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Best Magnifying Lamps 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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The right magnifying lamp will treat you to an up-close and accurate viewing experience. The wrong product will only be cloudy and frustrating. But how can the average consumer tell the difference between products that will enhance their lives and ones that will just frustrate them?

This guide is certainly a good place to start. We’ve spent a good deal of time with magnifying lamps over the past several months. All of our experiments and tests were done with the hope of finding something that is accurate and clear.

Different people require different things from their magnifying lamp. Maybe you are a reader that likes to study small print late into the night. Or maybe you’re a frequenter of job sites and need something that can attach effortlessly to a clipboard.

No matter what you’re looking for you will find it here. Our findings have been assembled in the magnifying lamp reviews found below!

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites:

ModelPriceMagnificationOur Rating
iMagniphy Glass
iMagniphy Magnifying Glass Lamp
(Best Overall)

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Carson Desk
Carson LM-20 DeskBrite200 Magnifying Desk Lamp
(Best Value)

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Neatfi LED
Neatfi 4332483272 LED Magnifying Lamp
(Premium Choice)

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Brightech Flex
Brightech LTV2IN1-BK LightView Pro Flex Magnifying Lamp

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Fancii FC-PLRE3X Magnifying Lamp

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The 10 Best Magnifying Lamps:

1. iMagniphy Magnifying Glass Lamp – Best Overall

iMagniphy Magnifying Glass Lamp

The iMagniphy features a flexible neck that makes it easy to adjust and alter. It also features a bright onboard LED light that can be adjusted for brightness at your discretion and a magnification rating of 8X. The lens is 5.5 inches in length which will make it great for reading. It’s also just super clear. The quality of the glass is very high, which will ensure you have a smooth user experience.

Buyers will want to note that this is a desk lamp. That means it will have to be used on a flat surface. It is also a corded unit, which means you will need access to an outlet. While these aren’t major problems for people that require a stationary lamp, they are worth keeping in mind.

  • Flexible neck
  • Adjustable lights
  • 8X magnification
  • High-quality glass
  • Very pricey

2. Carson Magnifying Desk Lamp – Best Value

Carson LM-20 DeskBrite200 Magnifying Desk Lamp

If the price tag of the last unit frightened you off, you will probably appreciate the value of the Carson. It is an affordable piece of equipment that has earned the distinction of being the best magnifying lamp for the money.

In addition to the moderate price tag, it also features a high-quality LED light with three different settings and a 5X magnification level that will be adequate for casual use. The light is powered by a cord but it can also be used with AAA batteries as needed.

The only issue is the lens strength, which isn’t as strong as some of the other options on our list. That will be a problem for serious hobbyists. The viewing experience is still impressive but limited in scalability.

  • Affordable
  • LED light
  • Clear viewing experience
  • Limited viewing range

3. Neatfi LED Magnifying Lamp – Premium Choice

Neatfi 4332483272 LED Magnifying Lamp

The Neatfi is a high-end lamp that is capable of up to 12,000 lumens of visibility. However, the lights can be dimmed down to 25% brightness. The light can operate for hundreds of thousands of hours, which is basically saying it can go forever.

In addition to being extremely bright, the Neatfi also features a flexible neck and an adjustable magnification component that can range from 25%-100% magnification.

The lens is also really outstanding which means you will get a clear look at whatever material you are viewing. It’s 5-inches in size, which is large enough for most applications.

Do keep in mind that an external power source is necessary for using this lamp. It can be plugged into any standard outlet.

Unfortunately, though, premium features come at a premium price. The Neatfi is one of the most expensive products we will look at today so budget accordingly.

  • Very bright
  • Flexible neck
  • High-quality viewing
  • Very pricey

4. Brightech LightView Flex Magnifying Lamp

Brightech LTV2IN1-BK LightView Pro Flex Magnifying Lamp


The Brightech is a compact light with a detachable clip that will make it good for mounting onto a table or workbench. It features a magnification ability of 1.5X (i.e. 175% that of the human eye). The length of the lens is 3 inches wide but comes closer to 5 inches in bulk when the housing is taken into consideration.

The unit comes with a 13.5-inch flexible neck for heightened adjustability and an LED light that will help treat you to a very precise viewing experience. The Brightech plugs into your average wall outlet, making it an appropriate option for most settings.

Unfortunately, though there are a few issues. For one thing, it isn’t very durable. A drop may spell this lamp’s destruction. And, as a battery-driven lamp, it is also limited by the need for frequent recharges.

It’s still an alright piece of equipment but it also has its limitations.

  • Flexible neck
  • Detachable clip
  • LED light
  • Not very durable
  • Limited battery life

5. Fancii Magnifying Lamp

Fancii FC-PLRE3X Magnifying Lamp

The Fancii features a magnification capacity of 3X. It also benefits from a flexible neck and a detachable clip that makes it compatible with books or clipboards.  LED lights further increase the versatility and can be adjusted to a variety of different brightness settings.

Perhaps best of all, this is a rechargeable lamp which makes it easy to take on the road with you. If you are looking for something consistent and dependable, this will be a good option to consider.

However, it does have one limitation that may be a turn off for many people: the actual lens itself is fairly cloudy. It isn’t as clear as we prefer to see with a magnifying lamp.

  • Different brightness settings
  • Clip-on capability
  • Flexible neck
  • So-so lens

6. Eurotool Magnifying Reading Lamp

Eurotool 75-MG9255B Magnifying Reading Lamp

The Eurotool is a durable upright lamp that will be great for people that want something for reading at their desks. It features a magnification capacity of up to 10X that of the human eye and a 3.5-inch lens that will be perfect for viewing a range of different materials. It can also be adjusted slightly thanks to a handy flexible neck.

The Eurotool does require an outlet for use but is compact enough that it should be easy to transport. Finally, a stable metal base makes it good for people that are looking for something durable and dependable.

Bear in mind that this is among the more expensive products on our list. Budget-minded buyers will probably prefer to look into something else.

  • Sturdy metal base
  • Solid magnification level
  • Flexible neck
  • One of the pricier products on this list

7. Daylight Table Magnifying Lamp

Daylight UN1040 Table Magnifying Lamp

The Daylight is a lightweight table lamp that will be good for people looking for a reliable stationary unit. At only three pounds in weight, it is good for people that may need to travel with their lamp. The dimensions are similarly conducive to transportation. Sized at 11.8 x 4.8 x 6.8 inches it is among the more compact options available on this list.

It features a 12-watt bulb that will be able to successfully treat you to a pleasant viewing experience. It also includes a crystal-clear glass that further enhances its effectiveness. The lamp is powered via a six-foot cord which will be applicable with all standard wall outlets.

Sturdiness—or a lack thereof—cuts against the effectiveness of this product. For one thing, the base is very narrow and lightweight, which makes it top-heavy. That means the lamp will tip over on a whim. The construction quality is also pretty limited. If you want something that can survive a bump or a fall, this won’t be it.

  • Lightweight build
  • 12-watt bulb
  • Top-heavy
  • Not very durable

8. Tomshine Dimmable LED Magnifying Glass Lamp

Tomshine 4332633684 LED Lighted Magnifying Glass

The Tomshine is a dimmable clip-on unit that features a long flexible neck for maximum utility. The neck can swivel at a 360-degree angle that enhances your ability to view most materials. The unit comes with an LED light and several brightness settings that make it easy to get a nice clean look at whatever material you are considering.

It also features a special white light output that is designed to be crystal clear without producing any glare. It features a 10X magnification quality that will make it easy to view coins, stamps, books, etc. The Tomshine is rechargeable and can be connected via a USB port.

Unfortunately, it is not an extremely durable light. It also suffers from a very short battery life. It’s not a bad light at the end of the day but it also doesn’t compete well against some of our more elite options.

  • Clip-on
  • Dimmable
  • 10X magnification quality
  • Not very durable
  • Short battery life

9. JollyCaper Magnifying Lamp

JollyCaper Magnifying Lamp

The JollyCaper features an adjustable magnifying component. It can be adjusted so that it magnifies at a ratio of 5X-10X that of the human eye’s capability. The smaller 5X lens will be fine for regular viewing (i.e. reading) while the 10X lens will allow you to take a closer look at coins, stamps, and other sensitive materials. It also features a dimmable light, and a plastic stationary base so that it can be placed on your desk.

Unfortunately, the build quality just isn’t there. The plastic design concept puts most of the weight on the light itself. This makes it tip over very easily. It also isn’t very durable. In the event of a drop, it may not survive.

  • Adjustable magnifier
  • Top-heavy
  • Not very durable

10. Studio Designs Magnifying Lamp

Studio Designs 12308 Magnifying Lamp

We end the list with the Studio Designs lamp. This unit features a primarily metal construction and benefits from a long, retractable neck. With a range of 36 inches, it is sizable enough to give you plenty of utility. The lamp is corded which means you will need access to an outlet to make it work.

At a glance, it looks pretty great but unfortunately, it doesn’t quite deliver as well in application.

For one thing, durability is a real problem. The unit isn’t built to last and won’t if it is put to task. It also is very difficult to install. The lamp is supposed to mount effortlessly onto any desk but the hardware that allows for this is very flimsy. The installation will be difficult, and the unit may subsequently fall apart through no fault of your own.

It is also worth mentioning that this is one of the most expensive lamps on the list.

  • Metal construction
  • Not very durable
  • Low-quality hardware
  • Installation may fail

Buying Considerations

You’ve read the reviews but do you know what product you would like? If not, we can help with that. Read on for some buying considerations that will tell you everything you need to know about this product.

It’s also worth mentioning that we recently compared the most popular magnifying FLOOR lamps (click here to see our favorite pick).

Magnification Levels

Most magnifying lamps don’t require an extremely high level of magnification. The majority of people are using this product for a little bit of extra help with their reading. Consequently, something in the 5X range will probably be sufficient.


As you may have noticed, the price of a lamp can range pretty substantially from unit to unit. A high-end stationery lamp will probably cost something in the $60-100 range. However, you can also find budget picks or clip-on units for considerably less than that.


Brightness is measured in lumens. A good lamp may have something in the 1,200 lumens range. However, you may also find options out there that are adjustable in their brightness. Naturally, the more settings you can get your hands on, the more flexible the lamp will be.


There are two main types of styles to consider. The stationary lamp will feature a base and a neck similar to that of a standard unit.

Then there are clip-ons. Clip-on magnifiers are compact and can attach to books or clipboards for enhanced reading on the go.

A desktop magnifier


Battery Life

Most stationary lamps will plug in the same way that an ordinary lamp would. However, when it comes to the clip-on unit you need to start thinking about battery life. Fortunately, LED lights tend to be pretty moderate in their energy consumption. You may get many hours of use off of a single charge.

That said, you will still want to pay attention to the battery run time. How long it lasts is one thing but it can also be prudent to consider how long it takes to charge as well.


Most of the lamps on our list today feature a flexible neck. This component adds (and pardon the pun here) a lot of flexibility to the lamp itself. With a little bit of adjustability, you will be able to effortlessly switch from reading to take an up-close look at sensitive materials like stamps or coins.

You don’t necessarily need a flexible neck but it can certainly be helpful to have.

Quality of the Glass

There are lots of different factors that go into the quality of glass. When it comes to really high-end optical equipment (binoculars, cameras, etc.) the glass may feature special coatings that impact how they filter and process light.

These high-grade glasses will be more effective than the human eye at analyzing the quality of a material. That said, these types of features are fairly atypical in the world of magnifying lamps. You can definitely still find it but the truth is you probably won’t need it.

So, how to determine the quality of glass on a magnifying lamp? The best way is to simply read reviews like this one. We are always sure to mention when key features like this one don’t deliver the way they are expected to.


If you are going for a stationary unit you will want to look for something that has a high-quality base. In that situation, you will probably gravitate towards a weighted metal material. The weight and durability will add a lot of stability to the unit.

Plastic is suitable under the best of circumstances but it may not stand up well to trials and tribulations.

Final Verdict:

Ten great magnifying lamp reviews, one decision to make. If one of the lamps has already spoken to you then hopefully you aren’t even reading this review anymore. For those of us that are still here though, it may help to provide a helpful nudge.

Buyers that drift towards really high-quality products will look towards lamps like our top choice the iMagniphy Magnifying Glass Lamp. However, if you don’t want to break the bank on this purchase, you can also find a reliable option with the Carson LM-20 DeskBrite200 Magnifying Desk Lamp.

The good news is that this is a low-risk buying decision. All ten of the products here are really dependable—you just need to find your favorite and buy it with confidence.