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10 Best Phone Screen Magnifiers of 2024 — Reviews & Top Picks

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Best Phone Screen Magnifiers 2020There’s no doubt that watching something on your phone’s small screen simply doesn’t compare with the viewing experience of a larger screen.

You usually need to switch over to a tablet or a casting device hooked up to your TV. But did you know that there’s another clever option that’s easy and affordable?

Phone screen magnifiers allow you to set up your phone at the perfect angle behind a larger, rectangular magnifying lens. As a result, the image on your screen becomes enlarged. This way, you can watch videos as if you’re on a tablet and read recipes and text without constantly zooming in.

To help you find the best phone screen magnifier, we’ve selected 10 of our favorite products and provided you with useful reviews and quick-reference pros and cons lists.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
GLISTON 3D Phone Screen Enlarger GLISTON 3D Phone Screen Enlarger
  • Curved screen
  • 2x to 4x magnification
  • Compatible with most phones
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Baoxr 3D Screen Magnifier Baoxr 3D Screen Magnifier
  • Upgraded HD lens
  • 3x to 5x magnification
  • Comfortable screen angle
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Pawaca Phone Screen Magnifier Pawaca Phone Screen Magnifier
  • Telescopic design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Jteman Phone Screen Magnifier Jteman Phone Screen Magnifier
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • HD 3D acrylic screen
  • Hands-free phone operations
  • Dizaul Screen Magnifier Dizaul Screen Magnifier
  • Easy to store
  • Attractive look
  • Tablet size screen
  • The 10 Best Phone Screen Magnifiers

    1. GLISTON 3D Phone Screen Enlarger — Best Overall 


    Our choice for the best overall phone screen magnifier goes to the GLISTON 3D Phone Screen Enlarger. Designed to be compatible with most mobile phones, the curved screen magnifier enlarges your screen by two to four times.

    Ideal for watching movies or for gaming, this phone screen magnifier creates a high-quality viewing experience without distortions. The magnifying screen is an HD threaded lens that enhances clarity and reduces eye strain. Supporting the screen is a folding bracket, which can adjust your viewing angle to reduce shoulder and neck fatigue.

    Made with sturdy acrylic material, this phone screen magnifier’s lightweight, foldable design is durable and portable. The curved screen is made to sustain flattening and restore it to its shape. The phone stand is designed to securely hold your phone in place with thoughtful features such as a suction baffle and non-slip groove.

    This phone screen magnifier works well for most users, but the clarity of viewing experience varies.

    • Compatible with most phones
    • Curved screen
    • 2x-4x magnification
    • HD threaded lens
    • Adjustable viewing angle
    • Durable acrylic material
    • Lightweight, foldable, and portable
    • Securely holds your phone in place
    • Clarity of viewing experience may vary

    2. Baoxr 3D Screen Magnifier — Best Value 


    If you’re looking for the best phone screen magnifier for the money, you may want to consider the Baoxr 3D screen magnifier. At a great price, you’ll get an upgraded HD lens that provides a realistic and dynamic viewing experience with 3D effects. It magnifies your screen between three to five times.

    The viewing area size compares to the dimensions of a tablet and is set at a comfortable 60-degree angle. Your phone rests easily on a plastic support. When you’re finished using it, you can fold it up easily for storage, and it’s lightweight enough to bring with you.

    Keep in mind that this phone screen magnifier is designed specifically for use with Samsung phones. Other brands of phones may work but you may lose quality. Also, the plastic construction may not be durable, and some components may break after several uses.

    • Best value
    • Upgraded HD lens
    • Realistic viewing with 3D effects
    • 3x to 5x magnification
    • Tablet size screen
    • Comfortable screen angle
    • Folds for easy storage
    • Lightweight for portability
    • Only designed for Samsung phones
    • Plastic construction may not be durable

    3. Pawaca Phone Screen Magnifier — Premium Choice 


    We selected the Pawaca phone screen magnifier as our premium choice for its sturdy yet portable telescopic design. You can either compress this screen magnifier almost flat for storage or expand it fully for viewing.

    Compatible with most mobile phones, the acrylic lens magnifies between two to four times the size of your phone screen. The high definition lens offers a tablet-sized viewing area with suitable clarity. You can adjust the angle of the lens for your comfort.

    To use, place your phone into the phone slot on the back of the box-like structure. Accessing your phone may become a bit difficult and inconvenient. You’ll need to reach in and remove your phone each time you need to operate it.

    The Pawaca costs more than similar items on our list. We found that darkened conditions improved the viewing quality and reduced the occurrence of glare, however.

    • Telescopic design
    • Sturdy construction
    • Flattens for storage and portability
    • Magnifies 2x to 4x
    • Adjustable viewing angle
    • Compatible with most phones
    • High-definition screen
    • Tablet-sized viewing area
    • Higher priced
    • Bright conditions inhibit viewing quality
    • Prone to glare

    4. Jteman Phone Screen Magnifier


    You’ll not only get a screen magnifier but also a Bluetooth speaker with the Jteman phone screen magnifier. The speaker provides high-definition stereo sound, while the screen is made with high-definition acrylic for a 3D HD viewing experience.

    The Bluetooth speaker offers hands-free operation of your phone. The speaker has control buttons for adjusting the volume, answering phone calls, and video operations. The Bluetooth speaker is powered by a rechargeable battery. Both the battery and USB cord are included with purchase. You can also use the power bank to charge your phone.

    With the Bluetooth speaker, this product is priced a bit higher. However, the plastic construction is a bit flimsy. The suction component holding your phone could be improved. While the viewing screen is protected by a foldable cover that doubles as a photograph holder, only one side is protected.

    • Bluetooth speaker
    • High-definition stereo sound
    • HD 3D acrylic screen
    • Hands-free phone operations
    • Rechargeable battery and USB cable included
    • Screen protector with photo holder
    • Higher price
    • Flimsy plastic construction
    • Phone holder not secure
    • Inadequate screen protector

    5. Dizaul Screen Magnifier 


    Made from solid wood, the Dizaul screen magnifier is affordable, durable, and has an attractive look. The versatile design enables this phone screen magnifier to fold flat for storage. It’s lightweight enough to be easily portable.

    When you’re ready to use the Dizaul screen magnifier, roll back the top layer and lift up the screen. Your phone rests on the rolled portion. You may need to add tape to better secure your phone if it slips.

    The Dizaul is widely compatible with a variety of phone brands. The screen magnifies to two times your phone screen’s size, and the dimensions of the screen are comparable to that of a tablet.

    Although the screen isn’t constructed for 3D or high definition, it does offer a reasonable amount of clarity. Video watching tends to create a better viewing experience than reading text.

    • Solid wood construction
    • Affordable
    • Attractive look
    • Easy to store
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Widely compatible with most phones
    • 2x magnification
    • Tablet size screen
    • Lower lens quality than similar brands
    • Phone may not be held securely
    • Not ideal for reading text

    6. Fanlory Screen Magnifier 


    With a 3D HD screen lens, the Fanlory screen magnifier offers magnification between three and four times your phone screen size. The lens size is more than adequate to create a comfortable viewing experience.

    The foldable, lightweight design allows you to take this product with you or easily store it. The lens is contained inside the base to protect it from damage when traveling or storing.

    When you want to use this phone screen magnifier, you can unfold it in a few simple steps. Slide out the lens and tilt it back. The phone stand lifts up, and a front support places this device at an optimum viewing angle. The Fanlory screen magnifier works well with a diverse selection of phone models.

    We found that the lens had some distortion but still magnified well. The foldable design may not function properly, and you may encounter difficulty sliding out the lens for use. The plastic construction may lack durability.

    • 3D HD screen lens
    • 3x to 4x magnification
    • Adequate lens size
    • Foldable, lightweight, and portable
    • Designed to protect lens when stored
    • Works well with most phone models
    • Some lens distortion
    • Difficulties unfolding for use
    • Plastic construction lacks durability

    7. Anbar Screen Magnifier 


    The Anbar screen magnifier offers a lens with high-definition 3D viewing quality. It magnifies with reasonable clarity. However, the power of the magnification is less than similar products.

    With the ability to fold as flat as a laptop, the Anbar screen magnifier stores and travels well. It has a lightweight, plastic construction that may lack durability.

    To use, raise the lens in front using the tab to avoid adding fingerprints to the viewing area. The phone support flips up from the base behind the lens. This device is suitable for most phones. You may find that your phone is not held securely in place.

    • High-definition 3D lens
    • Reasonable clarity
    • Folds flat for storage
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Suitable for most phones
    • Easy to assemble and use
    • Lower magnification power
    • Plastic construction may lack durability
    • Lacking secure phone hold

    8. Prime Zoom Phone Screen Magnifier 

    Prime Zoom

    Compatible with nearly all smartphones, the Prime Zoom phone screen magnifier can magnify your phone by two to three times. Made from environmentally friendly leather, it has a higher quality construction than plastic products.

    The lightweight, foldable design of this phone screen magnifier is crafted to protect the lens when storing or traveling. To use, simply lift the protective cover and raise the lens to a comfortable viewing angle. The protective cover folds into a propped position to support your phone. However, you may find it difficult to prevent your phone from sliding and falling out of place.

    We learned that the lens quality may lack clarity and tends to have a glare. On the upside, with your purchase, you’ll also receive two LED light-up magnifiers.

    • Compatible with most smartphones
    • 2x to 3x magnification
    • Environmentally friendly leather construction
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Convenient foldable design
    • Protective cover for lens
    • Two LED light-up magnifiers with purchase
    • Phone area does not offer secure support
    • Lens lacks clarity
    • Tends to have a glare

    9. WILEVLA 3D Phone Screen Magnifier 


    While higher priced, if you’re looking for an option that offers Bluetooth speakers, you may want to consider the WILEVLA 3D screen magnifier. The speakers have a stereo sound effect and hands-free operation. The rechargeable battery and USB cable are included with purchase. You can detach the Bluetooth speaker to use separately as well.

    The viewing screen incorporates a high definition blue-light Fresnel lens that is designed to reduce eye strain while providing vivid 3D images. The lens can magnify your screen size by two to three times. We found that it provided above-average quality and clarity.

    Setting up this phone screen magnifier requires several steps. You may have difficulty with storage and portability as well. The phone hold extends and adjusts for compatibility with a variety of smartphones, with the exception of very large-screen phone models.

    • Bluetooth speakers
    • Stereo sound
    • Hands-free operation
    • Rechargeable battery and USB included
    • Speaker can detach for separate use
    • HD 3D blue-light Fresnel lens
    • Above-average lens clarity and quality
    • Compatible with most phones
    • Higher in price
    • Many steps for setup
    • Not easily stored or portable
    • Not ideal for large-screen phone models

    10. Everrich 3D Screen Magnifier 


    Able to magnify your phone two to three times, the Everrich 3D screen magnifier has a tablet-sized lens made from acrylic and can provide 3D capability.

    Suitable with most phone models — ideally, ones measuring up to 8 inches in length — the Everrich has a simple design. The lens flips upward for viewing, and your phone rests against a support along the narrow base. When you’re finished using it, this compact and lightweight device folds extremely flat for convenient storage and portability.

    We placed the Everrich last on our list for its poor lens quality, which tends to be blurry and distorted. Also, the support does not securely hold your phone in place. The plastic construction is flimsy and lacking durability.

    • 2x to 3x magnification
    • Suitable for most phone models
    • Foldable and lightweight for storage and portability
    • Poor lens quality
    • Blurry and distorted viewing experience
    • Phone not held securely in place
    • Flimsy plastic construction

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    We chose the GLISTON 3D Phone Screen Enlarger as our top pick for the overall best phone screen magnifier. Compatible with most phones, the GLISTON has a curved HD threaded lens screen that offers high-quality viewing, excellent clarity, and two to four times magnification. The viewing angle is adjustable, your phone is held securely, and the entire device is lightweight, foldable, and portable.

    For the best value, we recommend the Baoxr 3D Screen Magnifier. It has an upgraded HD lens that provides realistic viewing with 3D effects and three to five times magnification. This phone screen magnifier folds for easy storage and is lightweight for better portability.

    The Pawaca Phone Screen Magnifier earned our premium choice for its sturdy construction and its unique telescopic design that can flatten for storage and portability. The high definition lens magnifies your phone screen by two to four times. It’s compatible with most phones.

    Hopefully, our detailed reviews and convenient pros and cons lists have helped you find an easy-to-use, affordable phone screen magnifier. With this clever device, you can convert your smartphone’s small screen into a more satisfying larger screen. With a high-quality phone screen magnifier, you can better enjoy videos, text, and pictures without having to invest in an expensive tablet.

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