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What Animals Can You Hunt in Canada? 6 Common Game Species

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Canada is a beautiful destination for hunters. On its west coast, you can easily spot deer roaming around freely. In Ontario, moose roam around, and the farmer’s fields are also filled with hundreds of waterfowl in the prairies. 

Although hunting is permitted in Canada, you may have to follow strict regulations to experience this activity. That’s because the provincial and federal governments have imposed strict laws to protect their wildlife.

Nevertheless, hunting is an exciting activity in this region, and with so many game species in Canada, the interest of hunters continues to increase. So, let’s learn more about what common species you can hunt in Canada.

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The 6 Common Game Species to Hunt in Canada:

Here is the list of game species in the region. Know their details and the hunting methods used to avoid any hefty fines.

1. Black Bear

louisiana black bear
Image Credit: 27707, Pixabay

The black bear is one of the common game species that you can easily find in North America. This animal is usually found in marshes and forests in the east, and when in the west, it can be spotted in the mountainous regions.

A black bear weighs around 220 kilograms with a height of 180 meters and a length of around 95 centimeters. This animal mostly has a thick black coat with white spots on the chest and a brown face and chest.

To hunt a Black Bear, you are required to follow specific hunting methods. For instance, you can wait while lying with the bait or pursue stalking. The Canadian government also permits the hunting of this animal with dogs.

2. Grizzly/Brown Bear

bear in forest
Image Credit: LTapsaH, Pixabay

If you are specifically on a bear hunt, you may also spot a brown bear or grizzly as a common game in the region. Grizzlies are usually found in high mountains, while the Alaskan Brown Bear can be spotted in islands or forests closer to the land.

An Alaskan Bear weighs around 800 kilograms and has a height of 180 meters. It features a heavy build with stooping shoulders, short claws, and rounded ears. What’s more, the bear has a brown coat with hair featuring silver tips.

On the other hand, a Grizzly weighs a maximum of 400 kilograms and has a height of around 110 meters. It has large and broad claws, and the coat features silver tips.

The Canadian government allows two types of hunting methods for these bears. You can choose from stalking or lying down with the bait and waiting for the bear to come.

3. White-Tailed Deer

white tailed deer
Image Credit: Daina Krumins, Pixabay

This deer is one of the most graceful animals found in Canada. The animal usually weighs around 110 kilograms, and some exceptional ones weigh as high as 200 kilograms.

This deer is usually found in forests and areas with abundant food. It is generally found in forests during summer, and as the winter approaches, the animal travels hundreds of kilometers to areas with shelter and food protecting it from snowstorms.

The white-tailed deer is one of the favorite game species in Canada. Hunters use many innovative techniques to hunt down this animal. For instance, most hunters first use the scent control approach to allow the deer to walk towards them and then kill it when the right time approaches. They also track the animal through the places where they rub on the wood or a trunk’s bare, lower portion.

This animal is often hunted through baiting or with the correct weapon. If the law allows baiting in the hunting location, you can use mineral blocks, rice barn, or deer corns to trap the animal. Make sure you place the bait in the correct area where the deer is most likely to be found.

You can choose the perfect weapon to hunt down the deer. From muzzleloader to a rifle, there are many options available, but make sure that your chosen weapon is adequately sighted in.

4. Moose

moose resting on the field
Image Credit: David Mark, Pixabay

The scientific name of Moose is Alces alces, and this animal is usually found in tundra-like open regions in Canada. In the south, you may locate it in forests and marshes.

Moose is a Roman-nosed deer with a massive body. It can weigh up to 800 kilograms and have a total body length of around 350 meters. It has a grayish-brown coat with light-colored legs, and, interestingly, adult male moose usually have a beard.

You can use many types of hunting methods for hunting animals. For instance, you can lure it with calls or wait with the bait. Stalking is another standard hunting method used; some hunters also kill the animal on horseback.

5. Wolf

wolf in the forest
Image Credit: hansharbig, Pixabay

If you are a wolf hunter, Alberta, Canada might be your paradise. It is a game-rich place with a substantial population, which is why it is a top destination for wolf hunters.

Wolves are clever animals and hunting them down is a challenging task. But in Canada, you can hunt the animal using the bait technique that demands you to sit with bait for 7–8 hours straight. While the procedure can be exhausting, the reward is always worth it. 

6. Mountain Goat

mountain goat
Image Credit: Raindom, Pixabay

Another common game in the region is the mountain goat. This animal is usually found in the region’s Rocky Mountains and steep-sided valleys. You can also locate them near the snowline.

A mountain goat has many unique features. For instance, it has a thick white bear and a snowy white body. It also has small horns, and each of these is bent backward.

Stalking is the only method used to hunt down a mountain goat. It involves silently pursuing the animal on foot to gain its meat.

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Things to Consider When Hunting in Canada

Whether you want to experience bear or deer hunting in Canada, there are some specific things that you should consider to make your experience memorable.

Hunting License

Before you plan a hunting trip, ensure that you have a license to perform this activity. The license you get is often specific to the game and part of your license summary. The license requirements vary according to the activity you may want to undertake.


The gear you use for hunting depends on the region’s laws and the game. For instance, Canada doesn’t allow all types of weapons for all games.

Similarly, the hunting methods also differ. For instance, if you want to hunt down a mountain goat, you are only permitted to catch it through stalking. Wolves are also captured through the bait-hunting procedure.

Make sure you are aware of the regulations and pack up all the required gear to avoid mishaps.

hunting aiming the target
Image Credit: Body Stock, Shutterstock


Before you plan a hunting trip, research the right season. The big game hunting season in Canada usually happens between May and December. Black bear hunting usually takes place in Autumn and also in Spring at times.

Grizzly hunting takes place in May and June, and deer hunting is allowed from August to November. Moose are usually hunted in the middle of October and September.

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Final Takeaway

If hunting is an activity you enjoy, you can experience it in Canada as it is one of the most populated areas with many game species. From deer to bears, the region is a wildlife haven to provide you with a rewarding hunting experience.

However, before you plan a trip, ensure that you have read all the regulations correctly. Also, get a proper license and gear and check the appropriate season to hunt your favorite game species in Canada.

Featured Image Credit: Amir Hosseini, Unsplash

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