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10 Best Birdhouses in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Also known as a nesting house, a birdhouse is a safe and secure place for birds that shelters them. It is an ideal place to build their nest and protect themselves from harsh weather conditions. In addition, birds often use these birdhouses to keep warm during winter.

Many people also place these birdhouses in their backyards because they help control weeds and pests and conserve plants. Birds often help eliminate pests by eating them and consuming nectar to pollinate various flowers.

While you can build a birdhouse yourself, getting one from the market is better to save yourself the hassle. Luckily, many birdhouses are available in different shapes and sizes to meet your requirements.

This article will review our top ten birdhouses this year To make your purchase convenient, a buying guide at the bottom will assist you in every way.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Woodlink Wooden Birdhouse Woodlink Wooden Birdhouse
  • Made with sturdy material
  • Weatherproof design
  • Opening to track birds
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Nature’s Way Bird Products Birdhouse Nature’s Way Bird Products Birdhouse
  • Uses premium-quality wood
  • The vents help with air ventilation
  • Windows to keep a check
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    BestNest S&K Birdhouse BestNest S&K Birdhouse
  • Spacious for small birds
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a ground socket
  • Nature’s Way Bird Products Birdhouse Nature’s Way Bird Products Birdhouse
  • Rust-free structure
  • Lightweight house
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Wild Wings Birdhouse Wild Wings Birdhouse
  • Offers excellent ventilation
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a predator guard
  • The 10 Best Birdhouses

    1. Woodlink Wooden Birdhouse – Best Overall

    Woodlink Wooden Birdhouse

    Material: Wood
    Weight: 2.4 pounds
    Color: Wood
    Dimensions: 6.25 x 7.13 x 11.75 inches

    If you want to give a home to birds, make sure it is durable and easily accessible. For example, the Woodlink birdhouse is constructed using kiln-dried, inland, and reforested red cedar. Made especially for eastern birds, this house features a hole so they can quickly enter and leave.

    The birdhouse also has a ventilation gap and a drain hole at its bottom. These design features keep the house airy, well-ventilated, and clean from the inside.

    What’s more, the structure also has an open front, making it easy for you to clean it. The material used is sturdy, and the entire house reflects premium craftsmanship. One of the best qualities of this house is that its opening can easily slide to allow you to track the birds using it without any distractions.

    This is the most affordable and best overall birdhouse on our list. It doesn’t feature a predator guard, though, which is imperative to reduce parasites.

    • Made with sturdy material
    • Offers excellent ventilation for birds
    • Weatherproof design
    • Opening to track birds
    • Affordable than many options
    • Doesn’t come with a predator guard

    2. Nature’s Way Bird Products Birdhouse – Best Value

    Nature's Way Bird

    Material: Wood
    Weight: 2 pounds
    Color: Dark Wood
    Dimensions: 8.13 x 7.5 x 12 inches

    Next up, the Nature’s Way Bird Products birdhouse is a simple yet the best birdhouse for the money on our list. The product is pretty affordable but, at the same time, offers an excellent design with a durable structure. The birdhouse is made of premium quality cedar and features a protective stain that is entirely water-based.

    In addition, it comes with air vents for maximum ventilation for the birds. The floor and door openings ensure the birds have a relaxing time inside. Cleaning this birdhouse isn’t a hassle because it features clean-out doors.

    You can also view and track the birds inside. This birdhouse has crack-resistant and clear windows that allow you to see through the structure.

    Other impressive features include a predator guard that protects the birds inside the house and a pole mount for easy installation. Although this house is well-constructed, it has a mesh that is too lightweight and may not be sturdy enough.

    • Uses premium-quality wood
    • The vents help with air ventilation
    • Clean-out doors help with cleaning
    • Windows to keep a check
    • Affordable
    • Featured mesh is lightweight and less sturdy

    3. BestNest S&K Birdhouse – Premium Choice

    BestNest S&K

    Material: Plastic
    Weight: 22 pounds
    Color: Red
    Dimensions: 19.5 x 18.5 x 21 inches

    If money isn’t an issue and you have enough budget to spend on a premium quality birdhouse, we recommend you to get this one from BestNest S&K. This birdhouse looks quite fancy with its beautiful design and unique construction.

    The birdhouse is specially made for Purple Martins and contains 16 rooms, making it look like a mansion. There is also a ground socket and an aluminum pole to attach the house carefully.

    Although this house is made of plastic, it offers as much resilience and strength as most wooden houses on this list. It features decoys that attract small birds and keep them safe for as long as they want.

    This house also features front panels that open up conveniently and offer a great way to clean the insides. You can easily access every room of this house and clean it well for the birds.

    The birdhouse is slightly heavier than most options on this list. If you can hang it correctly, the chances of it falling are very low. You can adjust the house on a pole in your backyard or a tree on your front lawn.

    • Fancy-looking house with a unique design
    • Spacious for small birds
    • Easy to clean
    • Comes with a ground socket
    • Expensive
    • Not as sturdy as wood

    4. Nature’s Way Bird Products Birdhouse

    Nature's Way Bird

    Material: Wood
    Weight: 0.13 pounds
    Color: Brown
    Dimensions: 8.88 x 8.13 x 8 inches

    Investing in a birdhouse that may serve the birds for a long time is always wise. In that case, the Nature’s Way Bird Products birdhouse may make an excellent choice. It is not only made of high-quality wood but also uses premium-quality cedar that is both resistant to rotting and insects.

    The stainless-steel hardware increases the durability of the house and keeps its structure balanced. This is one of the most lightweight birdhouses on the list, and its unique hanging design makes it pretty easy to adjust anywhere.

    The house features air vents that enhance ventilation, accommodating the birds in every way possible. Finally, the clean-out doors help maintain the house and keep it clean for all the new birds arriving.

    Since the hole in this birdhouse is small, small birds stay away. This house doesn’t have a glass or plastic window to keep a check on the birds living inside.

    • Made of premium quality wood
    • Rust-free structure
    • Lightweight house
    • Excellent ventilation
    • Pretty affordable
    • No windows to track the birds inside the house

    5. Wild Wings Birdhouse

    Wild Wings Birdhouse

    Material: Wood
    Weight: 2.8 pounds
    Color: Brown
    Dimensions: 8.13 x 5.5 x 12 inches

    The Wild Wings birdhouse is one of the most durable options on this list. It is made of high-quality cedar and has a box-like design, ensuring its longevity. This house also comes with a front panel that keeps the box safe from rain and reduces water accumulation inside the hole.

    We also love how this birdhouse has a door that ensures a smooth cleaning process. In addition, floor and wall openings work as air vents and keep ventilation normal throughout the structure.

    One of the best features of this affordable birdhouse is its predator guard that extends from the entrance hole to keep big birds and other predators away. While the birdhouse is slightly heavier than most options, you can attach it to a tree or pole without worrying about falling.

    • Durable birdhouse with sturdy structure
    • Offers excellent ventilation
    • Easy to clean
    • Comes with a predator guard
    • Heavier than other options

    6. CARTMAN Birdhouse

    CARTMAN Birdhouse

    Material: Wood and metal
    Weight: 1.1 pounds
    Color: Yellow and blue
    Dimensions: 7.09 x 9.06 x 7.09 inches

    This Cartman birdhouse is a delight to keep in your home. Made from wood and metal, this house has a unique design that can add much-needed color to your backyard and porch and simultaneously provide shelter for the little birds.

    This house features colorful cut-outs that grab all the attention. The house consists of a sliding door that helps you clean the house regularly and maintain its internal features.

    It is a lightweight birdhouse and makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves birds. The birdhouse is also affordable and has an adequate size. The home features a bottom that may start coming out, and you might have to use glue to keep it intact.

    • Made of metal and wood
    • Adorable design
    • Lightweight house
    • Easy to maintain
    • Bottom may start coming out

    7. Mrs. Keng Birdhouse

    Keng Birdhouse

    Material: Grass
    Weight: 0.29 pounds
    Color: Brown
    Dimensions: 10.91 x 10.31 x 5.51 inches

    Do you fancy naturally made birdhouses for birds visiting your place? In that case, invest in this hanging birdhouse from Mrs. Keng. This is an environmentally friendly birdhouse made from dry hibiscus grass that doesn’t deform easily.

    Unfortunately, this is not one of the most durable birdhouses available, but it offers an excellent and warm environment for all types of birds that visit it. In addition, the house comes in pairs, which means you get two huts for one.

    Also, its rustic charm adds a unique touch to your backyard. The birdhouse has a wide bottom and a rustic surface that enhances friction for much-needed stability. The front hole size of the house is adequate to let the birds in and keep the predators out.

    This birdhouse is convenient to clean and stays safe from extreme weather conditions. The pair is also affordable, so that’s a great plus.

    • Environmentally friendly house
    • Perfect size for small birds
    • Rustic and wide bottom
    • Affordable pair
    • Not as durable as wooden houses

    8. Glitzhome Birdhouse


    Material: Rusted metal
    Weight: 2 pounds
    Color: Blue
    Dimensions: 5.12 x 4.3x 9.84 inches

    If you have a boring patio, brighten it with the blue-colored Glitzhome birdhouse. This house has a good height and perfectly sized holes to let the birds in. Besides, the attractive design grabs everyone’s attention, making this birdhouse a perfect addition to your patio.

    This house has a textured roof and surface with an accented entryway. It also has a ring on its top to hand it with a poll. The installation is simple and effortless.

    If you want to use this birdhouse as a functional piece, you must clean it monthly. That could be a hassle because there isn’t any sliding door or window.

    This birdhouse has a solid base and a durable structure that will stay put for a long duration. We also love that it isn’t very pricey.

    • Ideal design for a patio
    • Excellent size with good height
    • Easy installation
    • Solid base and structure
    • Not easy to clean

    9. Winemana Birdhouse

    Winemana Birdhouse

    Material: Wood
    Weight: 2 pounds
    Color: Brown
    Dimensions: 5.3 x 3.1 x 5.9 inches

    While the birds must get home to feed and nest, they must also get a safe home free from all chemicals and paints. Luckily, the Winemana birdhouse is just that and more.

    The wooden house has no taste, smell, or paint, ensuring birds’ safety. Also, it is made of pure bark, so the birds get a natural house.

    Every part of the house is stuck firmly using durable nails. Every portion from the base to the roof stays intact, and it doesn’t fall from a tree easily. The house comes fully assembled and is quite convenient to clean.

    This little birdhouse looks fantastic in your backyard and adds an excellent natural touch. However, it doesn’t have a fancy design, so you may not find it very attractive.

    • Safe and healthy for birds
    • Durable structure
    • Comes assembled
    • Inexpensive house
    • Made of natural material
    • Doesn’t have a fancy design

    10. Starswr Birdhouse

    Starswr Birdhouse

    Material: Wood
    Weight: 3 pounds
    Color: Brown
    Dimensions: 11.8 x 8.66 x 4.7 inches

    Do you often have more bird visitors than expected? In that case, a small birdhouse may not be enough to accommodate them all, so you might need the Starswr birdhouse for them.

    This birdhouse is made of high-quality, sturdy, durable wood. It does have a simple design but weighs a lot because of its three sections. The house can easily accommodate three families of birds at a time.

    Further, a door at the back of the birdhouse can be opened for ventilation. You can also use the door to perform the cleaning.

    The installation of this house is pretty simple. You can put it on a flat surface or hang it on a sturdy tree branch.

    • Large enough to accommodate many birds
    • Durable structure
    • Easy to clean
    • Expensive
    • Heavy

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    Buyer’s Guide: Finding the Best Birdhouse

    If you buy a birdhouse for the first time, you may get overwhelmed with the available options. With this buying guide, we can help you make a quick decision. Look at all the common questions and evaluate the factors to consider before investing.

    What Is a Birdhouse and How Does It Work?

    A birdhouse is a shelter for many birds visiting your house looking for a place to feed and nest. It works as a habitat for all bird species and keeps tiny birds safe from predators.

    Birds love to move from one place to another, and a house can be a great place to rest during their migration. There are many types of birdhouses available. They come in varying dimensions and designs and accommodate different species.

    It often has a hole to let the bird in and out of the house. Also, a front sliding door keeps the predators away, while a gap on the top and bottom provides much-needed ventilation. Most houses also feature a predator gate to keep the big birds away.

    Finally, some birdhouses come with back doors and windows to help you clean and maintain them monthly for new settlers. Installing these houses is pretty convenient as well. The rings allow you to hang them on tree branches or poles.

    birdhouse holes_Franz W._Pixabay
    Image Credit: Franz W., Pixabay

    Factors to Consider

    When selecting a birdhouse, it is essential to consider a few imperative factors.


    There are three types of birdhouses available in the market. One of these is a freestanding or post-mounted birdhouse that you can mount on top of a tree or pole. This birdhouse usually has a system that can help you lower the house whenever you need to keep a check on your birds and their eggs.

    Then there are hanging birdhouses. You have to hand these with a certain point, and they usually feature a sturdy material for the ring.

    Wall-mounted birdhouses are ideal if there are many trees around you. Such houses are easy to lift and install. You can position these houses at different heights and make your garden look appealing.

    Species of Birds

    When buying a birdhouse, you must consider the species of birds you want to accommodate. For instance, certain houses have holes and areas only suitable for small birds. In that case, measure the birdhouse’s dimension and surface area before investing.

    You should also learn about the common types of birds that fly in your area. This way you would know the environment they prefer to nest and rest.

    Certain birdhouses are designed for a large number of birds. They accommodate more than one family of birds but are pretty heavy to install. These houses are also expensive, but you can purchase one to provide shelter to many birds at a time.


    Wood is one of the most unique and used materials for birdhouses. That’s because it is durable and can withstand rain. Some birdhouses, however, are also made of natural materials and plastic.

    They are usually lighter than wood but not as durable. Consider the weather conditions in your area before choosing a material that may last longer in your backyard.


    The design of the birdhouses is both important for you and the birds. A good design adds excellent aesthetics to your backyard. A colorful birdhouse brightens the space and makes it more welcoming.

    On the other hand, birdhouses with back doors and open windows are easy to clean and maintain. These features help you keep the insides neat and safe for the birds.

    The design is also essential for the birds. Houses with a good ventilation system offer comfort for the birds visiting, allowing them to nurture and grow in a safe environment. Some houses also feature a predator gate that keeps all the big birds away.

    Some birdhouses naturally stay warm. This allows them to keep the birds safe from harsh weather outside.


    Most birdhouses are affordable, but many have high quality and look fantastic. Depending on your budget, invest in a birdhouse that meets your requirements. Some houses also have fancy exteriors, making them slightly more costly than the ones with a basic design.

    wall birdhouse
    Image Credit: Nora Vellinga, Pixabay

    How to Clean a Birdhouse

    You must clean a birdhouse, so it stays safe for new birds visiting it. Make sure you clean the house as soon as the nesting brood has fledged and don’t plan to return. Most species don’t make much of a mess, so even one cleaning session after the breeding season is enough.

    Some birds may lead to multiple broods; in this case, you may be required to clean it once every month. Make sure to wait for the birds to vacate the house before you wash it. Here are some steps that you can follow.

    • Open the birdhouse using a screwdriver. Some homes come with removable doors and hinged roofs making this task easy.
    • Scrape any feces and remove the nesting material.
    • Use a bleach solution and use it to scrub the house. Don’t leave any holes or gaps and eliminate debris.
    • Use clean water to rinse the house properly and let it dry.
    • Inspect the home for any loose nails and hinges.
    • Reassemble the house and hang it like before.
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    You can help and feed so many birds by hanging a perfect birdhouse on your lawn, patio, or backyard. It offers an excellent shelter and is a great place for them to nest.

    In this article, we have shared different types of birdhouses. Some are expensive, while others are pretty affordable. We love all the options, but if asked, our top choice is the Woodlink birdhouse, which is durable and provides excellent ventilation.

    Our second-best option is the house from Nature’s Way Bird Products birdhouse. It is easy to clean and offers excellent safe shelter for most tiny birds.

    Choosing a birdhouse may be a daunting experience at first but consider the factors above to make a quick decision. We hope you successfully buy the best place for your bird visitors and enjoy their company. 

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