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Best Telescopes Under $300 of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

a telescope

Humans have long looked up at the stars and wished they could get a better view. Inexpensive telescopes and online shopping have made that quest far easier, in theory. In practice, there’s a deluge of products, prices, and features that can make buying a telescope make heading to space seem easy. You don’t want to […]

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Best Spotting Scopes under $1000 of 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

a spotting scope under $500

You could get a spotting scope that cost more than $2000, or you could go cheap and find one for less than $200. Either way, it can be hard to tell if you’re getting good value. After all, it’s sometimes unclear what separates a $2000 spotting scope from a $200 one. The good news is […]

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Vortex Crossfire vs Diamondback Binoculars: Which is Best?

vortex crossfire vs diamondback binoculars

While Vortex makes a great product across the line, the Crossfire and Diamondback binocular models are often stacked against each other for quality comparison.  For the purpose of this review, we chose to contrast the 8×42 model of each type.  At a glance, the specs of each product look almost identical.  There are slight fluctuations […]

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Telescopes vs Microscopes: What are the Differences?

telescopes vs microscopes

On the surface, telescopes and microscopes might appear to function the same. They both have lenses, they both magnify objects, and they both bring the invisible world into focus. But underneath, these two devices use opposite mechanics to bring images to your eye. In fact, their opposite qualities are what determine the behavior of the […]

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8×42 vs 10×42 Binoculars: What Should You Choose?

8x42 vs 10x42 binoculars

Two of the most common types of binoculars are the 8×42 and the 10×42 binoculars. While it’s a debate that many people may not have heard of, it’s one that rages on in the binocular-using community. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, and while members of both camps would like to argue that their […]

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