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11 DIY Bluebird House Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

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Putting up a birdhouse that’s specifically designed for bluebirds is one of the best ways to attract this beautiful and playful bird to your backyard. Most bluebird house plans are simple to make, even with beginner DIY skills, some scrap pieces of lumber, and the most basic tools.

When you’re choosing your plan, there are a few dimension requirements you should keep in mind. The space inside the birdhouse must be large enough for a brood of 5 to 8 chicks, but the entrance hole must not be so large as to encourage bigger birds and unwanted visitors from harming the breeding pair and their young.

  • Entrance: 1.5 inches wide (or 1.56 inches for mountain bluebirds)
  • Floor space: 5 x 5 inches or larger
  • Entrance height: 6-10 inches above the birdhouse floor

Now that you’re aware of those dimensions, most birdhouse plans are easy to adapt for bluebirds. Here’s our list of 11 bluebird house plans you can make today!

The 11 DIY Bluebird House Plans

1. Simple DIY Bluebird House by Felt Magnet

Simple DIY Bluebird House by Felt Magnet
Photo Credit: Felt Magnet
Materials Plywood or wood boards, screws, nails, wood glue
Tools Drill, hammer, saw, paddle bit
Difficulty Level Moderate

This plan for a simple but functional bluebird house includes gaps for air on both sides and a DIY pivot-hinged side door for easy maintenance access. This birdhouse looks great when made with pine, cedar, or redwood boards, but can be built with just about any lumber, including ply.

2. Eastern Bluebird House by Instructables

Materials 1 x 5 ft. board, hinge, screws or nails
Tools Drill, hammer, saw, hole saw or jigsaw
Difficulty Level Easy

With a handy perch and a hinged roof, this plan is aimed toward the eastern bluebird, but is easy to modify for other bluebirds too. The eastern bluebird plan is one of the simplest ones to follow, not to mention one of the quickest and cheapest birdhouses plans out there.

3. Peterson Bluebird Box by Family Handyman

Peterson Bluebird Box by Family Handyman
Photo Credit: Family Handyman
Materials Weatherproof wood, nails
Tools Drill, hammer, saw, hole saw or jigsaw
Difficulty Level Moderate

The Peterson bluebird box immediately pops out as unique from the others. It’s elegantly designed, and bluebirds themselves seem to have a slight preference for it when compared to square birdhouses. The front swings out, making cleaning and maintenance a whole lot easier.

4. Easy Bluebird House by WikiHow

Easy Bluebird House by WikiHow
Photo Credit: WikiHow
Materials 66-inch-long wood, screws, glue
Tools Drill, hammer, saw, hole saw, chisel, screwdriver
Difficulty Level Easy

With a handful of screws, some wood, and a few basic tools, even the most novice woodworker can build this bluebird house in one afternoon. The roof on this birdhouse is slanted to ensure rainwater drips away, but unlike our other plans, there’s no easy access for maintaining the inside. Instead, you’ll have to unscrew the front piece each year after the bluebirds have fledged.

5. Traditional Bluebird House by The DIY Dreamer

Traditional Bluebird House by The DIY Dreamer
Image Credit: The DIY Dreamer
Materials Wood, screws
Tools Drill, screwdriver, saw
Difficulty Level Easy

Although this birdhouse plan is similar to the Easy Bluebird House, the back piece on this one stretches up above the roof, making it much easier to hang up anywhere you want. These plans are quick and easy to make, and we think they look fantastic painted in various bright pastel colors to decorate the backyard!

6. Triangle Top Birdhouse by Fanning Sparks

Triangle Top Birdhouse by Fanning Sparks
Image Credit: Fanning Sparks
Materials Pine boards
Tools Jigsaw, drill, clamps, screwdriver
Difficulty Level Moderate

If you’re looking to build an adorable yet simple cottage-style birdhouse, this is the plan for you. Although the instructions are simple to follow, there are a couple of angles to cut. As well as being practical, this bluebird house can add cheer to any backyard.

7. PVC Birdhouse by Instructables

PVC Birdhouse by Instructables
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials 4-inch PVC pipe, 4-inch wooden rounds, ¼-inch wooden dowel, glue
Tools Saw, drill, calmps, rubber mallet, eye screws, paint
Difficulty Level Hard

For those of you who are looking to build a unique birdhouse for bluebirds, the PVC birdhouse plan might be for you! Painted in bright colors, these cylindrical birdhouses look great hanging from a native tree where bluebirds can have quick access to food. Their shape makes water slide off easily, while a handy wooden dowel makes the perfect perch!

Just remember to adjust the dimensions to what bluebirds prefer.

8. Flat Top Bluebird House by Empress Of Dirt

Flat Top Bluebird House by Empress Of Dirt
Image Credit: Empress Of Dirt
Materials Weather-resistant wood, screws, caulk or sealant, nails
Tools Saw, drill, screwdriver
Difficulty Level Easy

This flat top birdhouse is not only easy to build, it also looks great. The front of this bluebird house swings open easily to allow for maintenance and cleaning. The flat top is elongated at the front to offer both shade and protection to your backyard bluebirds as they enter and leave their nest.

9. Cottage Birdhouse A Crafty Spoonful

Cottage Birdhouse A Crafty Spoonful
Image Credit: A Crafty Spoonful
Materials 6 foot x 8 inch board (x3), cedar fence board, wooden dowel, 10” aluminum flashing, wood glue, nails, staples, paint
Tools Jig saw, table saw, stapler, hammer, drill
Difficulty Level Moderate

Don’t let the intricate details of this birdhouse put you off! The plans are very easy to follow. The miniature cottage birdhouse may take a little longer to craft, and may work out slightly more expensive than the simple bluebird house plans, but the result is a beautiful, decorative, and functional birdhouse that’ll last for several years!

10. Slot Entry Bluebird House by Green Machine Farm

Slot Entry Bluebird House by Green Machine Farm
Image Credit: Green Machine Farm
Materials Wood, 1.375” shoulder hook, screws
Tools Drill, saw, screwdriver
Difficulty Level Easy

This slot entry bluebird house plan is one of the easiest birdhouse plans out there that you can make today! This birdhouse doesn’t have a circular entry hole like a traditional birdhouse. Instead, a mailbox-like slot at the top gives just enough space for a bluebird to slip through.

Cleverly placed shoulder hooks allow the front of the birdhouse to slide out for maintenance and cleaning whenever necessary.

11. Six-Sided Birdhouse  by Fell Magnet

Materials Weather-resistant wood, glue, screws
Tools Jig saw, band clamp, drill
Difficulty Level Hard

If you’re looking for a sophisticated birdhouse to attract your local bluebirds, look no further than this hexagonal dovecot-style birdhouse. We recommend this plan for intermediate to expert woodworkers.

The edges of each side piece of the dovecot are cut at 30-degree angles, which, when put together, should make a complete hexagonal shape. Complete the birdhouse with a stepped roof, and some paint!

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There you have it – a variety of fun and inviting Bluebird house plans that you can get started on today. Whether you are interested in a pop of color, prefer a classic design or are looking for something a little more modern, there’s a plan on here for you. Happy building and birdwatching!

Featured Image Credit: Sari ONeal, Shutterstock

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