6 Best Scopes for AK47 in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

marines using a riflescope

We’ve all been there. You narrow down the sights and have your target in the crosshairs. You line the shot up perfectly, and you pull the trigger. Only to have your bullet come in off-target. If you have a low-quality scope, it won’t matter how many times you adjust your rifle, you’ll never hit the […]

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7 Best Budget Night Vision Goggles in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

man using Night Fox Swift Night Vision Goggles

Did you know night vision goggles used to be called nighttime image enhancers? And contrary to popular belief, it’s actually the Germans who introduced this technology. The whole concept came to be in 1935, but it was not until 1939 that German soldiers began using it. Here’s another fun fact: The green that you often […]

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Vortex Viper vs. Razor Spotting Scopes: Which Is Better?

Vortex viper vs vortex razor

Review Summary If you’re looking for a new scope for your pistol or rifle, it can be hard to choose which one you want. That’s where both of these scopes offer a ton of value for their respective markets. The Vortex Viper is an outstanding choice for handguns and close-range encounters. Conversely, the Vortex Razor […]

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Where Are Vortex Binoculars Made?

Vortex Optics Diamondback HD Binoculars Where Are Vortex Binoculars Made

Few things are harder to track down in today’s global economy than where manufacturers make something as complex as a high-end pair of optics. You might think it’s as simple as tracking down a single production facility or checking where the “Made In” stamp says. The truth is checking that stamp only takes you so […]

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Monocular vs Spotting Scope: Which Should You Choose?

monocular vs spotting scope

Anybody who’s into bird watching, hunting, astronomy or any activity that involves the use of optics will tell you that there’s nothing worse than missing an opportunity to invest in a great spotting scope or monocular. And if we’re being completely honest here, we know it’s quite unfair pitting these two against each other, but […]

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How to Judge Distance Without a Rangefinder: 6 Helpful Methods


Many sports and disciplines require you to accurately gauge distances. Golf, for instance, necessitates that you precisely hit a ball towards a specific target. If you don’t know how far you have to hit the ball, you can’t gauge how much power to put on your swing. Hunting is another time you’ll need to accurately […]

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Taking Photos Through a Rifle Scope: Is It Possible?


Yes, It is definitely possible to take photos through a rifle scope. Let us talk briefly about how this works and what kind of results you can expect, then we’ll go over how you can do it using just your camera or phone and rifle scope, and finally we’ll talk a little bit about products […]

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Who Invented the Magnifying Glass?


Almost everyone played with a magnifying glass as a kid. Do you remember trying to light leaves and grass on fire by magnifying the light of the sun? Some of the more sadistic kids were trying to burn ants as if the magnifying glass created a laser from a sunbeam. If you’re one of the […]

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How to Sight in a Rifle Scope for Beginners (2022 Guide)


Sighting in a rifle is pretty easy, and you shouldn’t be intimidated by needing to sight it in after you mount it up. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of sighting in (also called zeroing in) your scope no matter what kind of scope you have. Useful Background Information Adjustment Turrets Regardless […]

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Hunting vs Golf Rangefinders: Is There a Real Difference?

golf vs hunting rangefinder

If you look at hunting and golf rangefinders side by side, they seem like pretty similar devices. They’re about the same size, and they’re both laser rangefinders intended to fulfill the same purpose of measuring the distance from where you stand to a specific feature of your choosing. The one obvious difference is that many […]

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