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5 Best Glock 19 Sights (Night & Suppressor Sights) in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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If we’re being completely honest here, the Glock 19 pistol is not exactly the type of weapon that you’d typically use during a hunt. That means, there’s a high probability you’ll be in an unpleasant situation, should you ever feel the need to take it out. And we all know such situations require tact and precision. The kind that you can only get if you’re well equipped. Equipped with… let’s say… a night or suppressor sight.  

Sights are not the same as vision applications. They are mostly designed to help you center on your target easier. In today’s piece, we’ll be looking at 5 best Glock 19 night and suppressor sights that we think should be crowned as the crème de la crème in this industry. Let’s get started.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Sight TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Sight
  • Snag-free design
  • Adjustable brightness
  • No power cells
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Feyachi NS16 Night Sights Glow in The Dark for Glock Pistol Feyachi NS16 Night Sights Glow in The Dark for Glock Pistol
  • Fortress finish coating
  • CNC Machined Steel
  • Tritium
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Trijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sight Set Trijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sight Set
  • Protective aluminum cylinders
  • Extra silicone rubber cushioning
  • Sapphire glass window
  • Best Glock Suppressor Sights
    Trijicon GL201-C-600649 Night Suppressor Trijicon GL201-C-600649 Night Suppressor
  • 3-dot tritium night set up
  • White photo luminescent paint
  • Lightweight
  • Best Night Sights for Glock
    Ameriglo 3-point Tritio Ameriglo 3-point Tritio
  • Versatile
  • 3-dot sight system
  • Durable
  • The 5 Best Glock 19 Sights (Night & Suppressor Sights) – Reviews 2024

    1. TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Sight – Best OverallTRUGLO Tritium Green Gun Night

    The TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Sight is the type of sight that answers the question of durability the minute you lay your eyes on it. We really don’t know why they never thought of adding “tough” somewhere in the description because anything that’s constructed using CNC-machined steel—and has a fortress finish coating—has earned the right to use a moniker like… “Toughie.”

    The other thing that you get to experience while using the TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Sight is the incredible glow. It’s sad to think we have brands out there that think making compromises in this department will help them turn profits when in reality, it’s hurting them. We can’t tell you how grateful we are knowing TRUGLO mastered the trade, and perfected it. They made sure the Tritium Handgun Sight had the ability to offer clear visibility regardless of the time of day, by incorporating green tritium fiber optics.

    During daytime, those green inserts will appear as dots. And at night, they’ll simply glow.

    Now, the other reason why we were convinced this sight needed to take the top spot was its ability to generate light without relying on power cells. We also noticed it outperformed its peers in that same department, since the light generated was more than sufficient. Hence, confirming what we all knew, but were afraid to admit—If the discussion on the table is all about successful brands that should be regarded as promoters of the avant-garde, TRUGLO has to take that number one position.

    “What if the light is too bright or not bright enough for some users?”

    Well, just adjust it. TRUGLO made sure that’s possible as well. And no, it won’t affect the sight picture in any way, if that’s your next question.

    Something else that you have to at least mention is its snag-free design. We’ve been players in this industry long enough to know these types of products aren’t typically designed the way the TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Sight is. The design gives users the carte blanche to choose which pistol they most feel comfortable with, as they can fit all standard holsters.

    What didn’t we like about the TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Sight? The difficult installation process. But that’s okay. These imperfections remind us the guys who designed it are also humans.

    • Snag-free design
    • Adjustable brightness
    • No power cells
    • Incredible glow
    • A CNC-machined steel construction
    • Difficult to install

    2. Feyachi NS16 Night Sights Glow in The Dark for Glock Pistol – Best ValueFeyachi NS16 Night Sights

    If the title of this piece was “What are some of the best Glock 19 Sights (Night & Suppressor Sights) for the money, the Feyachi NS16 Night Sights Glow in The Dark for Glock Pistol would certainly take the top spot. And no one would dare argue with that considering it offers almost everything that TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Sight offers, save for a few. For example, we also see Tritium featured here.

    Speaking of Tritium, we have a love hate relationship with this feature. We don’t know if you’ve heard but tritium is an isotope of hydrogen that’s often identified as T or 3H. Even though it’s not chemically toxic to humans, the ionizing radiation that it emits could affect you later on in life.

    But that’s a conversation for another day. Let’s just go back to the positives.

    The green dots and glow in the dark feature is definitely the reason why this optic has always been listed among the best Glock 19 sights for old eyes. Also, on top of the fact that it outperforms several other sighting devices in the field, it doesn’t function using batteries.

    The next advantage that we’d like to talk about is versatility. The Feyachi NS16 Night Sights Glow in The Dark for Glock Pistol will fit your 17L, 19, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 37, 38, and 39 model. This is actually an important factor to take into account because it makes it easier for users to showcase their full potential, and ultimately, improve performance.

    Is it compact? Yup. The NS16 Night Sights Glow in The Dark is a compact device that only measures 0.15 inches in width. And… Before we forget, it also comes with CNC-machined steel, and a fortress finish coating, meant to protect it against heavy recoil.

    We liked everything about the sight, except the short warranty. It’s the only thumbs down that it got, placing it at number two.

    • Offers value for money
    • Fortress finish coating
    • CNC Machined Steel
    • Compact
    • Versatile
    • No batteries
    • Better glow
    • Tritium
    • Limited warranty
    • Ionizing radiation

    3. Trijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sight Set – Premium ChoiceTrijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sight Set

    We’ve said this before, but we’ll say it once more for the guys in the back who weren’t paying attention. The one thing that defines an incredible night or suppressor sight for Glock 19 is not the fancy accessories that come with it. It is its ability to guarantee an instant visibility in ambient light conditions. And that’s what the Trijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sight Set does. It’s been designed with phosphor LED glass lamps that are responsible for its enhanced performance, and they don’t even rely on batteries. 

    “What’s with the Aluminum and rubber?”

    The protective aluminum cylinders and the extra silicone rubber cushioning weren’t just added by chance. The intention was to ensure the tritium gas lamps are well shielded against heavy recoil, and any sort of corrosive cleaning solvent. It also goes without saying that the device can handle any amount of shock that you throw at it, thanks to that rubber cushioning.

    You’d think Trijicon would stop there, but they didn’t. They still felt the need to add more ‘safeguards,’ so they incorporated the sapphire glass window. And this feature does three things:

    One, it’s responsible for the even distribution of light being generated. Two, it protects the device from solvents, scratches, and residues. And lastly, it caps the device’s tritium lamps.

    The Trijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sight Set will fit your 17, 17L, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, and 39 model, so we don’t really have to explain why it’s one of the most versatile night sights in the market.

    The increased height was also a good addition, as it was specially engineered to offer more usage options. You could use it as reinforcement for a slide-mounted red dot sight or with a suppressor. Whatever tickles your fancy.

    We however noted that there were times when the sight’s illumination wasn’t as bright in the dark as we would love it to be. That was a definite bummer, if you ask us.

    Also, can someone kindly explain to us why that price tag is that high? We just couldn’t get past it, and that’s why it’s out of the top two.

    • Protective aluminum cylinders
    • Extra silicone rubber cushioning
    • Sapphire glass window
    • Versatile
    • Increased Height
    • Phosphor LED glass lamps
    • Doesn’t rely on batteries
    • Not bright enough sometimes
    • Not cost-effective

    4. Trijicon GL201-C-600649 Night Suppressor – Best Glock Suppressor SightsTrijicon GL201-C-600649 Bright & Tough Night

    Why is it considered one of the brightness and toughest? Only someone who hasn’t had the pleasure of using a sight designed with a 3-dot tritium night set up could ask that question. This feature is what offers that extra glow lauded by so many users, and it does that by capping the device’s lamps with sapphire jewel.

    Sapphire jewel, if you can recall, is the feature meant to evenly distribute the light produced.

    Efficiently attacking your target has now been made easier than ever, thanks to its upgraded mounting system. That’s just one way of saying, if you end up missing that bullseye, don’t place the blame on the sight. It’s also well equipped to protect itself against heavy recoil, piercing force, and harsh solvents.

    All images that you’ll get to see through it will be clear and crisp. And we’re 100 percent sure about that because we noted there’s a white photo luminescent paint around its lamps—a feature that answers the question of enhanced visibility.

    What do we have to say about its weight and versatile nature? Well, it can perfectly fit the 17-39 model Glocks, and only weighs 0.12 pounds. Concerning the installation process, it’s a lot easier even for a rookie, and that metal used in its construction is strong enough to withstand any external pressure.

    Is there a con that we would like to list down? Yup. You won’t like the rear sights that much, if you’re planning to rely on them during daytime. They weren’t as effective as those found on other sights.

    • Sapphire jewel
    • 3-dot tritium night set up
    • White photo luminescent paint
    • upgraded mounting system
    • Lightweight
    • Versatile
    • Ineffective rear sights

    5. Ameriglo 3-point Tritio – Best Night Sights for GlockAmeriGlo Classic Sight 3 Dot Compatible

    This is probably the most popular Glock night sight available. As a matter of fact, we’re pretty sure every cop out there has at some point used it. First off, it’s made of steel. The type that tells you this device can serve you for eons.

    Is the 3-dot sight system better than the 2-dot? Depends on your preference. If you prefer the 2-dot sight system to the 3-dot, we say knock yourself out. The only way to know for sure which system best suits your style is to go out there and do the work.

    But we’ll tell you this; if you’ve always struggled hitting your marks, not even a 2-dot sight will help you improve that.

    You’ll be glad to know it can be used with the 17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, and 39 model. Hence, offering you versatility.

    With regard to color, the Ameriglo 3-point Tritio comes with front and rear tritium color. They’re both green with a white outline, something that you’ll appreciate, considering white is usually very visible in bright and ambient light environments.

    It only weighs 0.01 Pounds, so the weight factor will definitely play in your favor. However, we have this gut feeling telling us you won’t like the warranty duration that much. Okay, maybe that and the fact that it comes with less accessories compared to what other night sights offer.

    • It’s lightweight
    • Versatile
    • 3-dot sight system
    • Durable
    • Front and rear tritium color
    • Limited warranty
    • Less accessories

    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Glock 19 Sights

    It’s important to note this down: The word Best has always been subjective. So don’t run to the store to purchase product A or B just because so and so told you that it’s the “best product in the market.” That’s why—if you’ve been keen all this while—you’ll realize we rarely dedicate article pieces to one product reviews.

    We often talk about different products in a single piece, because we know taste and preferences do vary. For example, our top pick in this article was the TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Sight. But somebody else might disagree with that, and list the Feyachi NS16 Night Sights Glow in The Dark for Glock Pistol as the top pick. 

    That doesn’t mean that they’re wrong or we are. It simply means they fell in love with the fact that it offers value for money, and were ready to make compromises.

    What if you’ve never used a night or suppressor sight designed for a Glock 19 before?

    You should just reach out to us. We’ll give you a list of factors that experienced users like to take into consideration before making a purchase. A list like this one:

    The Price

    For starters, different night and suppressor sights have different prices. And this is to be expected considering they normally represent different brands. We would advise you to purchase a device that’s well within your means. But that doesn’t mean that you should go for cheap. In case you didn’t know, some of these factors are correlated with other factors. For instance, price has always been compared to durability.

    Ask yourself this: Even though this offer sounds like a great steal, is it really worth it? Will it serve you for years, or will it have you running back to the store after six months?

    You can work with online reviews, if you don’t trust the attendant at the store. What are the reviewers saying? Is everybody complaining about how fragile the device is? If the answer is yes, keep looking. Life’s too short to learn things the hard way, buddy.

    The Firing Range

    The aiming capability of the Trijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sight Set won’t be the same as that of the Trijicon GL201-C-600649 Night Suppressor or even the Ameriglo 3-point Tritio. Every sight model has a different aiming capability.

    How will you know which one will deliver the level of accuracy that you yearn for? Approximate the shooting range.

    From our experience, the one-dot setup has always been efficient in short shooting ranges. Short ranges don’t require a lot of accuracy, so that’s why that is. If we’re going for a medium aiming accuracy, we’ll have to add the 3-dot setup on that list. And, it has to come with square notches on its rear sight. 

    All the night and suppressor sights listed above are designed to offer long-distance aim. So assuming you know how to handle your business, these bad boys can help you cover over 50 yards without breaking a sweat.

    Type of Glock Night Sights

    What’s your reason for buying a night or suppressor sight? Are you buying it to show off to your pals, or improve your marksmanship? If you just want to show it off, you can buy the first equipment you lay your eyes on. But if you’re serious about improving your marksmanship, you need to think about the best Glock 19 night/suppressor sight for what you need.

    Before we talk about the different types of Glock night sights that the market has to offer, we feel obligated to remind you once more users have varying styles. We know at this point we’ve repeated this information ad nauseam, but it’s important. 

    Style preference is a critical factor in this line of business, as it’s also intertwined with the type-of-night-sight factor. So if you’re ignorant, you’ll buy a device that scores high in one department but lacks in the other. For example, it could offer the best aiming accuracy, but doesn’t deliver the desired comfortability. 

    • I-Dot Night Sight: You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out this is the type that has a single painted line on the rear sight. It allows the user to take aims by aligning the I-line with the single dot, which is positioned on the front sight.
    • 2-Dot Night Sight: We’ve noticed so many handguns have 2-dot sights. The base of the rear sight is rectangular, while that of the front sight is round. In the middle of these two features, you’ll find a ‘U’ shaped cradle. And under that cradle, there will be a dot or white line at the center.

    But that’s not the case with all models. The Glock 36, for example, has a ‘U’ cradle rear sight. And if you take a closer look at the cradle’s opening, you’ll be able to see a white ‘U’ painted outline around it.

    Many users often gravitate towards the 2-dot night sight because it’s easy to align. All you have to do to accurately acquire your target is ensure the front white dot is right at the center of that rear ‘U’ cradle.

    • 3-Dot Night Sight: This is the type of configuration that you find in a Glock 19 model, and compared to the I-Dot and 2-Dot setup, it’s slightly more expensive. We’re not 100 percent sure, but we think the reason why that price tag is always high is because most manufacturers incorporate tritium inserts and fiber optics in its design.

    “How effective is it?”

    The jury is still out on that one. Some users think they are perfect, while others feel their visual input is a tad bit more excessive. Apparently, they end up making quick target acquisition a lot difficult for them, and that’s a huge deal especially if you’re always operating in deadly defensive situations.  

    scope crosshairs divider 2


    Folks, we’ll wrap this up by reminding you the TRUGLO Tritium Handgun Sight is our top pick for the best Glock 19 sight for a reason. And all those reasons have been listed above. But if you’re working with a tight budget, go for the Feyachi NS16 Night Sights Glow in The Dark for Glock Pistol. Just don’t waste your time thinking about the Trijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sight Set, if you’re not ready to break the bank.<

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