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9 Birds That Look Like Blue Jays

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Most birds are beautiful, but many of them look alike and are hard to tell apart, even when they are completely different species. Some birds are even named similarly, so it should not be a surprise that people can get confused. 

Many people around the world appreciate the blue jay, so it is worth checking out all the bird types that look like this popular breed. Here are nine birds that look most like the blue jay.

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The 9 Birds That Look Like Blue Jays

1. Mountain Bluebird

Mountain Bluebird
Image Credit: Double Brow Imagery, Shutterstock

The gorgeous little birds share the same blue hue that blue jays are so popular for, but they lack the markings that most blue jays have. Nonetheless, mountain bluebirds are striking and cannot be missed when they fly by or hang out in a tree that you happen to pass. Their bottom feathers are usually white or yellow in color, while the rest of the feathers are a vibrant blue that ranges slightly in hue throughout.

2. Stellar’s Jay

Stellar’s Jay
Image Credit: JudaM, Pixabay

Both blue jays and stellar jays are blue in color, but stellar jays typically have black heads. Both types of birds have feathers or “crests” that protrude from their heads. These birds are known to have attitudes, as they tend to pick on other birds, and they like to communicate with songs. These are curious birds that dominate evergreen forests.

3. Canada Jay

canada jay
Image Credit: ftmartens , Pixabay

As the name suggests, this bird hails from Canada, where they live in forests throughout the year. These birds are always looking for something to eat, which could be just about anything. They tend to favor insects, small rodents, nuts, and berries. These are hardy birds that live through bleak winters, which is when they spend their time laying eggs and raising their young.

4. Florida Scrub-Jay

Endangered Florida Scrub-Jay
Image Credit: Steve Byland, Shutterstock

While still young, Florida scrub-jays are gray and fuzzy. When they become adults, these birds have long, sturdy tails and pale bellies. However, the rest of their bodies typically have the same blue colors that blue jays are so well-known for. Florida scrub-jays mate for life, and a mated pair may spend their time in groups of up to six other birds that are not yet mated.

5. Pinyon Jay

Pinyon Jay perched
Image Credit: Agami Photo Agency, Shutterstock

Pinyon jays are joyful little birds that like to chirp and sing. They have short, stout bodies and tiny heads. The feathers around their eyes are usually dark blue, while the rest of their bodies are lighter blue mixed with gray coloring. At first glance, they look like blue jays. However, it doesn’t take long to figure out that they are their own unique bird breed.

6. Mexican Jay

mexican jay standing on a rock
Image Credit: Matthew Jolley, Shutterstock

Mexican jays are almost indistinguishable from blue jays; however, they do not have crests. These birds have long, strong tails and wide wings. The tips of their wings are usually black, and the tops of their legs and bellies are typically white. They have dark eyes and long beaks. All members of a Mexican jay family are responsible for taking care of the young.

7. Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay

Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay perched
Image Credit: Eivor Kuchta, Shutterstock

Without a crest, the blue jay would look almost identical to this bird breed. Woodhouse’s scrub-jays are stout, strong, and noisy. They have blue heads and bodies, but some also have gray feathers that adorn their backs. Their beaks are long and dark and their eyes are almond-shaped. They have vibrant blue tails that are thin and dainty.

8. California Scrub-Jay

California scrub-jay
Image Credit: Lu-Yang, Shutterstock

Adult California scrub-jays look much like blue jays. The difference is that California scrub-jays are larger and longer. They also have white feathers on their undersides. Their beaks look similar, but they don’t have the blue jay’s crest.

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9. Indigo Bunting

indigo bunting in the middle of the garden
Image Credit: engalapag, Pixabay

The indigo bunting sings frequently and with gusto. There is no overlooking the presence of these birds when they are around due to their penchant for making noise. Sometimes, they are called blue canaries because of all their singing. They have blue bodies like blue jays do, but they usually don’t have any crests. Those that do have short crests that are almost undetectable.

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Final Thoughts

With so many birds that look like blue jays, it can get confusing when it comes to bird watching. So, grab yourself a pair of binoculars, a bird identification book, and paper and a pen, and then head out and see what kinds of birds you can identify yourself. How many look like blue jays?


Featured Image Credit: Scottslm, Pixabay

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