is the minimum required to be effective.

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