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How Do Binoculars Work? Explained

binoculars work

The Beginning When Hans Lippershey invented the first telescope in 1609, it would only be a matter of time before his technology was perfected and compacted into a device for both eyes. By 1825, French inventor J.P. Lemiere had applied for a patent on the first binoculars, but it wasn’t until 1854 that Ignacio Porro […]

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Bird Watching For Beginners: 11 Tips to Get Started

beginner bird watching

So, it’s happened to you, too. You’ve been bit by the birding bug. You’re not alone. An estimated 60 million Americans are watching birds right there with you. But if you’re new to the birding world, you may be wondering where to start so you can get the most from your new hobby. From equipment […]

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How To Photograph Birds: 6 Tips For Taking Stunning Pictures

beautiful bird in a tree

Birds can be difficult to capture on film. They’re jittery, they’re busy, and they can flap away instantly just as your thumb reaches the shutter. But don’t worry, it’s not an impossible task, and with the right tools and tips, you can learn to capture your own incredible photos. Check out our camera guide below, […]

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The 20 Best Birding Blogs of 2019 That You Should Follow

must see birding sites

The Internet is full of bloggers writing about their passions and interests, and the world of bird-watching is no exception.  From gear specs to informative articles to bird encyclopedias, wading through so much information can be exhausting.  And who wants to spend time combing through this wealth of material when you could be out watching […]

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The Best Time For Bird-Watching: Using Daylight & Seasons to Optimize Your Sightings


Watch the Sun Birds are busy creatures.  They’re constantly in motion, building their nests, searching for food, looking for a mate, feeding their young.  But different species have different behavior and activity patterns, which means any time of day can be perfect for bird-watching.  Because bird behavior is so diverse, make sure you plan your […]

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Spotting Scope vs Binoculars: Which To Choose?


Spotting scopes and binoculars serve similar functions, so it can be hard to figure out which device will be more useful for your needs. The truth is that both tools excel in different areas, so there’s a good chance that one or the other will be the most useful in your specific circumstances. Below, we […]

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Angled vs Straight Spotting Scope: Which to Choose?


The debate continues: is a straight or angled spotting scope superior?  As it turns out, there is no right or wrong answer to this question.  It’s entirely dependent on your individual preference and the way you plan to use it.  Check out our guide below to help you determine which will work better for you. […]

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Monocular vs Binoculars: Which Should You Use?


The difference between monoculars and binoculars is very easy to figure out. Monoculars are designed for use with one eye, while binoculars are designed for use with two eyes. Since most people are more familiar with binoculars, monoculars often get overlooked when people are searching for a magnification device. That’s too bad. Choosing one or […]

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Binoculars vs Telescopes: When to Use Which?

binoculars vs telescopes

In the broadest sense, binoculars and telescopes serve a similar function. They’re meant to take an object that is far away and give you the ability to examine it more closely. However, the degree to which they can perform this task, their relative prices, and the conditions under which they’re easiest to operate can all […]

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