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How Many Pictures Does a Disposable Camera Take?

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Most disposable cameras can take up to 27 pictures. However, some newer, more expensive models can take as many as 50 photos. It’s important to check with your disposable camera’s manufacturer to learn how many photos it can take.

Keep reading to learn more about how many pictures a disposable camera can take.  

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How Many Shots Are in a Disposable Camera?

The standard number of shots in the disposable camera is 27 shots. If you were to pick a random disposable camera blindly, there are likely 27 shots you can take. Kodak and Fujifilm disposable cameras, for example, allow 27 exposures.

Occasionally, you can find more expensive brands that offer more shots. These disposable cameras are often way more expensive, but the quality of the pictures doesn’t differ much. These disposable cameras normally offer 50 exposures, which is almost twice as many as the 27 exposures.

Still, expect the standard for disposable camera exposures to be 27. The most popular brands all offer this set number of photos to be taken.

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How Can I Find Out How Many Pictures My Disposable Camera Takes?

It should be easy to find out how many pictures your disposable camera can take. The manufacturers typically print this right on the box so you can know how many exposures the camera is capable of with very little effort.

So, we recommend looking at the box. It’s normally printed right on the front of the packaging around the camera’s name. If you don’t have the box, you should be able to look at the camera to see what kind of a camera it is. From there, search online based on your specific camera. Most likely, it will have 27 exposures.

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How Can You Check the Pictures on a Disposable Camera?

Knowing how many pictures have been taken on your disposable camera is actually a lot easier than you may think. Both Kodak and Fujifilm disposable cameras have ways of checking how many photos you have left.

For most disposable cameras, just find the transparent piece of plastic located next to the camera button. There, you should be able to see a number printed. This number tells you how many pictures you have remaining.

Once you’ve taken all your photos, you will need to take the film to get developed at a photo lab or drugstore. Walgreens, Walmart, and other large chains often have photo labs. At these photo labs, you can get the entire film developed. It normally costs between $8–$20 to get the entire film developed from a disposable camera.

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Final Thoughts

The standard number of exposures included in a disposable camera is 27 shots. This means that you can take 27 pictures before the film runs out. You can find other brands that offer more exposures, but these are not as common.

While you are taking photos from your disposable camera, it’s important to keep tabs on how many pictures you are taking. As soon as the 27 exposures are up, you can’t take any more pictures. So, use those 27 exposures wisely or buy a camera that allows for more photos to be taken.

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