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8 DIY Log Cabin Bird House Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

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small log cabin-bird feeder in the forest

A DIY birdhouse is a fun way to get creative and enhance your woodworking skills, and providing a birdhouse in your backyard is a great way to attract birds to the garden. They can also make amazing gifts or a fun holiday project for yourself and the kids.

A log cabin-style birdhouse is rustic and cozy, making it a fun and unique feature of your backyard. A few DIY plans are easy to follow and simple enough for any novice, while some require a bit more skill and experience with tools. Either way, we have found a plan that you can get started with today.

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The Top 8 DIY Log Cabin Bird House Plans

1. Log Cabin Birdhouse Using Sticks by home fixated

Log Cabin Birdhouse Using Sticks by home fixated
Image Credit: home fixated
Materials: Sticks from the yard, wood glue, waxed paper for work surface
Tools: Small hand saw, T bevel, pencil, level
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

This sweet and simple log cabin birdhouse is easy enough for anyone to try their hand at. Using a few basic tools and just some sticks from the yard, it is fun and easily achievable. With this design, you will need to use your discretion with sizing and design, so have fun with it! The dimensions are not crucial and can be modified, which allows you some creative freedom.

Choose a glue that is very strong, waterproof and that preferably dries to a brown color to compliment the sticks. This project has a lot of gaps, and the glue will also be used as a filler.

2. Modern Log Cabin Birdhouse by instructables

Modern Log Cabin Birdhouse by instructables
Image Credit: instructables
Materials: Oak dowels, sanding files, cork sheets, sheet wood, threaded rod, composite shims, wing nuts, screws, linseed oil
Tools: Drill, jigsaw, pull saw
Difficulty Level: Difficult

This modern log cabin bird house is a project for those with more experience and skills with using wood tools and building. There are a few extra details and elements, such as a chimney, which provides an option to upskill yourself further and make your bricks! If you feel you can pull this one off, the result is amazing and is a perfect replica of a mini log cabin.

3. Log Cabin Birdhouse With Red Roof by instructables

Log Cabin Birdhouse With Red Roof by instructables
Image Credit: instructables
Materials: Wood, wood glue, dead branches for logs, red paint
Tools: Grinder, sander, draw knife, band saw, drill
Difficulty Level: Moderate

A log cabin with a red roof is a classic aesthetic for a birdhouse. This DIY plan is pretty straightforward. It uses a sheet of wood, some dead branches, wood glue, and a coat of paint but is constructed using common woodworking tools. A PDF of shape templates is available to download, making it easy to get your materials together and ready for construction. It is all held together with glue, so make sure your glue of choice is high quality and waterproof.

4. Faux Log Cabin for a Birdhouse by wikihow

Faux Log Cabin for a Birdhouse by wikihow
Image Credit: wikihow
Materials: Wood, tree limbs for logs, bark slabs, staples or screws, sandpaper, varnish
Tools: Table or circular saw
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This faux log cabin can be made just for fun but will make a great birdhouse! It is constructed using advanced tools like a circular saw, but it can easily be adapted to suit your collection of woodworking tools. It also includes some unique methods that may require extra patience but starting with a sketch will help you determine the size and shape of your cabin.

It is helpful to choose a softwood that is easy to work with, such as juniper, cypress, or cedar.

5. Log Cabin Birdhouse With Grass Roof by instructables

Materials: Small tree branches, wood, plastic, staples, chicken wire, pencil, wood glue, nails, grass for decorative roof
Tools: Hand saw, tenon saw, retractable knife, hammer, staple gun
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

This log cabin is pretty simple to design with an instructional video that is easy to follow. Not many materials are required, and very basic tools can be used, making this a perfect plan for a woodworking novice.

 The roof includes real grass, which is a unique and sweet feature that birds will love!

6. Classic Log Cabin Birdhouse by scout life

Classic Log Cabin Birdhouse by scout life
Image Credit: scout life
Materials: Cedar board, straight branches, small nails, wood screws, wood glue, sandpaper, paint
Tools: Crosscut saw, ripsaw, pocketknife, drill, hammer
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

This log cabin design is sweet and classic and will look adorable on a branch in the backyard. The plan is very detailed, with pictures and an in-depth list of tools and materials. Anyone with basic woodworking knowledge will easily put this birdhouse together, but the detailed instructions make it easy for a beginner to give it a go.

7. Log Cabin Bird Box by sun catcher studio

Materials: Wood, screws, linseed oil
Tools: Drill, saw
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

This bird box resembles a more modern log cabin design with the inclusion of a perch at the entrance hole and a sweet chimney for aesthetics. It is excellent for attracting bluebirds, swallows, chickadees, and warblers, to name a few. The instructions include plenty of detail with photo images, making it easy to follow. They also include an instructional video. You simply can’t go wrong. This bird house project is great to get the kids involved in.

8. Lincoln Log Birdhouse by diy joy

Materials: Branches, wood glue
Tools: Handsaw
Difficulty Level: Easy

This Lincoln Log-inspired birdhouse can be made in a few easy steps. The DIY project is easy to follow with a step-by-step video, making it easy for the whole family. All you need is branches from the yard cut to size and good quality wood glue.

You can place the birdhouse close to the bird feeder in your backyard to create a little sanctuary for the visiting birds.

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Tips for Building Birdhouses

Building a birdhouse doesn’t need to be complicated. Decide which design you will go with and gather all your materials and tools. If you are an intimidated beginner, start with something straightforward, but if you have more experience, you can choose something that can challenge your skill levels or something to which you can add your creative touch.

You will need to learn which cavity-nesting birds visit your area regularly to know what your birdhouse will need. Elements that influence which birds will visit include:

  • The size of the entrance hole
  • The height of the birdhouse and its floor dimensions
  • Materials used
  • General design and shape
  • How and where you mount it

Consider these essential steps and adjustments to make a birdhouse more bird-friendly:

  • Add drainage holes to help with waste and water removal as well as ventilation.
  • Include ventilation holes to keep nestlings cool and comfortable.
  • Only use natural building materials (untreated hardwood is best).
  • Only decorate the outside with water-based latex paint and do not paint or varnish the interior of the house because it may be toxic or may chip and damage the eyes of birds.
  • To keep the rain out of the house, use a deep roof overhang or a countersunk hole.
  • Include a hinged roof or a side door that can be opened for cleaning.

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Whether you are a novice, an experienced crafter, or a woodworker, there are ideas and plans for everyone. Along with the correct material and tools, all you need is time, patience, and confidence. The key is to have fun with your DIY log cabin birdhouse and start this project without pressure or high expectations.

Knowing the critical elements of a bird-friendly nesting spot before building a log cabin birdhouse will ensure that the cabin you build is safe and comfortable.

Featured Image Credit: Dance60, Shutterstock

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