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Do Birds Like Music? Should You Play Music For Them?

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Birds are very musical in the wild. They sing and chatter to each other all the time. Many people enjoy the sound of birdsong and find it relaxing. Since birds seem to enjoy making music of their own so much, it begs the question, do birds like to listen to music? The answer is actually very interesting.

Some scientists do believe that birds enjoy listening to music, similar to how people enjoy music. They will bop along to the latest songs and sometimes even dance. Not all birds like music, and the type of music each individual bird likes will vary depending on the bird’s personality. Finding the perfect music for your bird might be a process since birds cannot outright tell you what they enjoy and what they don’t. Finding music your bird likes can be a fun and enjoyable experience.

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Should I Play Music for My Bird?

There is no harm in playing music for your bird. Make sure the volume is not too loud and look out for any odd behaviors while playing the music. Many birds do seem to like music, so playing some tunes for them can be a fun and relaxing endeavor for your feathered friend. Birds do not need to listen to music, and they are not starved for it. But it can be something extra that you do for your bird every once in a while. They are stimulated by auditory senses, like many animals.

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What Kind of Music Do Birds Like?

Each bird is different, but there are some genres of music that birds seem to enjoy more than others. Most birds like complex classical music played at a soft volume. It is theorized that classical music contains many similar sounds to birds in the wild that they will find soothing. Classical music has instruments like violin and flute that birds seem to enjoy.

Birds have also been found to enjoy soft pop music or light alternative tracks. Anything with light, airy sounds and not a lot of base often appeals to birds.

Every bird is different so try out some different genres to see what really gels with your individual bird—some birds like country, some birds like rock, other birds like jazz. There is no one size fits all solution to birds and music.

What Kind of Music Do Birds Dislike?

Birds do not like electronic music and dance music—this is particularly true of parrots. If it is music that you would likely hear blaring at a club, your bird will probably not like it. Some bird owners might have that in common with their birds.

Birds do not like music with lots of heavy bass and unnatural sounds. Birds’ ears are tuned to listen to light and airy sounds like birdsong, wind, and nature. In many cases, popular electronic music is the exact opposite of the kinds of natural sounds that birds enjoy on their own.

Birds are also averse to loud music. If you want to play music for your bird, make sure it is at a low volume. If your bid doesn’t seem to be enjoying the music, try turning it down before you turn it off. Unlike teenagers and metalheads, birds are not looking to have their eardrums blown out by the latest tunes.

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Image Credit: christels, Pixabay

How Can I Tell If My Bird Enjoys Music or Not?

There are a few ways to tell if your bird is enjoying music or not. If the bird seems to be listening and paying attention to the noise, there is a good chance they are enjoying the music. Some birds will even get excited and appear to dance to the music. Birds that are bobbing their heads and moving around on their bars probably like the sound of the music.

However, if your bird appears agitated, stressed, or scared, they are probably not enjoying the music. If they begin to fly around or make anxious cries, you should turn the music off. Birds are sensitive to sound, and if they do not like the sound of something, they will let you know.

All birds are different, and each bird owner should know the signs and queues of their individual bird’s personality. If your bird is enjoying the music, they will be acting as natural and happy as they do on a normal day. If your bird is acting strange or exhibiting behaviors you are not familiar with when the music is on, there is a good chance they are being stressed out by the music, and you should turn it off.

The best way to figure out what your bird likes is to play different music to see how they react. You might be surprised at what songs your bird starts dancing to.

In Conclusion

It turns out birds do enjoy music. While there is no official data that can point to concrete benefits or actual confirmation from the bird’s own beak that they are enjoying the sounds, many people can visibly see how music makes their birds happy. Birds do not like all music, but in many cases, you can find a song or genre that really appeals to your individual pet. The key is to make sure the music is not too loud. Loud music often upsets birds. Now all you have to do is find your bird’s favorite artist.

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