5 Ways to Step Up Your Game with Binoculars

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A lot of people think binoculars are only for birdwatching and wildlife viewing. They aren’t made from scratch just for just these two! There’s more to binoculars than meets the eye. Check out these cool and unique ways to use your binoculars!

  • Differentiating Bears

Going out hunting? It’s best to know your bears! With your binoculars, you can easily differentiate one species of bear from another. It’s not easy to tell the difference between a black bear and a grizzly bear after all—even up close. So step up your game with binoculars. They’re ideal for spotting cubs in advance before you come across them or worse, their overprotective mom!

  • Identifying Baits

If you’re not into hunting, perhaps you’re into fishing. Imagine you’re in a boat and there are three boats that are a little far from you. Then you all began to fish. Then you notice the first boat load a few fishes after a while, then the second boat catches fish as well, followed by the third. And you look at your boat, and it’s empty! Doesn’t it make you furious? Don’t worry, with binoculars, you can secretly take a peek of the baits the other fishermen are using. You’ll be able to see the color, the type, the size, and the shape of the baits they have. Not only can you do that, your binoculars will also let you find schools of baitfish in open water.

  • Spotting Splinters<img src="binoculars.jpg" alt="binoculars on a white surface">

Picture yourself hunting through the forest. Then you decide to rest so you lean your hand on a tree trunk then suddenly, “OUCH!” A splinter gets stuck in your finger. So annoying isn’t? Splinters are tiny evil dwarves that are sometimes so hard to locate. Thank goodness binoculars can be really useful during these times! Binoculars can help your partner spot the splinter and remove it before the area starts to swell or before the splinter moves any deeper. Once found, you can just remove it with tweezers. Take that, splinters!

  • Zooming with Your Smartphone

No zoom lens? No problem! Your binoculars can serve as the zoom lens for your phone. You just have to adjust your binoculars a little, hold the right eyepiece up to the camera lens, and wait for the image to be clear. The image won’t be as good as an image produced using a telephoto lens, but it’s cheaper and lighter.

  • Observing Sky Objects

Your binoculars are perfect for viewing the night sky. Don’t worry if your binoculars are the inexpensive type, it can still allow you to see the moon craters and take a good look at the color and shape of star clusters! It’s best to start observing the phases of the moon before any other sky object. The moon is a beauty to behold, thanks to the Maria (gray blotches on the moon) and the white highlands (lying between the Maria) which are formed over the eons. You can even appreciate Tycho, one of the large craters, which is located at the six o’clock position on the moon. If you want to observe the moon, remember that the best time is during twilight. You’ll see the details better during this time. Although binoculars won’t reveal clear photos of planets like telescopes, there are still other stunning objects you can see through it and you can find the list here.

Happy Binocular Viewing!