When Was the Microscope Invented and by Who?

a microscope

The first compound microscope was invented sometime around 1590, most likely by Hans and Zacharias Janssen, but there is some debate as to whether it was actually Hans Lippershey, who also filed the first patent for a telescope. Many iterations and versions of the microscope have been invented since then, with Antony Van Leeuwenhoek building […]

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10 Best Crossbow Scopes in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

UTG Crossbow Scope

Crossbows offer a more powerful way to hunt with arrows compared to standard bows. But if you really want to take advantage of the additional power, you’ll need to be more accurate as well. While most bowhunters won’t take a shot at big game past 40 yards, crossbow hunters can often get away with shots […]

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How to Program a Trail Camera (Easy Beginner’s Guide) 

trail camera

You just got yourself a new trail camera and you are ready to just strap it onto a tree right now. Hold on just a second, you’ve got a few steps to take before you can sit back and let the magic happen. The excitement of finally getting those images to see what is going […]

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How to Take Pictures Through Binoculars (2021 Guide)

camera and binoculars

When you want to go from the world of birdwatching to the world of digiscoping, one of the easiest ways is to start taking pictures through your binoculars. While it might not be something that you’ve ever thought of before, if you’re just looking to take a few quick pictures here and there, it’s easier […]

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5 Best .300 Blackout Scopes & Optics in 2021 – Top Picks & Reviews

rifle scope

While there are many advantages and disadvantages to different rounds, one that’s been gaining popularity in recent years is the .300 blackout. But when you change your rounds, you need a scope that can deliver top-end performance for what you’re shooting. That’s why we took the time to review the five best .300 blackout scopes […]

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7 Best Vortex Red Dot Sights in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

red dot sight and ammunition

We’ve all been there: You see your target and get your rifle ready to shoot. But as soon as you get the sights lined up, the target takes off and you’ve missed your shot. It typically happens when you use a traditional scope or iron sights. But when you upgrade your optics to a red […]

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7 Best Low Light Rifle Scopes in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Monstrum 2-7x32 AO

Searching for a good low light rifle scope can sometimes feel like a fool’s errand. And we know this because there was a time, we were wearing your exact same shoes. Boy oh boy, you don’t know the number of times we felt like throwing in the towel. Of course, we did our due diligence […]

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10 Best Rifle Scopes for Deer Hunting in 2021 — Reviews & Top Picks


There’s nothing more exciting than lining up a buck in your sight and preparing for the shot. You take a deep breath, you pull the trigger, and then you watch the buck run off into the sunset as your bullet sails wide. What happened? You did everything right but you still missed the shot! The […]

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2 Types of Eagles in Indiana

bald eagle flying

In the United States, there are only two types of eagles that are commonly seen. However, there are two additional eagle species that you might see on rare occasions. These eagles are only seen in the remote Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska and extremely rare sightings in coastal regions of the continental US. […]

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4 Types of Eagles in Florida

a white-tailed eagle

Eagles are easily the most majestic of all birds, placing them high in the running for most majestic creatures on the planet. These are gigantic birds, with wingspans that often transcend seven feet in length. Let’s take a closer look at all four species that can be found in Florida, including the two species that […]

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