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Best Binoculars with Camera 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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A binocular with a camera on it

The binocular/camera combination can be an impressive partnership but only when the right gear is used. There’s a big difference between good equipment and fantastic equipment. If the stuff you buy isn’t up to snuff, you won’t be taking album quality photographs any time soon.

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck. In our many experiments with camera compatible binoculars, we have discovered some high-end products that excel where others fail.

Read on for some binoculars with camera reviews!

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites:

ModelPriceMagnificationOur Rating
GordVE le000t0053 Digital Binoculars Telescope Camera
(Best Overall)

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Womdee FS608 Digital Camera Binoculars
(Best Value)

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BARSKA AH11410 Binocular & Built-In Digital Camera
(Premium Choice)

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CamKing FS608 Binoculars Camera

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Camonity LYSB01DZSN99W Digital Camera Binocular

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The 9 Best Binoculars with a Camera:

1. GordVE Digital Binoculars Telescope Camera – Best Overall

GordVE le000t0053 Digital Binoculars Telescope Camera

The GordVE is a high-end digital binoculars camera with solid construction and a convenient LED display. That is why we have designated this unit our best digital camera binoculars. The concept here is well realized. The camera is fully functional and takes high-quality pictures that consumers expect.

However, this has not come at the expense of the binoculars. The exterior is sturdy and durable, while the viewing experience is vivid. We also appreciate the compact dimensions of the binoculars. They fold up for easy storage in your pocket.

Granted, these are fairly expensive but if you can swing the price tag, the gear will be well worth your time.

  • LED display
  • Attractive viewing experience
  • High-quality images
  • Very sturdy
  • Quite pricey

2. Womdee Digital Camera Binoculars – Best Value

Womdee FS608 Digital Camera Binoculars

The Womdee is an affordable product. That is why we have designated it our best digital camera with binoculars for the money.

This will be the unit you gravitate towards if you are trying to find the optimal combination of value and quality. But for a very fair price, you get many features that are common to higher-end units. It includes a digital display, compact dimensions, a sturdy build, and even HD video capabilities.

The binoculars have specifically been designed for up-close and personal use. If you are a birdwatcher or a concert enthusiast, this might be the pair of binoculars for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more distance-oriented product, you will want to go elsewhere.

Viewing quality diminishes significantly the farther away you get from the object or scene you are surveying.

  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • LED display
  • Good for HD video
  • Not great for distance viewing

3. BARSKA Binocular & Built-In Digital Camera – Premium Choice

BARSKA AH11410 Binocular & Built-In Digital Camera

While the Barska’s price tag will be restrictive for the buyer on a budget, virtually everything else about these binoculars is top-notch. The compact tool features an onboard LCD screen, a foldable design component that makes it easy to fit inside your coat pocket, and a high-end camera great for capturing quality images and video.

The optical glass has been specially coated with a unique solution that makes colors appear more vivid. This translates to both a better viewing experience and ultimately, better pictures.

If you can swing the lofty price tag associated with these binoculars, you will find plenty to like.

  • Great image quality
  • Wonderful optics
  • Compact dimensions
  • LCD viewing Screen
  • Price tag is restrictive for buyers on a budget

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4. CamKing FS608 Binoculars Camera

CamKing FS608 Binoculars Camera

The CamKing has been specifically designed to facilitate viewing subjects from a moderate distance away. This makes it good for birdwatching, concert-going, and other activities of that nature.

Like most products on this list, it features an LCD screen that will give you a clear idea of what you’ve captured with your picture.

It also features a very compact build that you can store the binoculars in your pocket, and a durable exterior that should be well equipped for the wear and tear of whatever setting you find yourself in.

There are two issues to keep in mind. For one thing, it isn’t very good for distance viewing. If you need to see things from far away, you will want to opt for a different product. It also does not come with an onboard memory system. You will need to buy an SSD card before any pictures can be saved. Unfortunately, this can add significantly to the overall price of the binoculars.

  • Compact
  • Great video and photos
  • LCD screen
  • Not very good for distance viewing
  • No onboard memory

5. Camonity Digital Camera Binocular

Camonity LYSB01DZSN99W Digital Camera Binocular

The Camonity is one of the more affordable products on our list. For a great price, you get a compact, durable pair of binoculars that are specifically designed for birdwatching, concert-going, etc.

The HD quality pictures and video make this pair competitive with many of the more expensive units on our list. And, like all good pairs of camera binoculars, it also comes with a convenient LCD screen that facilitates a clean viewing experience.

Keep in mind that these binoculars are very difficult to focus. Unfortunately, while correcting the viewing settings, it is very possible that you will miss your opportunity to take a quality picture.

  • Durable
  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • LCD screen
  • Difficult to focus

6. Ansee Digital Binoculars Telescope Camera

Ansee 3216582915 Digital Binoculars Telescope Camera

The Ansee is designed for sports viewing. The range is relatively limited but you get a pretty look at stuff from a couple hundred yards away. Indeed, it is the binocular component of this device that ultimately performs the most reliably.

The optics are solid. You will definitely be able to enjoy a good look at whatever you were hoping to see but the subsequent picture may not be great. This is a 5 MP camera which isn’t nearly as sophisticated as what most modern users are accustomed to.

The pictures won’t be as good as what you can take on your phone. However, this may be a suitable option if image quality is not important to you.

  • Affordable
  • Decent optics
  • Low-quality camera

7. Eoncore Binoculars Digital Camera

Eoncore BIN-FS608R Binoculars Digital Camera

The Eoncore is a tripod compatible camera made specifically for concerts, sporting events, and hunting trips. It won’t do very well from afar but it can give you a good look at sites from a reasonable distance away.

The compact dimensions of the binoculars will be particularly handy for the hunter or concert-goer. The binoculars are small and can be easily folded to fit nicely in your pocket.

And, as to be expected, it features a small LCD screen that will make it easier to determine what you are taking a picture of.

Unfortunately, the viewing experience and photographs just aren’t as solid as those of the other products on our list. If the optics and pictures are particularly important to you, this won’t be the product for your needs.

  • Great for concerts
  • Compact dimensions good for coat pocket
  • Low-quality optics/pictures

8. Vivitar 2-in-1 Binoculars & Digital Camera

Vivitar VIV-CV-1225V 2-in-1 Binoculars and Digital Camera

The Vivitar is the most affordable product on our list by a significant margin. If you are looking for something that won’t set you back much, this will be the one to go for. However, the price really is the biggest selling point here.

Unfortunately, these binoculars have little else going for them. The exterior is fairly fragile so they may not survive a sudden drop. The optical lenses render blurry viewing and the camera is only so-so.

If you need to get your hands on something affordable, this may be the product for you. Otherwise, it will be worth your time and money to invest in something a little more feature-rich.

  • Very affordable
  • Not very durable
  • Low-quality optics
  • Low-quality pictures

9. Bushnell ImageView w/ VGA Camera

Bushnell 111026 ImageView Roof Binocular w/ VGA Camera

Generally speaking, Bushnell products do not find themselves at the bottom of the lists. The company has a long history of making some of the best viewing equipment on the market. Indeed, this product is still good—and it is also uncommonly affordable both for the niche, and relative to other Bushnell products.

However, there are several reasons we couldn’t rank it higher than last place. For one thing, there is no screen at all. Granted, you don’t necessarily need the screen to take a good picture, but it is a feature that most people have come to expect. Consequently, there is no video function and that may be problematic for some buyers.

It also just doesn’t take excellent pictures. The average person will probably be better served just taking pictures on their phone.

The Bushnell is not a complete disaster—in fact, it is only fair to mention that the product is several years old. With that in mind, the average buyer will probably prefer to spend a bit more money on a better product.

  • Affordable
  • No LCD
  • No video
  • Low-quality pictures
  • Quite outdated

Buyer’s Guide

And now, here are a few buying considerations that may help you choose from the products on this list.

LCD Screen

The vast majority of camera capable binoculars feature LCD screens. Even though this component is not strictly necessary for taking good pictures, it enhances the user experience considerably. The LCD screen allows you to get a good sense of what the camera has locked onto.

It also makes it easier to look back the pictures you have taken and decide for yourself if they are worth saving or not.

These days, pretty much every product of this nature will feature an LCD screen. However, some older units may not.


Some of the binoculars on our list today can also produce high-quality videos. This will be a great feature for people who are buying their binoculars for concerts and sports games.

Generally speaking, the actual quality of the video is a long way from being cinematic but it serves as a handy way for you to capture a memory.

User Intent

As with any binoculars purchase establishing your intentions with the gear is one of the first and most important steps you can take. Why? Optical equipment is usually designed to perform a very specific task. The product that a bird watcher needs may not be right for someone that is just trying to gaze at distant mountains.

Once you decide on the binoculars you want, you quickly find that many products are eliminated from consideration by default. This can make it easier to make a decision.

BARSKA 8x32 Binocular & Digital Camera


It’s usually best to get compact binoculars when possible. A good pair will fold up easily and may even be compact enough to fit directly in your pocket. This is handy if you are taking the product out on a trail with you. The fewer items you have to juggle the better off you will be.

Memory Capabilities

How much memory do you need? Every unit is a bit different. Some may only have 1GB of storage while others may be compatible with SSD cards of 32GB or more. Most of the time people will regularly upload their pictures to a computer hard drive. This means you aren’t burdened with permanently storing every photo you have ever taken on your binoculars.

It is also important to check and see if the binoculars you buy come with an onboard means of storing data. Some leave the acquisition of a memory system entirely in your hands. Memory cards can easily cost $50 or more depending on the product you buy so this is something that you will, at the very least, need to factor into your budget.


How durable are your binoculars? You definitely want something that has a tough exterior. A good piece of equipment will survive an occasional drop or fall.

Unfortunately though, once camera technology is introduced to a pair of binoculars, it comes at the cost of the overall durability. Electronics are very sensitive and too much wear and tear will eventually mean the end of its effectiveness.

Still, it is well worth your time and money to find something that has been fortified with a hardened rubber or plastic exterior.


Last but not least, price. As you probably noticed from our list, the price can range pretty significantly. The more money you spend the better the optics/camera resolution will be. However, such is not always the case. You can definitely find good products at a good price if you look closely.


Now that our binoculars with camera reviews are over it is time to finalize your buying decision. Are you looking for something high-end, like our top choice, the GordVE le000t0053 Digital Binoculars Telescope Camera?

Or maybe you need a more budget-minded product. If that is your case, our runner up pick the Womdee FS608 Digital Camera Binoculars. There really is something out there for everyone. Hopefully, now that you have read our guide you won’t have any trouble finding the right option for you!