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Sig Sauer Rangefinder Review of 2024 – Pros, Cons, and Verdict

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Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Sig Sauer Rangefinder a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Build Quality: 5/5
Optical Quality: 3.5/5
Features: 4.8/5
Price: 5/5

The Sig Sauer Kilo 3000 BDX 10×42 Rangefinder Binoculars is among the best long-ranging binoculars and advanced laser rangefinders. It’s bursting with features, including an onboard Applied Ballistics Ultralite calculator that transmits ballistic drop data directly to a SIERRA3BOX riflescope. There’s also an app for iOS and Android to set up ballistic profiles and synchronize profiles.

These versatile binoculars are ideal for hunting, bow hunting, target shooting, long range, and ballistics uses. The full yard range is 5,000, but the optimal range is 3,000. These are also among the most affordable binoculars with Bluetooth capability.

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Sig Sauer Kilo 3000 BDX 10×42 – A Quick Look

Sig Sauer Kilo 3000BDX Binocular Laser RANGEFINDER


  • Brand: Sig Sauer
  • Model: Kilo 3000 BDX 10×42
  • Dimensions: 5.75 x 2.5 x 5 in
  • Weight: 31 oz
  • Yard range: 5,000
  • Magnification: 10x
  • Objective lens: 42 mm
  • Display type: LED
  • Waterproof/fogproof: Yes/yes
  • Angle compensation: Yes
  • Excellent build quality
  • Affordable price
  • Connected app
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • 5,000-yard range
  • Mediocre optical quality
  • Lens are vulnerable to damage

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Quality Build

Image Credit: Free-Photos, Pixabay

These Sig Sauer binoculars offer exceptional quality, especially for the price. The design has numerous features that enhance their use, including anti-reflective coating, a grooved focus wheel, focus mechanisms for the display, and multi-stop eyecups. They’re also water resistant and fog proof.

The laser engine has a LightWave DSP for a 4-times-per-second refresh scan rate at maximum distance. It also has a 1M laser with a beam divergence of 1.5 x 0.6 mrad and a circular beam.

Advanced Ballistics

While many rangefinders have onboard ballistics, these binoculars feature Ultralite AB and support external AB through the BDX app. You could also connect the BDX technology to a BDX riflescope. With the app, you can store up to 25 customized user profiles. You’re only permitted to use one at a time, however, so you can’t simultaneously sync the rangefinder to different scopes.

Target Modes

The Sig Sauer Kilo 3000 comes with Best Target Mode and Last Target Mode. The Best Target Mode is the default mode that provides return scans based on the largest peak readings at the assumed distance and target. Last Target Mode offers return scans on the farthest target you’re trying to range, which is excellent for getting past obstructions when ground scatter is a concern.

Optical Quality

Image Credit: fsHH, Pixabay

The one lackluster aspect of the Sig Sauer Kilo 3000 rangefinders is the optical quality. If you’re not doing photography or concerned about chromatic aberration, these binoculars are more than adequate. Otherwise, you may need something with better quality. The edge-to-edge clarity is still impressive, however. These binoculars also lack a lens cap or exterior lens coatings, which can compromise the quality of the lens over time.

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Can the Sig Sauer Kilo 3000 be mounted on a tripod?

Yes, these binoculars are tripod compatible and can mount to standard field or camera tripods.

What is the expected battery life of the binoculars?

The Kilo 3000 BDX is powered by a CR2 battery and can exceed 4,000 actuations, according to the brand. Scan mode drains the battery quickly, however.

Do the binoculars come with anything?

Yes. You can get the binoculars along with a lens cleaning cloth and a lens cleaning pen.

What warranties are available?

The Sig Sauer Kilo 3000 BDX binoculars come with a lifetime warranty and a limited 5-year warranty for electronic components.

What the Users Say 

Overall, users are happy with the Sig Sauer Kilo 3000 BDX 10×42. Most reviewers noted the solid data, excellent readout, and ability to pair the binoculars with riflescopes. Reviewers also mentioned the exceptional quality and features for the price, which is more affordable than comparable binoculars. For many, these binoculars were far superior to the more expensive competitors in terms of performance and accuracy.

On the downside, some reviewers took issue with the lack of lens caps or protective coatings, especially with the shallow recession at the end of the binocular housing. They’re available, but that adds to the cost of the binoculars. Of course, this is more important if you’re using them for photography use or other uses where image quality is more important. Users also noticed the chromatic aberration.

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The Sig Sauer Kilo 3000 BDX 10×42 Rangefinder Binoculars offer excellent value for the price. With a range of practical features and versatility, keeping in line with its more expensive rivals. The one downside is the optical quality, but for the price and performance, that’s a small compromise for a quality set of affordable binoculars. These are the ideal choice for hunting, target shooting, or other recreational uses.

Featured Image Credit: LightField Studios, Shutterstock

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